Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Greek God Ares: The War Lord! He's Getting Hot!!

UP DATE!!!! As Posted in October 2009 The Greek God is running Hot and is about to retrace his path!! Repeat, go back over!! So the Lion will Roar, as the lion does nothing in silence!!! EXcept Sleep and even then He/She growls so you can hear!!! and not warned...don't burn your hairs!!! On December 21st 2009, The Greek God Ares known for separation/severance, dissociation and differentiation, stations at 19 degrees 41, in the Image of the Lion. When? 00:26:21hrs AEDT Sydney, Australia, So if you would like to know more visit my website; Click on World affairs or if you would like to know about Australia then click on the link page. In the mean time I will keep you updated to what possible outcomes might arise from this fated Station! About every 15 years Ares (Mars) Station in the Image of the Lion; This is known as a Synodic Cycle and Mars will spend almost 3 months in Leo. So expect the Lion to Roar Loud! Hot and Dry: Pestilence/sickness, a hot head or dry Heart!

The Greek God Ares