Sunday, January 28, 2024

2024 is world year 8. Chinese year of the wood dragon.

 2024 is world year 8. Chinese year of the wood dragon.

Pluto emerges from under the earth to break through the ‘Ice’ and attempts to raise the ‘Wavy Lines’: The Water Pourer, Aquarius: The Place of Kronos, masculine, Egypt, Heracleotic mouth of the Nile. (Canopus, also known as Canobus).

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Sunday, December 18, 2022

It smells like jeopardy!

It smells like jeopardy, Solstice new moon way south and outward bound, at perigee in the confines of Mercury and Hermes is also The ‘Architect’, contestation. 


Sun, Mercury and Venus contra parallel to Mars who is shinning very bright and very content retrograde in division conjunct the royal Star Aldebaran- Watcher of the East. 

Rising at 00 degrees longitude/latitude is the royal Star Fomalhaut-Watcher of the South. The Tail of the Scorpion Antares is ‘Culminating’, Mercury’s Antiscia!

As Mars slows and reaches the inauspicious degree of ‘foreboding’ (8-9dgrees Gemini) - ominous signs may appear as they have many times before. Mars is on the IC! And its Geo south node is 5 Sagittarius, which should remind us of the Total Lunar eclipse 2021.

World Year 7 is coming!!!

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Gregory Clare


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Humanity has entered the ‘Fiery Way’

Humanity has entered the ‘Fiery Way’, Sun and Mercury (reason, intelligence and sense) meet with the ‘Dragons Tail’ in a titanic struggle with Uranus and Saturn, November 6th - 8th 2022.


 Across the globe (outer-bounds) Mars will reign contentedly for 74 days!



As Mercury Lord of Mars has its ‘Superior conjunction’ on the lunar eclipse, Nov 8.

11th and 22nd, November 2022 as mentioned on February 22, 2022, an overdose of sensation, impressions, please send your love across the world and stay safe.

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Gregory Clare


Saturday, April 30, 2022

New Moon

New Moon 

Life challenges death, the Taurus, Scorpio eclipse axes, Saros 116- 6 north, what we have and what we desire. The flower blossom and the flower wilt, metaphorical, but fixed and ridged find it hard to modify! 


Venus joins Jupiter on the Two Fish’s exaltation notch, notion of adoration, reverence, empathy and compassion. 

Time is fighting hard drawn upward as gravity pushes down, no life can stand in certainty, except it continue in its centre, out of which it came!

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Gregory Clare


Friday, April 15, 2022

April 2022 Full Moon

Tropical zodiacal mundane global outlook for the April 16th 2022, Full Moon, Day of Saturn and hour of Mercury! Scorpio rising Lord Mars is now entered Pisces which will soften Mars considerably.


 However Scorpio rising suggest military deception on the ‘Water’. Pisces is now occupied by exaltation Lord Venus, dignity Lord Jupiter, transpersonal co-correspondence outer Neptune and Sect Lord Mars.


 This Pisces stellium pushed along by Mars could be described as a Paddle wheel ‘Water train’ sympathetic empathy driven, highly emotionally charged; however with the Ripe Moon in Libra (Air) articulating Venus lofty desires.

Mercury in Taurus on the western pivot (Descendant) co-joined to Uranus and applying sextile to Venus. Mercury is of special significance as She/ Luna Sect is ‘Arising’ 15 degrees separation from the Sun and (climbing (epitole) on the pivot in a ‘crooked’ and false ascensional sign co-joined to Uranus and Ouranos is conjunct Alpha Ceti, ‘The Sea Monster’. She/he Hermes is returning to the night skies and this astronomical arising is given the title ‘phausis’. This condition is strengthened by Mercury occupying the western angle.

There are two ways this can infiltrate the unconscious, one is by a revolutionary influence of spirit thinking and the other is failure through misdirect scattering of one’s actions, hurrying and nervousness. The outcomes are derived from a conscious awareness of one’s position. The full moon is located in the 12th mundane tropical place which is suggesting refugees’ fleeing foreign regions as the transiting Moon is lord of the 9th place.

And finally the exalted 26 degree Aries Sun is applying square to Capricorn Pluto, suggest a strong and willful leader determine to exercise their power. All planetary bodies are still direct in motion emphasising the need to move now!

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Gregory Clare


Wednesday, April 6, 2022


"We humans are social beings. We come into the world as the result of others' actions. We survive here in dependence on others.
Dalai Lama" 
Well we arrived at the crossroad and did you notice?
Saturn as an archetype suggest that if we don’t ‘Stop’ and think deeply about our action; Ignorance is failure to notice, leading to isolation.
“When we fail to notice that a decision has an ethical component, we are able to behave unethically while maintaining a positive self-image.”
Venus ingresses into Pisces and as such speaks of ‘Exaltation’,
Correctness & Rectitude in Speaking and thinking!
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Gregory Clare


Monday, March 28, 2022

Venus freedom

March 28th 2022, Venus flees for freedom! Breaking her besiegement, Venus has reached not only her escape from ‘Enclosure’ but also her furthest elongation east of the Sun. 
Venus is now moving with speed as she begins to descend in altitude as a ‘Morning star’. 
Mars approaches Saturn; this is an inauspicious meeting of the trouble makers at 22 degrees Aquarius, squaring the Moons Nodes. This April 5th meeting is as I’ve mentioned (earlier posts) the ‘Crossroads’ and many choices lay ahead which will determine the future direction for many of us. The Head of the English Monarch (QE11) is at the forefront of this transiting moment.
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Gregory Clare