Friday, March 29, 2019

Lost in Time and Space - A Disorientation of the realty. An Allegory dialog***

Mercury has Stationed Adhered to Neptune in Pisces, lord Jupiter in Sagittarius!! Can you see through the Misty Fog and can you Believe what you're SEEING and Hearing!!

And as mentioned in my February summary of the year 2019 -3, given at the Sydney Astrological Research Society.  

Until October 2019, the Thema is - 'I went Down to the Cave -1.2.3' (Plato) I was swashed  by the Dragon's Tail and ended-up deep, deep underground and meet a  Person holding a Staff in a boat upon an underground River as Ravens swooped my head-

Onward through adversity Fires rage around me, strange sounds, cry's of unrecognisable disbelief as I stepped over the fallen, stumbling backwards. Fear arose as I approached another darkened cavity not willing to peer into the void. Suddenly I heard strange sounds, water began to rise over my feet, faster and faster it came gushing through, if only I could find a rift in the Stone, portal shining light to the above.

The journey of descent has begun!!! All Purgatory preparatory stages begin with the initiate in a precarious position. For the next 6months that's where Humanity finds itself. Past-Present and Future Flood by as the descent Darkens. South Node -Pluto-Saturn, Capricorn/Cancer, all moving in regression (backward motion) contra to advancement.

“For first must it war against its own self, and after much Strife and Dissension, it must be overcome of one part; for the Contention is of one against two, whilst it flies away, and they strive to hold and detain it.”

Either you know something or you don't! If you know it you don't need to inquiry into it because you already know it, If don't know it then you need to inquire into it.

However how can you inquire into it if you don't know what it is? 

So how will you go about searching for it if don't know what is? How will recognise it if you come across it if don't know what is?

July 2nd and 16th 2019, change is abound across the globe. Rivers and Oceans may swell in size, have you donned your Life jacket.

'You see how insolence once opened into Flower, produces fields ripe with calamity, and reaps a harvest-home of sorrow!!' Euripides

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Reoccurring cycles, reoccurring themes

Reoccurring cycles, reoccurring themes -

The looming Full Moon on December 23rd, 2018 falls on the world life & death axis, Cardinal Lunar Mansion, 00 degrees Cancer/Capricorn.

We have experienced this theme before and will again. Reflection suggest Geo Political change!!!, hours before the Capricorn Ingress also aligns past and future events.

The Winter Solstice December 21st, 2018, Washington DC, finds 8 degrees Cancer rising, the current US President has his Mercury at 8 degrees Cancer, and the 18 degree Gemini Moon falls on his natal Uranus. Coupled with this is the Full Moon following hours later see's a culminating MC, 10 degrees Capricorn and Saturn expressing the state of affairs of the nation.

Links to the 'Past'  December 1999, ring loudly through the cold ice, and if you follow the astronomical alignments you'll notice that on June 21st 2020, Summer Solstice, Outer Bounds Annular New Moon Solar eclipse Saros 137, 4 North will signal the realignment.

Reflection is encountered on July 5th 2020 as the Ripening 13 degrees Capricorn Lunar eclipse aligns with events from July 2001. 

All-in-all while Jupiter goes about redistributing Justice another 'Play' is taking place within the courtyard. Multiplicity of life leads to intrigue and is what drove the Greek playwright Aeschylus, and later the genius Shakespeare.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Time is a Traveller carried forward by Motion.

Time is a Traveller carried forward by Motion.

I mentioned several times during the past month that from December 16, 2018 onwards the 'Atmosphere' would greatly improve. Well that statement still stands as we await the heliacal  rise of the 'Guru', Jupiter, who will begin to right the wrongs of the past months.

Like all good things that takes time -we will have to undergo a little more transformational pain over the next 7 days.

On Wednesday December 5 AEDT -or Tuesday December 4 EST, USA, 2018, as the waning Scorpion Moon trines Pisces Mars in the pre dawn rise, Hermes AKA -Mercury will make its 'Phasis' stand.

The waning moon will carry forward to Mercury the 'Light' of Mars. This Testament translation of light will mark the beginning of 7days of internal emotional alchemical adjustment. 

Additionally the next morning while stationing Scorpio Mercury and Moon will contact the Dragons Head -North Node in Cancer. This event will form a Grand Trine in the Water signs reaching outward to connect the 'Teacher of Pain no Gain' Chiron in Pisces.

This signifies the announcement of several days of deep reflection, as the Moon also enters into the 'Dark' before emerging out of the Archers fires and briefly touching the frozen 'Earth' Saturn.

