Sunday, June 28, 2020

Second chance or seconded hand?

Retrocausality- we re-emerge from the forty days & forty nights storm upon the windswept sea! Only to find on the left (sinister) the scenery looks very familiar, on the right (Dexter) the brightness of the sunlight has blinded our vision of what’s ahead.

Saturn is back at the “Wavy Line’ ‘Aquarian March’ (00:00°) and about to re-enter the hidden earth (Capricorn). On the other hand Mars is trying to move forward, this is illusion; don’t be fooled by what you see on the right!

June 28/29th Mars moves home (Aries) and cast a ‘Striking Ray’ towards Saturn, Saturn rejects this ‘Ray’ and On July 1st  the boom gate will lift as Saturn returns to the ‘Goat Horn One’ Capricorn.

 Additionally July 1st Mercury at 02:52hrs UT, on the Prime meridian 00N00: 00E00, Rides’ alongside Helios in the ‘Chariot of Fire’, casting a backward ‘Ray’ to Uranus, however hours before the transiting Moon opposes Uranus from the ‘Claws’ of the Scorpion.

Furthermore the super heavyweights have joined hands again-Jupiter adherence once again with Pluto – plutocracy and or oligarchy on a ginormous stage-Russia, maybe?

And on July 5th another pivotal moment occurs as the eclipsed Moon Stations Full on the Tropical Capricorn Lunar Mansion 13 degrees.

Bottom-line- Jason and the Argonauts would be hard pressed to write a script like this year!!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

2020, The Fourth Way: Forty Days & Forty Nights & the Aquarian March

For many thousands of years, humankind has philosophised the nature of life and reality, its very existence.

The history of astrology is tied to the evolution of humans and their development of consciousness. As we continue to evolve, the Aquarian Age and all its possible manifestations -artificial intelligence, living on other planets, the applications of quantum physics, etc. - will present new challenges.

The archetype of Aquarius, the Water Bearer can be defined as the pouring of knowledge and edification into the immeasurable cosmic and mystic waters of Pisces, the two fishes. It is described as scientific, progressive and humanitarian.

In the Western tropical calendar, the year 2020 carries the numerological essence of Two. Since the year 2000 and the turning of the millennium, the removal of One/1from its dominating position as the marker of centuries, Two/2 has begun to infiltrate the collective psyche.

The number 2 carries the essence of the Soul -the Moon. The number is linked to mothering: Intuition, sensitivity, the feeling of unity, and the essence of change. A doubling of these qualities suggests an over-abundance of perception, opinion and wakefulness. Additionally, the two 2s become 4, bringing the link back to Earth.

Water dissolves stone. The past and its impressions are washed from the Earth, to be recycled in the relentless continuous motion.
The 2x2 correlation suggests Moon and Earth, and this may become an enlarged theme as we travel through the decade of the 2020’s. Feeling and sensitivity could grow into revolutionary movements, a conscious response driven by observation and necessity.

There are two descriptions of the qualities expressed by the number 4. Traditional expression correlates the to the nature of the planet Mars, expressed as forceful and divisive. Division occurs through force and conflict, and is generally resolved through cataclysmic action. Mountainous oceanic swells roll across the sea, pounding terrestrial islands and coastal lands. Inundation and deluge changes the landscape, forcing migration.

The other depiction of the number 4 is related to the nature of Uranus. Modern interpretation is of a pragmatic Uranian action. This suggests a sudden realisation leading to revolutionary evocative intellectual action, brought on by the gathering of distinct groups.
These egalitarian groups have already begun to mobilise. The seed of change was sown in1999, famously foreseen by the enigmatic figure, Nostradamus.

Eclipse chasers have long known that whatever eclipse they have just observed, another will again occur with little variation 18 years and 11.32 days in the future. All they need to do is move approximately one third of the way around the world to the west and adjust their latitude by about 200 miles. Additionally, every 3rd eclipse (54years) of the series will return to the same longitude. Known as the Saros series, this is the rhythm of solar mechanics that made eclipses predictable events even in ancient times.

At any one time, an average of 38 Saros series is active, producing eclipses at regular intervals, on average 173 days apart. Accordingly, some series are advanced, some partially developed, and some new and unfolding. Saros series 145 fits into the new and unfolding classification. Saros 145 will produce 77 eclipses extending over a 1,300 year period.

This Saros series began on January 4th, 1639NS, 150 miles east of Nadym in Russia, and moves southward with each eclipse. Astrologically, it commenced at 13 degrees Capricorn, opposite the US Sibley Sun. An array of factors contribute to the forms of eclipses produce, and for this Saros series, 41 are total with only 1 annular eclipse. While the series started with eclipses of brief totality, by the 25thcentury the series will produce five 6-minute and three 7+ minute plus eclipses.

