Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon on June 12, 2010, will energize the US Paris Treaty chart. The New Moon will accrue at 07:14hrs EDT, Washington DC, and has the Image of the Crab rising. (Security) The hour-marker (Ascendant) is 11 degrees Cancer, which is a very volatile degree in the Paris Treaty chart. This is the exact degree of the US Paris chart natal Uranus in the eleventh house, the house associated with the Stock-Market and the lower house of parliament. So expect to see some action in these areas of concern. http://www.gregoryclare.com/
US Paris Treaty Chart Calendar for June 2010
This degree is emphasised by the transiting South Node and Lot of Fortune also co-joined to US Paris natal Uranus. The Paris chart natal Uranus ruler is the Moon and the moon is in the Image (sign) of the Scorpion and the dispositor is Mars. Natal Mars is in the eighth house in its own Image Aries, the eighth house is associated with others money, taxation and some form of surrendering (death). The Lord (ruler) of this Gemini New Moon is Mercury and Mercury’s degree position in the new moon chart is conjunct the MC of the Paris natal. Mercury also rules the Paris natal Ascendant insuring that this action will be noticeable.
The transiting Mars is square to transiting Mercury, when these planets are overlaid with the Paris chart you can begin to understand the tension arising in this New Moon chart. There will be some need for fiscal responsibility to be applied as transiting Saturn is at the Midpoint of transiting Venus and natal Moon and Venus rules the Paris second house of wealth.
These actions in progress will be brought to a climax on June 26, 2010, as the full Moon highlights action commenced during the New Moon phase.
This action will be very evident as this full moon in the Image of the Crab (Cancer) is a lunar eclipse. In this Lunar Eclipse...Full Moon Chart; Tension (Emotions) are abound, A perfect Storm is brewing, The Crab is rising (Cancer) and the Moon the Lord of the Crab is in the Goat Horn One (Capricorn) co-joined to Hades (Pluto).
A Cold Collection & Controlling Impression, Inclusion.
The Confine (Bound) Lord of the New Moon is Mars! This is the Egyptian Term lord or ruler of 17-24 degrees Gemini and will influence how Mercury the ruler of the New Moon will function. This very crucial to understanding the outcome of any Events started during this New Moon Phase!
Mercury/ Mars: Improprieties of speech which may have resulted in accusations and lawsuits.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jupiter’s Ingress into the Ram (Aries)

Jupiter’s Ingress into the Ram (Aries)  Sunday June 6th, 2010 Sydney- Australia, 16:47:40 AEST      
Sunday June 6th, 2010 Greenwich- UK, 07:27:40 BST
What a celestial gathering! Jupiter- Uranus and Moon, A divine gathering at exactly the same degree! Is this the start of something – Big, Bright and Bulging, 00 degrees Aries the Vernal Equinox? So what can this heavenly encounter bring to us Earthly grounded Human’s?
If I were playing cards I would love to have been dealt this Lucky Hand! A Grand determined desire to change the World – A better place for the People! If you have a dream, then this is the time to go- for-it!
On Sunday June 6th 2010, The Cosmos could not be more open and willing to your aspirations and optimism. This unique moment in Time is for you to engage in social consciences, engage your Soul in the Bath Of Fire!
Kindness and benevolence are at the taking, show your generosity and ignite the Fire Inside, make a difference, spread the Love.
There is never a better Time for the World to unite as Ares (Mars) is co-joined to the Royal Fixed Star, Regulus.
Mars is the Lord of Aries and Jupiter, Uranus and the Moon are all holding hands in Aries.

So if you want to raise the Kundalini, pump the iron, pure red blood cells oxygenated through your body up into your cranium, then don’t pass up this moment.
Tell your friends about this Celestial Hour so we can all join in a Pray for Humanity!

Caution –Zeus (Jupiter) is the planet of Thunder Bolts – Uranus – Electrify – Moon – Weather – Aries –Dry - Fire  So we could see some unexpected Fires – Light my Fire.