Tuesday, March 30, 2010

China and Mars in the Lion...Roar

In October 2009 I posted on my website http://www.gregoryclare.com/
World Affairs
The possible planetary energy response from Ares (Mars) Retrograde cycle of 75days on China's Mundane Chart, (Mars entered Leo on the 16th of October and will be there until the 7th of June) This is a Total of 234 days or 8.8months in the one sign!!! The Lion
I also commented on this in my lecture on China at the 2010 Astrology Conference held in Brisbane.
China's Natal Chart; 7th House is the Image of The Lion (leo) and With Mars/Pluto conjunction in this house it is easy to understand how they deal with Others..also
(Mars the Sword and Pluto Mass Control)
(For the recording of this lecture there is a link on my web page)
Mars rules the 3rd House (Aries) how we deal with our neighbours and the 10th (Scorpio) along with Pluto (control with force when in the image of the Lion and with Mars ) It comes as no surprise to see the outcome of the Rio Tinto Trail....China's Natal Chart has Scorpio on the MC 10th House.
In Event charts or Mundane the 10th is the Public perception also the Judge in any trail...in other words we will deal with Others 7th House (also our enemies and person on trail) in Secrecy and the Way WE Wish TO.... Pluto Control!!! Leo Fixed Sign
The Trail started on March 22, 2010 @ 08:30 AWST.... LMT Shanghai This Event chart is a Classical example of Universal Cosmic harmony at work with the Bull rising (Taurus) and the Fixed Star Capulus rising as they took their position in the Dock.....Capulus of the Nature of Mars and Mercury (Mercury..Accusations and Lawsuits..Mars Loss of Reputation and Disreputable behaviour) The Lord of the Ascendant is Venus in Detriment in Aries in the 12th House (Jail) and the Lord of the 7th House Scorpio (Mars and Pluto) Mars Conjunct the Lot of Fortune and the IC 4th House (the end of the Matter the Result) I wrote this in email to Michael and Georgie on Monday the 21st the day before the Trail. The Judge and Judgment is the 10th House and the Lord is Saturn and the Karma Lord is Retrograde (going backwards out of exaltation Libra and into Virgo) in the 5th. There is a lot more to said from this chart....I hope I have aroused your interest in this Case.... Scorpio on the 7th is concealing Lots.
Copyright Gregory Clare

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Full Moon in the Image of the Scales

Libra....Full Moon on Tuesday March 30; Sydney Australia
@ 13:26:58 AEDT,
The Ascendant rising degree 28:33 The Twins (Gemini)
has two fixed stars rising with it!!!!
The Little Bear..(to Show the way) Alracubba......
Polaris is never obtainable for those living here in the Southern hemisphere.
Betelgeuse the Armpit... Success is yours for the long term.
So if you know what you require then its yours!!!! Wish upon a rising STAR!!!
As this Lunation Cycle brings with it Inspiration and Vision...... as Hermes is emerging
from the Darkness and into the Light and From the Light and into the Night... Hand in Hand with Aphrodite rising into the Night Sky. A Phasis rise!!!! To See
There is a little strain thought with Helios (the Sun) Hades (Pluto) and Selene (the Moon) in a Tsquare. Full Moon's are about.... Action so you may be experiencing the success of your foresight!!!
Or you may be involved in a Contestation with another and you suddenly see the LIGHT
What ever comes to you... this full Moons it will... bring things to your vision....for Action
It will be destiny ......... as the Galactic Center is setting in to the Abyss!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Astrological New Year 2010 Aries Ingress

Astrological New Year!!!!
Yearly Forecast 2010 Sydney, Australia: Aries Ingress
March 21 2010, 04:32:12 AEDT.
The Water Pourer is Rising...The Human Face!!
Kronos is Thinking!!!
Chiron the Centaur is riding Poseidon??
Can you Hear the Thunder!!!
Selene (The Moon) is in Adherence (Conjunct) to the fixed Star Algol & the IC
Female Passion!!! Careful with what you Collect!!.. Include..Emotional Intensity!!!
Capulus the Fixed Star!!! is also in adherence to the IC !!!!!
When dealing with Others please avoid
.... Revenge!!!!
The royal Star Regulus is Setting!!!!
The Winds shall Blow Hard??? & Leaders will be challenged!!!! As Kronos is receiving Helios (the Sun) into Fall!!! Diametrically Opposing Views!!!
The Water's will wear down the ROCK!!!!! dissolving PAIN????
Ares (Mars) will have the Lions share!!!!