Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Turkish constitutional referendum, April 16th, 2017.

A constitutional referendum will be held in Turkey on Sunday, 16 April 2017. Voters will vote on a set of 18 proposed amendments to the Constitution of Turkey.

The amendments include the introduction of an executive presidency that would replace the existing parliamentary system of government, the abolition of the Office of the Prime Minister.

On Saturday March 11th 2017, I gave a presentation at the Astrology Association of New South Wales (AANSW) on the ancient technique 'Profection'. In the lecture I suggested that it is important to assess the 'Condition' of the Year Lord. The condition of the year lord in the natal, profected year return & the solar return charts gives a flowing narrative to the many varied activities that are at play at any one 'Time'.

Here is a fine practical working example of this method. Making use of the 1923, Turkish Republic chart we find it is the 93rd profected year for the 1923 Turkish Republic chart.(Nic Campion. W-H, pg,321) This activates the 10th whole sign house and natal Mars as the year lord and also the other domicile ruled by Mars, the 5th house, Scorpio.

 In Mundane political astrology this 10th house is a representation of the ruling party.
The lord is Mars, natal Mars in the Republic chart is found in the natal 4th house, (the homeland & Opposition Parties)  and  Mars is in detriment - in the sign Libra, the dispositor of natal Mars is Venus.

 Natal Venus is in Scorpio in the 5th whole sign house, a place where Venus rejoices. The 5th house in mundane political astrology main association is the Senate (Passing of legislation - "statutory law") law which has been promulgated (or "enacted") by a legislature or other governing body or the process of making it) and Mars is the lord of this house.

 Venus  the ruler of the 4th house is in detriment as well, although there is a mutual reception between natal Mars & Venus. This exchange appears to show that the ruling party ( 10th sign) does deals with the 5th house to the detriment of the Homeland & Opposition Parties.

The Sun is a representation of the Leader, in this case President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and the Sun is in the 5th house in Scorpio, ruled by Mars.
So , this is a big 'Mars Year', and it is important to look at the 'Condition' of Mars in the transiting current Solar return & natal Mars Profection charts.

In the Solar return chart we find return Mars in an exalted domicile Capricorn, in the natal 7th house, (Foreign policy - Social consciousness - International disputes & War) and importantly also is, this is 10th sign from the 'Profected' Ascendant. (Derived or Turned House)  

This suggest an empowered ruling party, that will stop at nothing to get the actives representative of Mars and the 10th/7th house affairs.
Mars mundane rulerships are Military, Police, government forces (Capricorn) Army, to give a few examples.

However as Valens & Ptolemy suggest; at any one 'Time period' several signification can be at play, beneficial & malefic activities.

When looking at the 93rd Profected planetary positions we find Profected Mars moved to the natal Cancer Moon ruled Ascendant, and Profected Mars condition is said be in 'Fall' (Depression) and squaring the natal position of Mars in the 4th.

The profected Sun is moved to Leo, suggesting the Leader feels supreme, and it too is square  the natal  Scorpio Sun position as are all the Profected planets & points when a 'Pivot' is activated by Profection.

In the transiting solar return 2016 chart, we find the return Moon/Jupiter in Libra, 4th house,  conjunct natal Mars. A inflated emotional 'Mood' surrounds the Homeland, and whatever Mars symbolises , as I have pointed out above, ruling party, Leader & so on is magnified .

Additionally Profected natal Moon has advanced to the 10th natal domicile  Aries, (Profected Asc Year)  further inflaming the Mood, crowd, people & feeling.

In the chart posted you can find the Year 2016-17 marked and starting with Oct - 10th sign, & furthermore  the Month of April is marked, natal 4th house or the 7th Profected sign from the natal 10th.
Additionally the 16th day of April is marked - the natal 7th, or the Profected 10th sign, with solar return Mars in Capricorn.

Turkish constitutional referendum, April 16th, 2017, the transit chart has Mars at 26 degrees Taurus opposing natal Jupiter, the Planet of stability & Justice .

This is a very significant positioning, Mars is also partile conjunct the fixed star Algol, the alpha star of the Scorpion. A star of baleful temperament, the  Arabic - name,  al-ghul, is demon. Algol is a 'eclipsing binary system, which suggest extreme passions my be very apparent on the day. Together with transiting Moon conjunct RX Saturn, (who is in opposition to the Republic natal Moon) this will be a difficult day for the Turkish People and may divide the country even more. Those in exile will be highlighted with the Saturn/Moon in Sagittarius.

To summarise, the Turkish nation has been and is going through a 'Mars Time' (Dissociation & Differentiation) Lord period & this is very apparent when viewing the national news. Finally Profection is a wonderful tool when integrated into the modern astrological tool box.

All right reserved - Gregory Clare

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Eclipse season!!

Stabilisation - V - wobbly & erratic!!! Unstable!!


 On February 24th, 2017, the Balsamic Moon marks the last appearance of the current Lunar phase - (27th)  in the past ancient astronomers/astrologers would pay particular attention to this phase to determine the coming lunation.

  The next New Moon - 26 Feb, 2017, this new moon is a annual solar eclipse @ 8 degrees Pisces . The balsamic dark phase has  connections to the preceding Lunation, which was a Lunar eclipse of 22 degrees Leo.


