Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sagittarius New Moon December 3, 2013, Beijing, China.

Sagittarius New Moon December 3, 2013, Beijing, China.

In 2012, at UAC (United Astrology Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana) I presented a new Time (chart: October 1, 1949) for China, which details were kindly published in the December  2012/13 edition of TMA (The Mountain Astrologer). Commenting on this chart from a Mundane astrological view follows;

China’s ruling Communist Party held its Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee on November 9-12 , 2013,in Beijing. The Third Chinese Plenary Session was opened by the newly elected Chinese leader President Xi Jinping. (China's new Premier is Li Keqiang)

The first  CPC Central Committee Plenary Session was held on December 11, 1978 two years after Mao's death. This was seen as an Opening-Up of China. These Sessions generally focus on economics, however this conference also focused on many other social issues which was very exceptional considering China's past development and governmental structure!

From an astrological prospective the planetary correlations' are very interesting!! Making use of the new chart ( Li Zhisui) it appears that Saturn is making its presence known. Using the whole sign house system, Saturn is transiting through China's first house, although it will not cross the Ascendant until November 2014. However it will Station (23° 19' Scorpio) retrograde extremely close to the new rising Time (24° 47' Scorpio) on March 1, 2014. Saturn's position in the December 2013, new moon lunation chart is 17°21' Scorpio and making a direct partile square to natal Pluto/Mars (Leo) in the 10th Mundane whole sign house. The 10th house Pluto/Mars natal aspect in the fixed sign of Leo can be seen as a Forced-Control and at times brutal ruling Power.

The sign (Image, Lion) Leo is ruled by the Sun, which in China's natal chart is in the Mundane 12th house in the sign of Libra @ 07°34'. This natal Sun (Leader) has been undergoing a transformation, as transiting Uranus (Aries 8°) is making several pass's directly opposing this natal position.

The new chart as mentioned places the Sun in the 12th, which makes sense when we consider the past history of Chinas' first leader Mao Tse-Tung. This current Uranus/Sun oppositions should arouse the inner or core subconscious to promote a revolution thought process. Furthermore when we take the chart as a whole transiting Jupiter (Cancer) is moving through the natal 9th house and is directly opposing natal Jupiter (Capricorn) in the 3rd mundane house. Jupiter rules the natal 2nd and also co/rules (Neptune/Jupiter-Pisces) the natal 5th house.

So philosophical and factual thoughts directed towards new and innovative reform of the old structures, which includes the 5th house affairs (Children, birth rate, school system and education in general) can be assumed to make the headlines.  Announced at the Third Plenary Session is, China will loosen its decades old one-child population policy, allowing couples to have two children if one of them is an only child.

The latest or current headlines spell this out further, with natal Uranus (Cancer) placed in the natal 9th house and transiting Uranus moving through the natal 6th (Mundane; defence, armed forces, civil service) house. China's defence ministry announced recently a new "East China Sea Air Defence Identification Zone" that covers the airspace of uninhabited islands. These Island's called Diaoyu by the Chinese and Senkaku by the Japanese are at the centre in the dispute with Japan. Many more correlation can be sighted from the coming new Moon lunation and as mentioned it will be very interesting to observe the way in which the new leadership deals with the many issues pending China's fate.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tick Tock!

Tick Tock!

On Sunday night November 3rd, 2013, Sydney, Australia, @ 23:49:56 AEDT, a hybrid – Annular/Total Solar eclipse will form for the New Moon.

What’s usual about this eclipse new moon!

 Well here in Australia the last lunation cycle, new moon and subsequent full moon, Pluto was rising, given my reports ( and the outcomes of the having Pluto rising we are now going to experience the curious case of Pluto again featuring on an angle (Pivot) but this Time Hades will be on the setting pivot, sinking into the Abyss!

