Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pisces rising.

Women decree respect!!!
 The Seed of Change has been planted.
On Monday  July 4, 2016 @ 21:00:04 AEST, Canberra, ACT, a new Moon @ 12:53 degrees Cancer falls in the 5th House (Mundane house of the Senate) and may usher in a new political landscape across Australia. The Architect (Confine Lord) of this New Moon is Venus.
Note this a Lunar Mansion, (12-13 degrees Cancer is a Cardinal Lunar Mansion) we will notice this Seeding.
A planetary stellium is driven by the contestation Lord - Mercury, with a real Watery, Changeable,  Noticeable, Feminine feel - Mercury/Moon/Sun/Venus, with an applying trine to Mars in Scorpio, in the House of Law creator, the 9th.
Jupiter in Virgo at the Mid-Point, on the setting pivot -7th house. Well at least you will know thy Enemy!! or will you!! Mercury is Combust in the Confines of Venus.
Venus is emerging from combustion, but is still unseen to the naked eye.
 Mr Turnbull said he was feed up with the last Senate and asked the Australian Governor General to dissolve both Houses (Lower & Upper) - Double _ Dissolution, well as they say in the movies;
 "This is your Wish Malcolm"
Copyright Gregory Clare