Saturday, June 30, 2012

A poignant Noble Time is approaching as the Royal Envoy Hermes Stations & notifies us!

On July 14/15th depending on where you live, Mercury will Station @ 12 degrees 32’ in the Royal sign of the Lion- Leo.

I’ve already posted my thoughts on this event for the USA. Mercury will Station on President Obama’s natal Sun exactly to the minute, to read what this means and more go to –

What also stands out  too is Mercury’s station will  have a major effect on Queen Elizabeth 11’s chart.

Station Mercury will retrograde exactly on the Queens natal Moon.

Elizabeth’s natal Moon is in the 8th whole sign house. The Regal Moon rules her natal 7th, whole sigh house. The 7th is the house of partners and in the Queen’s case -Husband.

The transiting Mercury Station Moon is located in her 6th house co-joined to a weak Jupiter which is ruled by Stationary Mercury.

Natal Jupiter rules Elizabeth’s 12th house, which can about bring loss or it can be expressed as the health house of the partner, as it is the turned 6th from the natal 7th.

Mercury's station transiting MC is co-joined to her natal Mars/Jupiter.

Furthermore this is the Queen’s 86th Profected year and the Year Lord is Jupiter. In Elizabeth’s 2012 solar return the solar return Ascendant is co-joined to natal retrograde Saturn and return Jupiter is square natal Mars/Jupiter.

 What is also of interest is when you cast the Mercury Station chart for Prince Charles. Mercury's Station chart transiting Lot of Fortune is co-joined to Charles natal Pluto which along with his natal Mars co-rules his 4th House. (Ancestry-Father)

In addition Prince Williams chart also carries the Royal Leo signature with Station Mercury exactly co-joined to his Vertex in his natal whole sign 9th. And Mercury is Williams 30th Profected year Lord.

And finally the Full Moon on July 3rd 2012 falls at 12 degrees 13’, Cancer, which is known as a Cardinal Lunar Station. One of the 28 topical Nakshatras, and as such announces to the Crowd/People of an impending Event. The Full Moon Ascendant falls at 22 degrees 57’ Sagittarius, which is the exact degree of Prince Charles’ natal Mars/Vertex.

The transiting Full Moon is co-joined to transiting Pluto, signifying loss. With the transiting Full Moon- Sun- opposition /Moon/Pluto falling in the Queen’s natal 7th House on her natal Pluto.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Serpent calls!

Coming to a town near you! June 17th – 18th, 2012, depending on where you live? The Transiting Moon (Selene) meets with one of the Serpents -Ketu or South Node - Dragon’s Tail – (Tale), @ 5-degrees of the Twins Image-Gemini –

 Rahu -The Dragon’s Head@ 5 –Degrees of the Archer –Sagittarius.
Ok what’s all this jip- R–jayp!  Well it’s not very often you come across this little Gem of an Astrological phenomenon!

Here’s the deal- we should all know that the nodes of the Moon traverse zodiacally backwards along the Yellow-brick -Road, also known as The Ecliptic – the apparent path the Sun makes across the sky, and it’s where the moon crosses this either north or south that the trail or tail of the moon makes its mark.
 When this happens, the True (not mean) nodes station or appear to station, well in astronomical terms they do, as can be found by looking in your ephemeris (which is an astronomical table listing the future positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets over a given period of time.)
Another way of saying this is that the moon like the earth is tilted or inclined in its rotational orbit around the Sun.
The moon is inclined at about 5 degrees and earth about 23 degrees. So as a result when the moon’s orbital plane meets the ecliptic it appears to station. And as a result the moons nodes actually gain zodiacal longitude, (orbeit -for a brief moment) which is opposed to its so called proper motion.

 And the earth for that matter never stations, but when it arrives at this orbital pass over, the ecliptic twice a year, we are at the Equinox –( Standing straight!) either of the two annual crossings of the equator by the Sun, once in each direction, when the length of day and night are approximately equal everywhere on Earth. The equinoxes occur around 21 March and 23 September.

So that’s the astronomical explanation...but what does this actual mean astrologically, well some will tell you nothing at all, on the contrary from my prospective this is a huge statement being made by the Sky.

Let’s think about this for a moment - it’s the moon that generates the nodes, (which are responsible for the causation of Eclipses, both Solar and Lunar) so it stands to reason that when the moon meets the nodes that this pivotal moment in Time. Selene (Greek for moon) has a chance meeting with the Serpent, which in mythology actually tricks the Gods – Vishnu.

Hence in most western pop astrology books there is a reference to the south node and trickery....which when combined with the lord of the Twins-Gemini, Mercury, which is also referred to as a trickster. Hmmm! (this comes about from their astronomical behaviour) the picture is coming together.

 So let’s draw this image, the moon is emotional responses, Gemini /Mercury is communication –contestation, and the nodes are like meeting points, and the south node comes from the past, as does the moon.
Now Mercury is in the Moon’s sign/Cancer, which is about holding onto something emotional attached to us....our mother so to speak.

 Something dear to our Soul...not Heart, that’s the Sun.

Well we could potentialy bring in the Sun as the Sun and Moon did get together for an annular Eclipse while the south node was at this degree...Hmmm!

So expect to meet with or discuss something of emotional significants from a past course of action during this Time, but be aware of any tricky that might show its hand. This is a rare moment in our travels through Time so the Astrological word or forecast is to try and stay conscious and alert. Make use of this opportunity to evolve and commit to your chosen path.
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