Other peculiar characteristics to this special new moon (which are many) is the attention drawn to the four Pivots, (Angel’s) with the eclipse MC, at 28:40 degrees Aries, the ascending degree of the National Federation 1901 chart (Gwen Stony). Also the transiting eclipse setting degree is conjunct the Federations natal Sun/Saturn conjunction in the tenth whole sign house, which along with the transiting Pluto and Uranus exact square are a focus point.

Transiting Mars the traditional ruler of the eclipse is in an exact sextile to the eclipse Lights (Sun/Moon), furthermore transiting eclipse Mars is exactly conjunct the federation’s natal Mars in the 6th house, (mundane house of Military, Health and more activities) which is square the Federations natal Venus in the 9th house. (Foreign Affairs, Immigration) Mars as ruler of the Federation’s natal ascendant and natal eighth whole sign house (Tax, Death and all things hidden) poses are few interesting question!

So what does all this transpire to?  Let’s take Pluto’s positioning first, this symbol that is from a modern prospective sharing the rulership of the eclipse, and as it is, for the most part along with Mars, the strongest placed planet. Pluto in the transiting eclipse chart is in the house of partnership or relationships. This informs us that all government agreements and dealing will be of a Plutonic nature and as transiting Pluto is going through the federations natal 10th, which is the most noticeable house of the chart, we can expect to see some real difficulties for the Government on shared dealing and negotiations.

Now when this eclipse chart is viewed (bi-wheel) with the federations chart there are many special and unusual aspects to synthesise into the whole. Transiting Saturn/Sun/Moon/North Node/Mercury are all in the Federation’s Eighth whole sign house of Scorpio and making direct contact with the Federation natal Sun/Saturn and natal Mars, who is aspecting Federation natal Sun/Saturn and natal Venus.

As you can see this is a complex set of patterns signifying some major events and future actions, measures, proceedings, dealings and activities that will surface. I posted some time ago on my website my thoughts on Saturn’s passage through Scorpio and alluded to the Big Brother (Spying surveillance issues that might arise, law and order) approach. The signification of the Federation natal Mars return (Mars is also ruler of the eclipse) should not be overlooked! Two malefic planets making contact with almost all of the other planets speaks of major obstacles to negotiate.

However Mars may be in better shape than it first looks! Due to the Nocturnal eclipse chart Mars is more favourably placed with regards to its action. This may result in reconstructive negotiated outcomes, or-be-it of a Plutonic nature.

All-in-all this special new moon will signify some very notable changes to how we Australian’s interact both internally as well as externally.

Finally the transiting eclipse chart taken as a special new moon alone shows the lunation falling in the transiting mundane fifth house. This house shows the mundane affairs of the Senate, amongst other activities, and as such ruled by Mars/Pluto will present many obstacles along with the eclipse transiting tenth house, also ruled by Mars.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Perseverance – a new Ego waits!

On October 5th 2013, The New Moon will bring many new challenges....Are you prepared to negotiate?? Do you have any hidden inhibitions...well if you do.... then you may need to learn new ways to intellectualise your communication with others for the common good of all.
Here in Australia we will be ask to step-up and face our deepest demons, sink or swim, but don’t cross the river if you can’t swim the tide! Climb the rope to see what’s over the other side.
Ask a friend if they can assist, by joining in the collective, common social good, the ferryman will arrive, but make sure you have a coin to pay for the ride.
Sudden and unexpected events may rock us at our very core!! By uniting as a collective we can rise above and emerge from the darkest cannon. It’s only when we discover the beauty within, which allows the Stars to shine bright.
Physical emotional stress coupled with irritability may cloud your inner most thoughts, be prepared to surrender amidst the rebellion within!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Australian Election 2013

