Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wild, reckless & untamed energy,

On August 3rd & 4th, 2015, in the early dawn sky, Mars the planet associated with wild, reckless & untamed  energy, ( until given spiritual guidance), will make his first helical rise (15 degrees from the Sun) for the year. The planet's first appearance "proper" in this new contra Sect phase, will have many varied influences, depended upon the global positioning of the country.

An example is seen here in Sydney, Australia, Mars will make its first exterior rise ahead of the Sun on August 4th. This  helical appearance will also carry many interesting nuances. Mars will commence this new phase (26 degrees Cancer) on what is known as a Tropical Cardinal Lunar Station. These stations, (13 degrees apart - commencing from 00:00 Aries - Cancers - Libra and Capricorn,) accentuate the energy.

 Adding to this wild energy release, helical rise, new phase, will be the witnessing by the confine lord, Saturn and the southern enigmatic lead star Procyon, (a star of some unknowable, mysterious association, found in the constellation Canis Minor) the star, when link to Mars, has a wild canine correlation. Transiting Saturn has just stationed direct,  and is in the late degrees of the Scorpion. The transiting Moon is in the late degrees of Pisces in the confines of Mars.

Suggesting a powerful wild, undomesticated & feral watery release of energy awaits its formation & design. Furthermore this enigmatic force will also be carrying the weight of the ripe, full moon.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh what a day, Oh what a night, the day of Venus and the hour of Venus

Oh what a day, Oh what a night, the day of Venus and the hour of Venus
 - On July 25th, 2015, Venus the planet of Love, Unification, "to unite"! will station, stand still. And then start 40 days of retro- gradation.!!!!!

 The Station will be witnessed by the royal watcher of the North - The great triple star -Regulus, The Lion, Rex, Magh, The Mighty, the right thigh of this feared King of the Beast.

 At 00 degrees 46' Virgo (Confines of Mercury) and in parallel declination with Uranus, who is partile square Mars, this Venus,  40 days and 40 nights will challenge any Union that is not glued with the right bonding agent.

This upcoming present regrade, which happens mostly in the image of the Lion - Leo, will reflect back to times 8 years earlier and 8 years earlier, and again 8 years earlier. The Synodic cyclic nature of Venus is 8 -, which has a fascination of its own. You see, each 8 years, there is a mathematical numerological sequence that mostly remains unknown.

However if you Look, you will see - starting with the first 8, then 2x8 = 16, which is 7, and 24, which 6, and 32, which is 5, and so on. There is a lot to gain from this subtle expression of mathematical nuance.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A new Moon, a cardinal overload!

What a holy, sanctified - divine & dignified Affair - The day of Jupiter, the hour of the Moon. July 16th, 2015, Sydney, Australia. and across the Globe.
A new Moon, a cardinal overload! And an exalted watery indulgence. Mars-Mercury co-joined to the Southern fixed stars Sirius and Canopus on the MC - Midheaven.

Sun and Moon co-joined to  the fixed star Pollux. Mercury and Mars are in parallel conjunction with the fixed star Hamal, on the outer bounds of the Earth plane.

Venus is conjoined to the Royal star Regulus, and about to station!

The fixed star Spica is rising along with Arcturus. And transiting Uranus is in a parallel conjunction with Betelgeuse.

And finally, Mercury and Mars are in a diametrically opposed positions to Pluto, who is being visited by New Horizons, the Earth sent spacecraft.
And there is so much more - Chiron in a platic trine to Saturn/Sun/Moon and Mars/Mercury, along with Neptune. Uranus at Saturn's Fall -(depression) in fire trine to Jupiter/Venus++++

 So what's this all mean??? It must have something it can offer the collective consciousness of this human society.

If ever there was a day of sublime virtuosity!!! well here it is...+++++++++++++

The icy world and beyond the Kuiper belt , Pluto, Charon -