Finally moving eastward across the rotating sky encountering the cold winds of the North -Aquarius the misty waters of the Two Fishes and making its way to the Vernal Point- Aries. At this moment the Aries southern most latitudinal Moon will cast its rays upward and touch the spectacular Glowing Light emerging from the from the depths of the ocean -The Radiant-One, Jupiter. All the while the Titan Uranus watches from the crucial Bending.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon 'Brexit'

Oh-Astronomy is said to be a reflection of 'Space and Time' (Albert Einstein) and as astrologers we can lean a lot from this statement -

In 2015 the British Parliament voted on the European Union Referendum Act- Minutes of Proceedings of Thursday 17 December 2015... The House met at 11.00am ..…/151221/ldordpap.htm… of course on June 23rd 2016, a vote was put to the people, known as 'Brexit'

Two thing's -Hellenistic astrological topical expression -Mercury is said to express in archetypal language -'Contestation' which describes the debate on the Referendum. From a whole sign observation the 'Event Chart' EURA 2015, has a Scorpio 10th house, and Sagittarius MC - the traditional ruler is Mars - (Jupiter-MC) Mercury/Mars -Accusations and Lawsuits, to keep it short!

Mercury's astronomy along with Mars ( Mars will have to wait for another time) If you take a close look at these charts you may notice something special -First Mercury's recent Station retrograde was on the MC of the EURA 2015, chart and here's the thingy...check out the astronomy - Mercury in both charts was in a condition described as 'Out of Bounds' Mercury's Southern Declination was beyond the Obliquity of the Earths axis -which is currently 23°26′12.6″. North/South

So what's this astronomy suggesting??? - Look at another example; the 2018, Ascendant degree for Mercury's Station - Oh its conjunct the MC ruler of EURA 2015 chart, Jupiter, who is in Virgo in the EURA chart - His condition is said to be in 'Detriment', so what does that translate to?? well he is said to be 'Diametrically opposed to his house of Pisces -how do we describe this in astrological language -His away from Home -'Exiled'

At the International Academy of Astrology I teach Astronomy & Other Bodies and coming this January the IAA is presenting the 1st of two 12 week courses -Astrology of Antiquity -Hellenistic Astrology. If your interested in understanding more about Astrology - go to
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Shifting the Spindle Jupiter, Sagittarus

Shifting the Spindle -
The Three Fates and "Times of Change"

The fabric of 'Time' is shifting, 

Zeus (AKA) Jupiter Lord of the Sky, holder of the Lighting Rod is arriving home. Jupiter has been on a 12 year journey around the 'Circle' and is finally coming home.

Having traversed  through the finally labour, visiting his brother Hades and the  River of Lethe, Zeus is emerging through Gates of Hades.

On November 8th 2018,not long after Mid Day -12:38hr GMT (MC) Greenwich, London, Jupiter will Ingress into Sagittarius, Arrow of the Archer. The Double bodied Sagittarius in Greek mythology is usually identified as a centaur, half human, half horse, posed looking upward ready to shoot the Arrow. 

This is an auspicious day as Jupiter is rising surrounded by his many Moons and with the Egyptian God of Justices -Matt, the Arabic name: The North Scale- Zubeneschamli rising.

 However Zeus is weary from his travels and will not fully take on his duties until he undergoes a purification ceremony with the eternal Light (Helios) on November 26th 2018.

During this process of rebirth Zeus will be reborn and come out holding a full charged and renewed Lighting Rod and as a Solar Helical Star those who have transgressed the Scales of Justices will answer to his Rod.

Additionally this momentous shift will also witness the Dragons of Fate ' Lunar Nodes' on the Eve of 'Time' November 7th, 2018, slip backwards on to the Cardinal Axis. The Jester (AKA) Hermes-Mercury who is conjunct none other than the Scorpions Light 'Antares' on the same day is announcing the coming 'Change'.

Watch Tower alert - The Light House is a warning sign for Sea seafaring marina's, ship wrecks on sunken land -Moon  and Saturn lords of the Lunar Nodes. 

Advise to all mariners, make sure you have your life jacket handy, cause your captain may be asleep at the wheel and be awakened suddenly by crashing waves as the Rocks appear from the submerged waters.
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Gregory Clare

Sunday, September 23, 2018


A month of Judgment awaits, the Scales weigh heavy!!! -The transiting Sun (leader) squares Saturn (authority).  Additionally - Indiscretions & improprieties of the  past reappear this coming month as Venus falls from the evening sky towards combustion. 

Venus is revisiting the past in two ways -She is away from home in the far distant underground murky waters of the Scorpion, where transgressions meet moral judgement - The 'Fiery Way' and is also heading 'South' travelling afar nearing her maximum southern latitude and about to 'Station' retrograde in remoteness co-joined to the tail  star of Hydra -'Hydrae' the super giant . 

The constellation of the Serpent has many heads as Heracles testified, slaying the 'Serpent was no easy task - as the serpent has many heads. Venus will enter the furnace and meet with the Sun on October 26th 2018.

A day of reckoning awaits - At the exact time she is in the 'Heart of Truth' (Sun) the transiting Taurus Moon is conjunct the double star 'Demon' Algol, opposing Jupiter, as Mars the lord of the Scorpion falls opposition to the August Eclipse 18 Leo-Aquarius.

 It would be advisable to carry a 'Coin' to pay the Ferryman, who awaits his next clients!!!!

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