Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Full Moon- Partial Eclipse-1st Jan 2010

Welcome to 2010; at 06:12:12 AEDT, Sydney
A Partial Eclipse of the Moon.
This Eclipse of the Full Moon will happen at 10 degrees Cancer/Capricorn.
Expect to see the Australian Government Leader
(Prime Minister) in the News....This Eclipse will activate the 10th House and 4th House of the Federation Chart...1901...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Capricorn Sun

The Ingress chart for the Sun's entree into Capricorn.
Australia's chart shows signs of Epistemology,
Ingress Venus conjunct Natal Jupiter in the Ninth House of God+++++

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturn enters Libra; Judgment Day (Scales of Justice)

Hermes/Hades/Saturn are in dialogue!! Take an expedition into the depths of Consciousness and discover the Cold world of reality. On the eve of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen a tense communication is underway in the depth's of Gaia !!! will she hear you !!!! Who's in control ??? How much control do you have ??? The Goat Horned One is awaiting....Governments Law Makers and those who are elected to speak.... Can we hear you....''' its a long way from the bottom to the Top '''' From the Light to the Dark and Back again"""" On Friday October 30th, 2009, Saturn Lord of Karma will make his Ingress into Libra. Time: 04:09:01 AEDT, Sydney Australia. Saturn will spend the next two and a half years as Assessor of the Image of the Scales. Shani (Hindi) or (Kronos) Greek, as he is known will stand in judgment over Hades (Pluto) in the sign of the Goat Horn One (Capricorn). So what will that mean I hear you ask? Governments and leaders throughout the World who have debts (Karma) to repay to the Ferry Men, will be ask to step forward and will be held accountable! Time to pay Up! Traditionally Saturn stands Straight in the Scales; Here the Lord of Karma has Power to serve, make good his deeds. Aphrodite (Venus) the Goddess of the Scales is helping Shani as he enters Her Image. There will be a "Time" (Saturn) when Uranus, Saturn's father joins Hades, this will be seen as acceleration of the Judgement! A three way struggle! Or Tug of War! A Cardinal Moment in Time! So stay turned and I will update you as the "Time" comes closer! Partnerships entered into during his stay in Libra should do well. Industrious, Loyal and a strong sense of duty are some of the energy's available during His visit in the Scales. For all those who were born from September 23rd to October 22, you will take on more responsibility, you will now be head of the Clan. This may mean you will lose something along the way! A relationship of some kind; Father/Son/Daughter/Partner. From this transition you will blossom and Grow, even though you may at first feel the darkness and pain.