Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Full Moon- Partial Eclipse-1st Jan 2010

Welcome to 2010; at 06:12:12 AEDT, Sydney
A Partial Eclipse of the Moon.
This Eclipse of the Full Moon will happen at 10 degrees Cancer/Capricorn.
Expect to see the Australian Government Leader
(Prime Minister) in the News....This Eclipse will activate the 10th House and 4th House of the Federation Chart...1901...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Capricorn Sun

The Ingress chart for the Sun's entree into Capricorn.
Australia's chart shows signs of Epistemology,
Ingress Venus conjunct Natal Jupiter in the Ninth House of God+++++

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturn enters Libra; Judgment Day (Scales of Justice)

Hermes/Hades/Saturn are in dialogue!! Take an expedition into the depths of Consciousness and discover the Cold world of reality. On the eve of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen a tense communication is underway in the depth's of Gaia !!! will she hear you !!!! Who's in control ??? How much control do you have ??? The Goat Horned One is awaiting....Governments Law Makers and those who are elected to speak.... Can we hear you....''' its a long way from the bottom to the Top '''' From the Light to the Dark and Back again"""" On Friday October 30th, 2009, Saturn Lord of Karma will make his Ingress into Libra. Time: 04:09:01 AEDT, Sydney Australia. Saturn will spend the next two and a half years as Assessor of the Image of the Scales. Shani (Hindi) or (Kronos) Greek, as he is known will stand in judgment over Hades (Pluto) in the sign of the Goat Horn One (Capricorn). So what will that mean I hear you ask? Governments and leaders throughout the World who have debts (Karma) to repay to the Ferry Men, will be ask to step forward and will be held accountable! Time to pay Up! Traditionally Saturn stands Straight in the Scales; Here the Lord of Karma has Power to serve, make good his deeds. Aphrodite (Venus) the Goddess of the Scales is helping Shani as he enters Her Image. There will be a "Time" (Saturn) when Uranus, Saturn's father joins Hades, this will be seen as acceleration of the Judgement! A three way struggle! Or Tug of War! A Cardinal Moment in Time! So stay turned and I will update you as the "Time" comes closer! Partnerships entered into during his stay in Libra should do well. Industrious, Loyal and a strong sense of duty are some of the energy's available during His visit in the Scales. For all those who were born from September 23rd to October 22, you will take on more responsibility, you will now be head of the Clan. This may mean you will lose something along the way! A relationship of some kind; Father/Son/Daughter/Partner. From this transition you will blossom and Grow, even though you may at first feel the darkness and pain.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Mind will be over-active_ Full Moon in the Image of the Twins, Gemini

The talk of the Town.
WHo Speaks the Truth
The Image of the Twins;
Diversity and multiplicity,
The full Moon speaks about completion, emotional- duality
And the Sun in Sagittarius, how big will the Story Grow!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Celebrating 71 Years Sydney Astrological Research Society (SARS)

Join us for our Christmas Celebrations on Friday Night 4th December 2009,
An Astrological get-together.
SARS has 71years of Astrological contribution to the Astrology Community
Come share your Stories and have some Fun!!!!
Where?....The Clarendon Hotel 156 Devonshire St Surry Hills.....
From 6pm till??????

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Astrology 2010

Well we had such Fun!!! If you didn't make it go to: The 18th FAA International ASTROLOGY CONFERENCE 2010 I hope to see you all in Brisbane 14 Jan, in the mean time check this out! Great Conference for info and Audio recording; My Lecture; China & 21st Century Go to

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Greek God Ares: The War Lord! He's Getting Hot!!

UP DATE!!!! As Posted in October 2009 The Greek God is running Hot and is about to retrace his path!! Repeat, go back over!! So the Lion will Roar, as the lion does nothing in silence!!! EXcept Sleep and even then He/She growls so you can hear!!! and not warned...don't burn your hairs!!! On December 21st 2009, The Greek God Ares known for separation/severance, dissociation and differentiation, stations at 19 degrees 41, in the Image of the Lion. When? 00:26:21hrs AEDT Sydney, Australia, So if you would like to know more visit my website; Click on World affairs or if you would like to know about Australia then click on the link page. In the mean time I will keep you updated to what possible outcomes might arise from this fated Station! About every 15 years Ares (Mars) Station in the Image of the Lion; This is known as a Synodic Cycle and Mars will spend almost 3 months in Leo. So expect the Lion to Roar Loud! Hot and Dry: Pestilence/sickness, a hot head or dry Heart!

The Greek God Ares

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Aries Full Moon; Oct 4 2009, Sydney Australia, 17:10:54hrs

The Red Moon doesn't wait!
The collective consciousness will be moving hastily on Sunday morning. As the day unfolds their will be a pressing need to get things done.
The Aries full Moon is a great time to come up with new idea's, initiate innovations, inventive creative motivations are the keys to unlock the golden gate of collective thought!
Don't' be to quick to judge others on this energy filled time, take a moment to think!
Now that may present a problem with all systems going full ahead, but do try to heed the advise or you may find an angry reaction awaiting.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today the Sun joined to Saturn at 25 degree's Virgo; traditionally Sun and Saturn are not good friends. Sun is brightness and glory and Saturn is solitude and Darkness.
So what happens when these two meet?
Well they do it once a year for two years in the Image or (sign) that Saturn is transiting then its 30 years before they meet again in the same Image.
Now you can look back at time (past history 30 years ago) and get a sense of (flavour) what took place before when these two were joined.
This joining now as mentioned is taking place in the Image of the Virgin (Virgo) and you may have noticed in the NEWS of late some DARK stories have emerged about father abuse to Children.
Well this is one way the archetype can manifest. Saturn is our inescapable Karma in this life.
The Sun in our chart is the symbol for the father and Saturn is his Authority or control, if there are any affliction in your chart between Sun/Saturn this may led to father issues or challenges to authority. Saturn on a Mundane level is the Government or Authority in power.
Reinhold Ebertin has this to say about Sun/Saturn: "Hereditary affliction, separation, sick and old people.
When Saturn transits your natal Sun in your chart you will take on that father role; this may mean more authority or loss of the father or you may have challenges with authority.
So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your time and remember your actions now will be noted by the Karma Lord and some day you will need to account for this moment in time, like all moment in time the Karma Lord was giving a Task by Zeus to deliver on your actions.
So folks smile and take a little ray of Sunshine into your Hearts.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Great to be part of this world! Many thanks to my good friend Tom Muldoon for getting me started, so please join us in our travels throughout the Cosmos and Beyond. I'm a time traveler flying on my magic carpet, sometimes my feet don't touch the ground. Yes there are times when I get blown of course and finish up sitting on my bum. Oh well that's life. The winds of change may blow your way soon so fasten your sail and hang on tight and enjoy your ride. Gregory

Today is the day of total confusion

Just a thought