Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Lunar eclipse April 4, 2015

The Lunar eclipse April 4, 2015, promises much excitement.
The solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, marked the commencement of the astronomical & astrological new year.

This lunation is a auspicious moment and coincides with the vernal equinox, the Sun is caught hanging over the Gateway to Life. The Sun at this instant is hovering over the horizon, as the atmosphere bends and refracts at the weight of such a grand splendour. Light tries so hard to appear, almost as if it is a rebirth.

So what's all this translate to in astrological language? The tangible & non-tangible, comes to mind.

Furthermore this eclipse lunation cycle -(new moon/full moon) is uniquely special,  the positions of the Lights correspond to the first & second lunar stations. (00:00 Aries -13 Aries) The Moon's daily travel is 13 degrees of mean motion. The 8 cardinal tropical lunar mansions are exceptionally sensitive, and when lunation's fall within close proximity, expect enlarged mundane collective outward expression of the energy!

The Hindu's make use of the moon's actual motion 13 degrees 20', and subsequently use the 27 sidereal  lunar mansions, commonly referred to as the "Nakshatras". The first, of the nature of Mars and named Ashwini - Fast and Swift, however Ketu is allotted the rulership. The second Bharani,  nature of Venus.

The Lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015 has the Moon @ 14 degrees 24', Libra, on the threshold to the Fiery- way  - via-combusta. Venus is the lord of the lunar eclipse, and Jupiter is the architect, having stewardship of the confines -terms/bounds.

How this event unfolds will of course depend on location and natal placement, with regards to planetary placements for nations & nativities.

In general with Venus as lord in her own domicile, one would assume good tidings.  However there are some interesting features to consider. Venus does not aspect her masculine domicile Libra from Taurus, suggesting, Saturn as exalted ruler must attend to the affairs. Saturn is retrograde, shooting arrows behind, or striking with a ray. Conditions with reference to injustices from past karma needs to be settled, payment is due!

Mars is positioned at the Moon's exaltation, accentuating the feminine principle, so Sect allotment will play a major role in determining solar or lunar distribution. Hence, chart casting, global-local  location is central to any prognostication.

Other considerations are Mercury/South Node, in Aries. This aspect can manifest in strange rationality, with the dispositor Mars in Taurus, past unconventional behaviours will be highlighted.

This unconventional theme is reinforced with the Sun co-joined to Uranus. Women's affairs seem destine to awaken the collective. This narrative will be a major mirror through which the collective - reflective Light is shone. The Sun/Uranus co-joining is located on the fixed star Alpheratz.

Alpha (α) Andromeda, is a  member of the royal star family. The lead star Alpheratz, is a double star and sits on the facial neck of the constellation of Andromeda. It signifies the hair falling across the Chained Woman's head.  Andromeda was freed by Perseus, metaphorically riding the wing horse, Pegasus. Perseus fell in love with Alpheratz, married her and returned the princess to the constellation Pegasus. Perseus father, Poseidon, was the instigator of the of the confinement, and ironically it was he's son who sets her free.

One final note worth considering is the Royal Family - Prince William, Duke of Cambridge & Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. These two young heirs will no doubt feature in this lunation, as will the Princes father, Prince Charles. Their charts will be activated, as will the UK 1801 natal chart.

The lunar eclipse cast for London is very unique and distinctive. The event will see the eclipse Sun/Uranus fall on the MC and subsequent eclipse Moon, set on the IC.
Furthermore with the royal 6 degree Leo rising, expect to see Grand expressions of enthralment. Prince Charles's natal Neptune will receive the eclipse Moon partile. William and Kate natal's will also see direct partile engagement.