New Moon September 5th 2013
The New Moon on the eve of the Australian election is not promising for the incumbent government.
Saturn lord of the 10th is placed in the 7th house, this  is expressed as a setting or sinking place. It is where the wondering Stars are seen to disappear into the abyss.
 Mars in Leo is conjunct the IC (4th House) and is the lord of Saturn in Scorpio. The Fiery Warrior is in an applying square to Saturn, suggesting hostile feelings and something is not quite right here. Saturn receives Mars into Scorpio but Leo/Mars is not receptive with it hospitality. The 4th house shows all opposition Parties and is ruled by the Sun.
The Sun is in the 5th house of good fortune along with the lord Mercury. However while Mercury is strong it is in a state of lying concealed, which says it has something to hide. The 5th house is the Senate and the 11th is house of Representatives, With the Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunction falling in the 5th suggest a strong union formed, but not without some hidden agreement. This seems to be backup by the application of this lunation applying sextile to Jupiter, which is lord of the 11th. This suggest and strong Lower and Upper house formed by a coalition. There is one troubling aspect of this lunation on the eve of the election and that is the placement of Mars co-joined to IC. This is a strong indication that whatever is entered into will not last.
Trouble is on the Nadia, some divisive conflict-ridden actions are at play within all opposition Parties and the Sword will be shown in a loud manner, as a Hot iron is at the door way to consciousness. Repressive action with regards to the 9th house affairs are indicated as Saturn rules the 9th, aspect to retrograde Pluto, who is conjoined to the fixed star Facies. The star is a Nebula in the Archer’s Face, causing defective sight. This suggests that flawed of imperfect dialogue making with regards to the 9th, as this house is responsible for the Laws the government makes.
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Destiny Sails Forth – the Ship of Gold sails upon the Phasis!

As the battle for government heats up, the days and weeks ahead from an astrological viewpoint are confronting to say the least. I have already posted on the August new moon.  

 Now the August full moon is an epic blockbuster for Australian politics!! On August 10th Mercury reaches a state known as Dusis –sinking, going out of sight, (Kevin Rudd’s Sun/Mars conjunction is ruled by Mercury)this state of morning obscurity tells us that whatever Mercury correlates to will be Hidden. Something is not showing, the trickster Mercury is gone into a cone of shadows.

Mercury’s complex game playing!!

 From August 12th until August 25th, Mercury will be curtailed, unable to function in its proper manner, hidden in the Glare of the Sun. On September 10th for 3 days Mercury will again be curtailed. Commencing at Sunrise on August 25th, when Mercury is in Adherence or bonded to the Sun (Cazimi).Mercury will not be burnt during its encounter with the Sun from August 25th –September 10th due to it having protection from its Chariot.

So here’s the thing! On August 21st the Full Moon will occur at 28 Leo, (Sydney @ 11:44am AEST) and this chart will place Mercury Combust in Leo on the Midheaven. When a bi-wheel is used in conjunction with the 1901 Federation 1:35pm Stoney Chart some extraordinary aspects appear. And these aspects suggest a Sudden and unexpected event?

The event will no doubt engross the Nations Leader and something involving the 9th house affairs – In a foreign country, foreign policy, Law, and with Chiron involvement some form of anguish. As Mercury also rules the 6th and 3rd house of the Federation chart the event may be quiet complex. On this same day transiting Mars in Cancer makes a quincunx to Natal Jupiter in the natal 9th!

The Full Moon chart taken alone speaks also of something on a Grand scale involving the same areas of concern. However there is also a square from Uranus-Aries (5th House- ruled by Mars) and Jupiter –Cancer (8th house ruled by the Moon in the confines of Saturn, with the Sun in the confines of Mars)

As I mentioned this is a series of complex aspects and the Cosmos is speaking of a Greek Saga about to unfold!! I wrote of this in 2007 when Rudd was elected as PM and Abbott as Leader of the Opposition, their destinies is wound ever so tied!

A note to this is that the chart for the full moon has 14 degrees Sagittarius rising, and the 1901 Federation Stoney chart has Vertex/Uranus at this exact degree. Coupled with this fact is that on November 8th 2011, the Australian Senate passed the Carbon Tax. On this day the North Node was at 14 Sagittarius, and Mars the ruler of Iron was at 28 degrees Leo, the same degree that the Sun will be at on the day of the full moon!!! So I’m not quite sure exactly what this will manifest or what it is a Sign of, it does suggest something significant is about to manifest!!!