 The Balsamic Moon rising set for Washington DC, Feb, 24, see's the Moon rise @ 22 Aquarius, this is the exact degree of the Sun on the day of the Lunar eclipse, 10th Feb, 2017.

Also of note is the rising degree of the Annual eclipse Feb 26th, 22 degrees Taurus.

Add to this the Mars/ Uranus conjunction @ 21 degrees Aries, the Fall (depression) of Saturn and direct opposition Jupiter in Libra 21 degrees, .

  Now a picture starts to appear; events that were not completed under the lunar eclipse will be the focus of the upcoming lunation phase - solar eclipse. 

 What is very interesting about this astronomical activity is the rising  balsamic moon on Feb 24th, Washington DC, also has the Reddish super Giant Pi Auriga (constellation - Charioteer) rising in the dawn sky .

 Auriga was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. 

The constellation is the site of the galactic anti-centre, the point in the sky opposite to the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Pi Auriga is classified as an slow irregular variable of type LC and its brightness varies from magnitude.

 The words that come to me are "seesaw knock at the door",

erratic childish behaviour is on display, a denial of the true state of consciousness !

Only this behaviour is coming from the Governing party of the US. And it is the world at large that will be challenged by this peculiar display.

 "A red rooster crows in the dawn sky" 

 Copyright Gregory Clare 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sun -Saturn in the furnace

As I've mentioned many times; Astronomy underpins astrology.

 Sometimes we don't become conscious  of the ever connecting Time clock until it's flown-by - retrospectively.

 Check out the Washington DC - house cusp-s - and the third quarter square to the eclipse and much more. And the coming perigee full moon is 22 Gemini - Sagittarius. 

 Yesterday Donald Trump appoints Dow Chemical chief Andrew Liveris as head of manufacturing.

Seriously..... Dow chemical !!!!

 Ok... Sun adherence to Saturn as I mention last week. 

 When a planet is in the Sun's furnace it's hidden from our consciousness, it can do things behind the scenes without the full exposure of it's agenda. Well!!! there is a lot more going down here than meets the Eye. 

 Just saying .....over the next year it will become apparent that all governments are run by trilateral companies .

 It doesn't matter who you elect .....billionaires - aristocracy -la -oligarchy...10th house - run the world Oder, and have so since they trailed Socrates -from Cesar to Cicero & into the 21st century. More on this later!!!!

 All rights reserved Gregory Clare

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"The Searchlight of the Night"

A Golden ray sinking into the Abyss.

 A unique & distinctive magic is being shared with us over the coming weeks . The astrological illumination of these exceptional events goes to the Heart of the emblematic language. 

And the witness  to this allegorical enchanting engagement is "Mercury" -aka, Hermes.  It's like a ancient fable playing on our screen right now!

The two beneficial planets of the pantheon are transiting the Hermes exalted home of the Virgin image Virgo - 

One, the solar giant - Jupiter (aka) Zeus, the Other "Fair Maiden" of the Lunar order, Venus, (aka) Aphrodite.

These gods of advantageous bountiful temperament are being escorted through the fields of wheat by the nymph of  illusion & artifice - Mercury.

Mercury is currently advisor to the Guru, rising above the lord of giving to an extraordinary height in our western sky.

Mercury reaches 27 degrees of eastern elongation to the Sun & is almost perpendicular to the horizon due to its angular orbital declination. If every there is a time to look to the heavens to catch the playful trickster, do it now. 

But! Before the planet leaves home, Mercury station on the August, 30,  reluctant to go he awaits the "Fair Maiden", Venus.
However she is being "wooed" by the Guru, on the 26, 27, 28 of August, the Golden searchlight will be most impressive, sinking into the unknown, with what promises to be a truly "Magical" sight to behold. 

On August 29, "The Thrice Golden" Jupiter/Venus/Mercury,  will descend slowly into the nocturnal world of Dreams.

You see,  as the trio sink into western pivot the Golden Rays of Ra will illuminate them just moments from entry into the underworld. I've seen this before and it is truly worth experiencing. "Wish upon the moment, and who knows what might happen"

In the following days Venus departs the Virgin to transit her home of the Scales -Libra.

Mercury now turns backward and retraces his path, and in doing so he encounters Jupiter , as he departs he's 12 month stay in the Virgin, to join Venus in Libra.

Now! while all this is happening, don't forget the other side of this "Fairy Tale", "The big bad wolf-s", their up to no good. 

The Malefic bad guys of sky are having their own gathering in the Archer, Sagittarius. As I write this epic tale the pair are cohort under the watchful Eye of the Scorpion.

The General of this grouping the Royal watcher, red supergiant Antares is scorching the pathway to the retreat.

On Sept 1, the Moon steps into the cohort and dims the Golden Light, Annular Solar eclipse 19 North, imparts its wayward fate upon the Earth.

What's good about this special New Moon event; as mentioned August 28/29/30 is a splendour sight to behold, well don't go home, the show is not over! With no light from the Moon the show will be all night long.!!!

At the Hour of Midnight under the "tolling of the Bells" the two bag guys will fall into the same abyss, along with the Scorpion. SO folks if you ever wanted to go to the "Real theatre" to see what & where our ancients ancestor got their dreams from, then don't miss this show.

And as saying goes -  the best shows are Free. The cost to you is - just turn up. Oh and hope the gods part (clear) the sky!

All rights reserved - copyright - Gregory Clare