Sunday, October 25, 2015

Royal Exaltation - Full Moon

Royal Exaltation - Full Moon

There is objective intention to the cosmic order - The heavens above!

The current astronomical appearances of the planets in their morning rising, is announcing, (as it always has) it's (Astrological) symbolic message; (subjective internal intention).

This announcement is very Royal, as we shall SEE - the coming Full ripening Moon - Moon's exaltation - 

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Gregory Clare_25/10/2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Moon in Libra - The Scales on the equatorial horizontal line.

New Moon in Libra - The Scales on the equatorial horizontal line.
The downward descent - the declining - Fall, depression. The exaltation of Saturn, as we move into withdrawn Light. The gradual decline, unable to see in the perfect light.
All related  astronomical expressions, which underpins the coming Seeding. Venus the lord - ruler -dispositor of the Seeding, is also poorly placed. A falling from grace - the united, disconnected. entangled. Whilst She has been blessed by the Royal Star, watcher of the North -Regulus and is adorning the heralding of the light.
These are action disassociated with her true being, Aphrodite is our essence of unconditional Love -universal, unlimited. However when contra to Sect and touched by the heat- intensity of the masculine disposition, this expression is directed externally. An outward Ego personification.
As Venus approaches Mars & Jupiter, all three planets find themselves in unfamiliar and widely divergent, irreconcilable circumstances. With the trine from Pluto, control is oversized, manipulative and oppressive. With Mercury co-joined to the dragon's head in the atmosphere of noticeable change, thought ought to be balanced. The appearance of clouds upon the horizon and a limp dry breeze blowing toward the Heart of the Fiery Road, vigorous containment is suggested.
Jupiter is the witness to this seeding, however as I suggested last week he is unable to provide the proper advise, he's far away from home. And you only need think what that is like when your away, in a strange land, caught up in matters that you have no control over. It is difficult to phone home when there is no reception!!!!!!!!!!!!
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