©Gregory Clare 9th August 2013.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

At dawn on Wednesday July 31st 2013 conditions will Fire Up...Expect to see the temperature rise
The New Moon on August 7th 2013 brings some dynamic forces to the Australian domestic and international scene. Just how these events will play out will be somewhat of a sudden an unexpected nature.
Powerful forces are at work during this lunation which may be expressed through Plutonic verbal expression. The House of Representatives and the Senate should feature in this expressed energy. As mentioned local domestic/gossip/news reporting and overseas affairs will come into prominence.

Yes this hardly surprising you might say as there has been much of this kind of news (refugee boat arrivals) highlighting the past two weeks. But the new moon does suggest some more dynamic forces will be at work during this lunation.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A week in politics’ is said to be as long as year in the Roman legion!

A week in politics’ is said to be as long as year in the Roman legion!

Talk this week is about whether Julia Gillard will remain as the Nation leader. That’s nothing new! This speculation has been going on since August 21st 2010, when Australians last voted. The Electional chart for that day as I suggested and commented on many times would bring about a confronting debate on all matters governing the Nation, including its leader. Recapping briefly on this event chart which I set for Sydney @ 8:00am, the opening of the polls.

The Ascendant was 00:31’ Libra, MC 00:16 Cancer.  Saturn was conjoined to the Asc at 02 Libra, opposed by Jupiter at 02 Aries upon the Dsc. The two Significators of the 1st and 7th houses were Venus and Mars. Both these planets were conjoined at 13 degrees Libra in the 1st house. The Lords of the 10th and 4th were Moon and Saturn. In the fourth house was Pluto at 02 degrees Capricorn along with the North Node at 11 and Moon at 16 Capricorn. The South Node was 11 Cancer in the 10th house.

This Cardinal dynamic ensured a continuous crises would be played out every 29.5 days, the length of a Solar/Moon lunation cycle. Furthermore as the planets moved around the Zodiac (Sun) their entry into Cardinal signs would also further trigger this crisis.

I also made mention in several articles the significance of the 11 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn. Rudd was elected on November 24th 2007 with Mars at 11 degrees Cancer and the Moon at 20 Taurus.

We just had a Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Taurus on May 10th 2013, this eclipse also saw Pluto at 11 Capricorn and the Ascendant degree for the chart set in Sydney was 8 degrees Cancer.

The influence of a Solar eclipse is said to equal two factors; The sign rising and the Lord of the eclipse, which in this case was Venus at 00:28’ Gemini. Both these signs are short in terms of how long their effect will last and when and how the significance of their action will be felt.

Following this eclipse on May 31st, Mars ingresses into Gemini. This ingress chart for Mars has some correlating factors with regards to this story. Firstly Mars arrived at Venus’s eclipse degree and Mercury arrived at 00:14 Cancer. These two planetary actions set the stage for the following actions to announce themselves.

Speculations once again rose about a leadership challenge by K. Rudd. These actions were further boosted by a continuing failure by Gillard to make any ground in the New Polls; the Labor Party is heading for a wipe-out according to the Polls and Media.

What else is fuelling this action is the current Solar lunation cycle, on June 9th a new moon occurred at 18 degrees Gemini and a full moon will culminate on June 21st 2013.

The new moon has seeded the next chapter in this epic play with Mercury at 11 degrees Cancer and Uranus at 11 degrees Aries and Pluto at 10 Capricorn.

All of this conjecture and continuous scandal mongering can as well be seen when a composite of these charts are referred back to the Australian Federation chart.

On January 1st 1901 the Australian Federations investiture was in acted with the Swearing In of the First Governor General Lord Hopetoun. This took place in Centennial Park and was investigated and Timed by the Late Gwen Stony. The time Gwen and her assistant Tex Cox produced through their vigorous investigation was 13:35:42 AEST, Sydney.

This chart has the Sun at 10 degrees Capricorn with Saturn at 7 degrees Capricorn.