Looking back through time, Saros 145 has featured rather prominently regarding the US and mundane affairs. 1999, 1981, 1963, 1945, 1927, 1909, 1891, 1873, 1855, 1837, 1819, 1801, 1783, 1765 were all significant years in US and world history and have etched unforgettable memories into the conscience of those who found themselves within its path. Eclipses, or special lunations, and their shadows cast, have set the agenda of human affairs since humanity first encountered them.

On August 11, 1999, numerologically expressed as (8+2+1= 11, (2)), the total solar eclipse Saros (145) 1 North, swept across the Atlantic ocean from just east of Long Island, NY, the eclipse path shadowing most of mainland Europe to the Bay of Bengal in India. An astrological configuration known as a Grand Square was created at this astronomically significant event. A dynamic collision of fixed energy, Air -Aquarius, Fire -Leo, Water -Scorpio, and Earth -Taurus struggled with each other. A planetary war erupted between Uranus, Sun/Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and in the violent aftermath the fuel was created for the seed to grow.

The Nostradamus Quatrain, C10; "The year 1999 and seven months, from the skies will come a great and frightening King, to resuscitate the great King of the 'Angoulmois', before after Mars to reign through happiness."That famous riddle has attracted the attention of many.

The astrological correlation to Nostradamus’ riddle could possibly be found in the August 11th, 1999 total solar eclipse. 18 years,11 days, and 8 hours will have passed since the 1999 August solar eclipse, when on August 21st, 2017, Saros 145 will sweep across the USA from Lincoln City on its central western coast to the central East Coast city of Charlestown.
On March 18th, 1999, Mars Stationed retrograde at 12° Scorpio 12'.

This Station of Mars in his own sign coincided with the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the Kosovo War. During his approximately three-month retrograde period, Mars moved backwards through the tropical zodiac sign of Scorpio into Libra. In doing so, the track Mars traced was through the 'Via Combusta', or 'Fiery Way', which traditionally lies between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio.

On the day of the August 11th1999 solar eclipse, Mars had moved to 16 Scorpio and had started to leave the 'Fiery Way'. In the Renaissance period in which Nostradamus lived, the 'Fiery Way' was thought to have been the source of Life and Death. It was considered the great gateway to the unknown, and was viewed with much trepidation.

When viewed from Earth’s Southern hemisphere, the beauty of the Via Combusta is breathtaking. The Southern constellation Scorpio lies at one end of the Milky Way. To the Australian Aboriginals it is known as the Dark Emu or Rainbow Serpent. Here in the Great Southern Land of Australia, innumerable names and stories are associated with the serpent, all of which communicate the significance and power of this being. It is viewed as a giver of life through its association with water, but it can be a destructive force if angered.

On May 28, 2000, nine months (or 270 degrees) after the August 1999 solar eclipse, the 20 year reoccurring alignment of Jupiter and Saturn at 22° Taurus 43' was accompanied by an Aries Moon and the 90 degree square of Uranus in Aquarius, signalling the beginning of the realisation of liberation.

Over the ensuing Jupiter/Saturn half cycle of 10 years, a solid fixed agenda was to slowly develop within a dramatic and unpredictable, hostile environment. This gigantic struggle was characterised by fear, greed, crises of faith, and strained employment and economics, all fuelled by the fear of loss of all that was important to us on every level. Is this the coming of the Age of Aquarius? What possible fortunes could be bestowed on our planet and its inhabitant’s by these extremely rare events?

Adding to this narrative is the rare Mars/Saturn alignment at 00 degrees Aquarius in March of 2020, followed by the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at the same degree in December. Additionally, Pluto will be preparing for its ingress into Aquarius. After the plutocratic power struggles while in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn, one wonders how Pluto, along with Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, will manifest the collective dynamism signified by Aquarius.

To expand our understanding of Aquarius, Greek mythology tells that an urn full of magical ambrosia belonging to the gods was spilled down on Earth, and those who witnessed it saw it as the flow of divine knowledge. However, Aquarius may not be quite as poetic as portrayed by some of the mythology. One of the Greek versions has Ganymede, the handsome adolescent slave, captured by the King of the gods, Zeus (Jupiter). Zeus is portrayed as swooping down in the form of an eagle and snatching Ganymede to take as his own. Ganymede becomes Zeus’ personal cupbearer.

As the story continues, the boy finds slavery unbearable, and he decides to pour out the wine, ambrosia, and water of the gods, refusing to remain as Zeus's cupbearer any longer.

The legend says that the water fell to Earth, causing inundating rains for forty days and forty nights, creating a massive flood that covered the entire world (although in modern times Aquarius is considered an Air sign, most ancient astrologers regarded it as a Water sign).

