Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Titan rises; from the secrets of antiquity!

The Titan rises; from the secrets of antiquity, the day of Saturn and the Hour of Saturn, Kronos.

Ouranos born from Chaos-Uranus the Sky god and father of Saturn; Ananke- Inevitability, Inexorableness, we have all felt this Human emotion, ‘Fairness’, however we have experienced fairness there is an ‘inevitability’- going to the end of the line!

Power vs. Structure, Saturn does not award generosity, but is an upholder of the Law. The Sun is seen as the Leader and as such struggles with holding the Power over Law.

 On November 28th, 2020, Washington, DC @ 19:35:57hrs EST +5:00hrs Neptune/Poseidon will Station Direct, the veil will be lift!

So what’s this all alluding to: The Lot of ‘Nemesis’; the myth concerning Nemesis is that of Narcissus. He was a young man who was very arrogant and disdained those who loved him. Nemesis led him to a pool, where he saw his reflection and fell in love with it. Unable to abandon his reflection, he died there.

On the exact time and date Neptune Stations mentioned above the Lot of Nemesis will fall upon the US Sibley Sun at 13° degrees Cancer.

My previous FB post alluding to the looming November 30, Full Moon Appulse Lunar eclipse will enlarge this message above. A note of concern; 08° Gemini has witnessed surprise on a calamitous scale, as the past lays testimony to.

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Gregory Clare


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

An intriguing puzzle awaits???

 In the coming weeks and month-s, all indications are showing in all astrological significant USA charts of an ‘Event’ encircling the signs Taurus/Scorpio and Gemini and involving the planet Uranus and Moon.















 We can understand how Uranus works to some degree –Unexpected ‘Change’, sudden change in Fortune (the Good-Bad and Ugly). 



The Moon first and foremost archetypal is an indication of the Queen-‘Women’ Feminine issues. Additionally Venus is also attracting attention with multiple aspects to the charts in question??? Mundane archetype for the Moon is ‘Crowds’ large gathering and of course the weather.



So the speculative prognostication question is – How and what awaits, I’m intrigued by the

continuous aspects –Moon/ Uranus in all respective USA charts and those who are involved with the upcoming Presidential election. Furthermore the upcoming Lunation’s, New Moon and Full Moon October and November carry the theme. These aspects are carried through the Lunar eclipse November 30, and Solar December 14th.


We may get a hint of what awaits when Mercury the Town Crier- "Oyez" "hear ye!! Shouts albeit silently from the depth of the underground come October 14.


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Gregory Clare   


Sunday, June 28, 2020

Second chance or seconded hand?

Retrocausality- we re-emerge from the forty days & forty nights storm upon the windswept sea! Only to find on the left (sinister) the scenery looks very familiar, on the right (Dexter) the brightness of the sunlight has blinded our vision of what’s ahead.

Saturn is back at the “Wavy Line’ ‘Aquarian March’ (00:00°) and about to re-enter the hidden earth (Capricorn). On the other hand Mars is trying to move forward, this is illusion; don’t be fooled by what you see on the right!

June 28/29th Mars moves home (Aries) and cast a ‘Striking Ray’ towards Saturn, Saturn rejects this ‘Ray’ and On July 1st  the boom gate will lift as Saturn returns to the ‘Goat Horn One’ Capricorn.

 Additionally July 1st Mercury at 02:52hrs UT, on the Prime meridian 00N00: 00E00, Rides’ alongside Helios in the ‘Chariot of Fire’, casting a backward ‘Ray’ to Uranus, however hours before the transiting Moon opposes Uranus from the ‘Claws’ of the Scorpion.

Furthermore the super heavyweights have joined hands again-Jupiter adherence once again with Pluto – plutocracy and or oligarchy on a ginormous stage-Russia, maybe?

And on July 5th another pivotal moment occurs as the eclipsed Moon Stations Full on the Tropical Capricorn Lunar Mansion 13 degrees.

Bottom-line- Jason and the Argonauts would be hard pressed to write a script like this year!!

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