The full moon on June 21st will know doubt bring all of this to colourful climax as the Sun will arrive at 02 degrees Cancer and Moon at 00 degrees Capricorn. This will see the original election chart of August 21st set in action. The new moon chart of June 9th had the MC at 16 degrees Capricorn, which was the degree of the moon on August 21st 2010.

So what is going to happen?

Well the planetary correlating patterns are not yet over as Jupiter will ingress into Cancer on June 25th, with Mars arriving at the June 9th new moon degree, furthermore Mars will arrive at Gillard’s natal Moon of 15 Gemini on June 17th the same day also see’s the transiting Moon at 27 Virgo. This is Rudd’s Sun degree.

Will we see bloodletting? Well again the following Sun/Moon Lunation will be at 16 degrees Cancer on July 8th, so all this should settle the long running epic tragedy which we remember began on June 26th 2010 Lunar eclipse at 04 degrees Capricorn with the Moon conjoined to Pluto.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aries Ingress

Astrological New Year
On March 20, 2013 the Earth in its orbit around the Sun will mark the point known as Vernal Equinox. This is seen here on earth as the Sun standing still over the equator, where the length of the day and night are equal.
This unique moment in Time has for centuries been used to prognosticate the Fortune’s for the Year ahead. To make sense of the astrological technique a chart can be cast for any City or Town you wish to enquire about.
Astrology is a symbolic language, which means we decode the patens of the celestial bodies in Heavens with the aim of foretelling future trends. Donovan aptly expresses this in his song Cosmic Wheels, “God is playing marbles with his planets and his Stars, creating havoc though my life with is influence on Mars”.
I’ve made reference to these particular words as they appropriately fit the paten set for the upcoming Aries ingress. An impulsive and unexpected association driven by feelings or desire, rightly or wrongly directed towards the established authority.
 No matter how small or insignificant that power may be. The impetuous urge to break free from an emotional situation or bonding that has stifled you! Or the sudden urge to strikeout in a self-willed emotional outpouring, stream of abuse.
Rash impulsive thoughts or desire towards female’s, which if not controlled could prove to be very harmful.
Positively expressed this energy could be the revolutionary break though which leads to a somewhat outward emotional excitement. Whatever the activity that is involved the energy will be highly nervous and excitable, full of ground-breaking innovative motivation.
Over the coming weeks and months the energy will intensify reaching a critical moment on the full Moon around March 27. Following onwards with this brisk and rapid impetuous energy the New Moon around April 10 will continue to harness and direct this need to be heard.
The air will be hot and thoughts will be electric, pulsating lively exciting messages from the unconscious driving our actions. On or around April 26, the first of the eclipses will have a noticeable effect throughout the Globe with a sense of grief or loss sweeping though, filling some with frustration and steadfast anger.
There may be some very important announcements relating to the past echoing through the corridors of the political offices!
On May 10 a special new Moon will eclipse the Australian chart in particular, with some very fascinating interesting and intriguing outcomes. This will be of a feminie nature and bring the nation to gasp at the Timing of these unfolding events.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 is numerologically known as the universal world year 6.

Astrologically this energy is an archetype of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite or Roman Venus.
This represents at its core level emotional bonding or caring. And this may at its deepest quality emerge in some form of a sacrifice, a giving-up of something!

 2013 is the Chinese year of the Water Snake, which would suggest a year we could undergo transformation on a very deep emotional level.

Coupled with this is the occurrence of Mercury retrograde 2013 cycle in the water elements Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. And with Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio later in the year receiving a trine from Jupiter as it ingress’s into the sign of the Crab in late June early July.
2013 appears to be one which overwhelming suggests a strong Water quintessence.

How this quintessence manifests suggests the eclipse periods of May and November 2013 will be a very emotionally transformational point in the coming calendar year.
Late February see’s the first of these watery alignments. Venus enters Pisces co-joining Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mercury and Mars, with an aspecting trine from Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio.
Countries-peoples who have a predominance of the Water elements will possibly undergo the most noticeable change.
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