Traditionally Aquarius comes under the stewardship of Saturn, and as such a very different story emerges. Aquarius opposes Sun-ruled Leo, and is described as cold, windswept, and dark by temperament, fixed and rigid. Here ignorance hides under an icy sea awaiting the warmth of the Sun to break the tradition of winter.

The Urn of Minos, from which flowed the wrath of the 'navy', revenge from the 'wavy lines', the upright walking King-Man. The people of science and exploration are the exalted ones of the Cup of Knowledge. However, on the way to achieving this, the Black Pearl encounters pirates upon the wind sweep sea.

The Moon’s Nodes are eclipse triggers. When a new or full moon occurs within 18 degrees of the Nodes, an eclipse will occur. As I write this article the Nodes of the Moon have just regressed into Leo/Aquarius and will remain there for series of three eclipses. In the lead-up to 2020, and the great Aquarian conjunctions, the Nodes will pave the way forward.
On August 21st, 2017, Saros 145 will sweep across the entire USA. From the start to the finish is 173 minutes.

By Progression each hour is said to be a year of time and each 5 minutes represents one month. This becomes then 2hrs and 53minutes or 28.41 months. Divide this by 4 to represent the 4 quadrants of the astrology chart.

Taking as our example a chart cast for Washington DC, the eclipse falls in the ninth house at 28°52' Leo. This suggests that the main effects may manifest around April 2018.Ninth house mundane affairs will feature predominately over the coming months. Leo and the Sun in mundane affairs are said to represent the leaders.

Leo is a hot and dry Fire sign, majestic or ostentatious, larger than life, with both negative and positive attributes. Interestingly, the first inauguration of a US President (G. Washington) occurred on the 30th April 1789, at 12:45pm, LMT, when 28:40 Leo was rising.

Twelfth house affairs have seemingly dominated the mundane affairs of the planet since the last Leo/Aquarius Saros 145,1999 eclipse. The August 11 1999 eclipse chart cast for Washington, DC has the eclipse falling in the 12th house. Furthermore, transiting eclipse Mars fell in the 12th house of the Sibley chart.

No one event stands alone: on July 26th 2017, a Sun/Mars conjunction in Leo will occur prior to the August 21, 2017eclipse, and the essence of the conjunction tied to the eclipse.

The chart for the May 28th, 2000 great conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter in Washington, DC, places the planets across the MC of the chart, and, surprisingly, 28 degrees Leo rising. This is the exact degree of the looming August 21st, 2017 eclipse.

Coincidental? Maybe. Or is this the dance of the 'Shadow Cast’?

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Published;  10th April 2017.

NCGR member-letter Midsummer, 2017

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mercury stations retrograde at 14:45° Cancer

Mercury stations retrograde at 14:45° Cancer, June 18th 2020, @ 04:59:43hrs UT, on the prime meridian 00:00 longitude and 00:00 latitude (International Reference Meridian). So what does this suggest collectively?

The unconscious brought into the Light-consciousness!!
This station is very revealing on many levels, firstly Mercury is stationing on the brightest star in Earths view of the heavens Sirius. This adherence to Sirius greatly enhances the archetypal message that Mercury is carrying. Sirius is known as the ‘Dog Star’ the messenger of Light and as such carries the unconscious collective meaning of ‘Renewal’ rebirth. 

Additionally Mercury is stationing on the exaltation degree of Jupiter. So enhancement becomes enlargement uplifting, an exalted message.

 The ancient author of antiquity Claudius Ptolemy suggests Mercury carries changes in customs and law and this particularly enforced when in the cardinal sign Cancer. 

Another stridden observation is that the ‘Antiscia and Contra Antiscia’ of 14:45 degrees Cancer is 15 Gemini/Sagittarius. If you recall we just had a south node lunar eclipse on this very degree. Antiscia is known as the Shadow reflection of Light and is a subtle but very potent reflection of the unconscious permeating the message, which in this case is very relevant –the Image of the Crab-Cancer is Water, water carries the ‘Past’ wears down stone-Saturn and reshapes the vessel.

Also as mentioned in an earlier post 14 degrees Cancer has much correlation with regards global international geo-political affairs, the two US charts (July 5th 1775 and July 4th 1776) have the natal Sun at this very degree, which in the latter case partile squares 14 degree Libra Saturn in the 11th house of House of Representatives. 

The Mercury station chart relocated for the US capital Washington, DC carries a further thread within, Neptune 20 degrees and Mars 23 degrees in the image of the Two Fishes- Pisces risings.

If you think the events brought to the world stage are going is subside and drift, this RX station along with Venus RX should echo the call of the unconscious being brought into ‘Light’. 
My article “2020, The Fourth Way, 40 Days and 40 Nights and The Aquarian March” published in 2017, should draw your attention to these unfolding events of 2020, as they have their roots well laid and entrenched in the deep past of 1619 and Jamestown, Virginia. 

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