Sunday, July 7, 2019

Total Solar eclipse Saros_127 July 2-2019

You may not have noticed on July 2, 2019 @ 12:27hrs, 17°S: 37´, 108°W42´, Saros 127 Total Solar eclipse 3North path was projected across the Southern Pacific Ocean towards Chile. The path fell well south of the equator?


 How can that be? The Sun’s declination was +23° Cancer and the Moon’s declination was + 22°22´Cancer. 


The astronomy of eclipses is complex, geocentric Earth in its orbit around the Sun has just past its aphelion-(most distant in its orbit from the Sun). Astronomy underpins Astrology and our life is just as nuanced as the multiplicity of astronomy.

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Sky Darkens

Outer Bounds -Mars caught by the Crab claws in Cancer, planetary sign Fall (Depression) passes over the looming July 2nd Saros 127 -3 North Solar eclipse degree. Mars soon lays in opposition to the Goat Horned Trio of the deep underground.


 Mercury Outer Bounds changes sides and emerges from the Solar to the Lunar evening twilight rise. The archetype of the ‘Trickster’ is impending as He/She joins Mars in opposing the Capricorn Trio.


Jupiter makes its opposition to the Sun and in doing so begins its Lunar Phase, Acronychal rise. Along with the yearlong slow dance of the Lords of the underworld Pluto/Saturn and the Dragon's Tail (lunar) Cauda Draconis, descending lunar node. 


Challenges appear large for those who fail to ‘Charm’ the Dragon. Calmly go about your journey, stepping gentle pass the ‘Sleeping Dragon’. Pass transgressions re-emerge as accusations fly without constraint. 


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Gregory Clare

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Ending of an Era!!

The Tolling of the Gong at the Midnight Hour!

Saturn Stations-on the Dragons Tail-South Node. Mercury is 'Struck by Saturn's Ray'.

The timing of these events Astronomically showcases the Archetypes on display -Saturn/Node/Pluto/Mercury and Mars in Aversion, but connected by Mercury and waning Pisces Moon. 

Japans first  Emperor Jimmu accession was February 11th 660BC. Japan first abdicating Emperor Akihito is set to renounce at 17:00 local time in Tokyo. The charts are set for the founding of the 'Old World' Kyoto, the then Capital.

When the clocks tick over to midnight and a new era begins, there are fears the country's ancient calendar system could trigger technological chaos. The name of the new era, Reiwa. (Beautiful Harmony.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Lost in Time and Space - A Disorientation of the realty. An Allegory dialog***

Mercury has Stationed Adhered to Neptune in Pisces, lord Jupiter in Sagittarius!! Can you see through the Misty Fog and can you Believe what you're SEEING and Hearing!!

And as mentioned in my February summary of the year 2019 -3, given at the Sydney Astrological Research Society.  

Until October 2019, the Thema is - 'I went Down to the Cave -1.2.3' (Plato) I was swashed  by the Dragon's Tail and ended-up deep, deep underground and meet a  Person holding a Staff in a boat upon an underground River as Ravens swooped my head-

Onward through adversity Fires rage around me, strange sounds, cry's of unrecognisable disbelief as I stepped over the fallen, stumbling backwards. Fear arose as I approached another darkened cavity not willing to peer into the void. Suddenly I heard strange sounds, water began to rise over my feet, faster and faster it came gushing through, if only I could find a rift in the Stone, portal shining light to the above.

The journey of descent has begun!!! All Purgatory preparatory stages begin with the initiate in a precarious position. For the next 6months that's where Humanity finds itself. Past-Present and Future Flood by as the descent Darkens. South Node -Pluto-Saturn, Capricorn/Cancer, all moving in regression (backward motion) contra to advancement.

“For first must it war against its own self, and after much Strife and Dissension, it must be overcome of one part; for the Contention is of one against two, whilst it flies away, and they strive to hold and detain it.”

Either you know something or you don't! If you know it you don't need to inquiry into it because you already know it, If don't know it then you need to inquire into it.

However how can you inquire into it if you don't know what it is? 

So how will you go about searching for it if don't know what is? How will recognise it if you come across it if don't know what is?

July 2nd and 16th 2019, change is abound across the globe. Rivers and Oceans may swell in size, have you donned your Life jacket.

'You see how insolence once opened into Flower, produces fields ripe with calamity, and reaps a harvest-home of sorrow!!' Euripides

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Reoccurring cycles, reoccurring themes

Reoccurring cycles, reoccurring themes -

The looming Full Moon on December 23rd, 2018 falls on the world life & death axis, Cardinal Lunar Mansion, 00 degrees Cancer/Capricorn.

We have experienced this theme before and will again. Reflection suggest Geo Political change!!!, hours before the Capricorn Ingress also aligns past and future events.

The Winter Solstice December 21st, 2018, Washington DC, finds 8 degrees Cancer rising, the current US President has his Mercury at 8 degrees Cancer, and the 18 degree Gemini Moon falls on his natal Uranus. Coupled with this is the Full Moon following hours later see's a culminating MC, 10 degrees Capricorn and Saturn expressing the state of affairs of the nation.

Links to the 'Past'  December 1999, ring loudly through the cold ice, and if you follow the astronomical alignments you'll notice that on June 21st 2020, Summer Solstice, Outer Bounds Annular New Moon Solar eclipse Saros 137, 4 North will signal the realignment.

Reflection is encountered on July 5th 2020 as the Ripening 13 degrees Capricorn Lunar eclipse aligns with events from July 2001. 

All-in-all while Jupiter goes about redistributing Justice another 'Play' is taking place within the courtyard. Multiplicity of life leads to intrigue and is what drove the Greek playwright Aeschylus, and later the genius Shakespeare.

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Gregory Clare