Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hermes turns his/her back on the Goat Horned One!!

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

On December 10, 2010 Hermes goes back to contest and resolve matters that were not sufficiently dealt with whilst He was traversing The Archer (Sagittarius).

At 07:04:27 hr EST +5:00 Washington DC, Mercury will Station at 5 degrees Capricorn, exactly on the Paris US chart Saturn.

Hermes is also in Adherence, co-joined to transiting Hades (Pluto) and Rahu (North Node) and Ares (Mars).

This 21days of reflection/contestability will affect the US Senate and also the 1st /10th and 5th/6th Houses in the US chart.
This action may involve the Military and well as the Health bills. The Homeland will also be slowed by this Contestation as Hermes brings into his cycle arrows from afar???

Events should be noticeable from the NEW Moon onwards, the Lunation Cycle begins on December 5th 2010 at 12:35:27pm EST Washington DC, the main focus of this Lunation will be on Foreign policy with some very intense dialog that may involve the Military.

Hades/Hermes and Ares are co-joined in the Cold past and Hermes is going back with His Arrows pointed to bring the Hunted in for Questioning???

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Scorpionic Lunation

From the Light to the Dark!!

Are you sure you want to know???

On November 6, 2010 @ 5:46hr EDT Washington DC, the Sun & Moon will come together.

On November 21, 2010 @ 12:27hr EST Washington DC, the Sun & Moon will oppose each other.
This Lunation cycle will test the nation!!! The Leader may feel the Full force of Hades!!!

Watch the Money honey???....... Hermes/Ares are at play!

Kronos & Ares are at War!!! 

If you’re watched the Clash of the Titans or The Lighting Thief...then you know what to expect??

The Dragon will exhale the Hot Fires from Hell!!! Transform and you may escape without too many scares.

The ground may be scorching on around the 26th Nov 15:28:27hrs EST Washington, DC.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Libra Ingress & the Aries Full Moon: Kronos needs to be Heard!!!

Ignorance is born from the failure to notice!!

In the War of the Gods Ouranos & Gaia begot the Titans and Kronos was the last to emerge. Outraged at the prospect of not been heard he castrated his father and swallows his children.

In the coming three months the lord of Earthly Karma (Hades the timeless Karma Lord) Saturn will stand ready to Reflect. What you have committed too must be implemented or you will be held a countable!!

Emotional inhibitions need to be processed with the aim of developing concrete structure. Reform the ’Old Ways’ embrace the New Challenges with confidents, call on those who have committed to help and you will be successful!!
But not without the struggle and pain associated with giving in, surrender and Share!!

Leaders around the world hear the sound!!

As Dylan wrote” Chimes of Freedom”...And we gazed upon Chimes of Freedom Flashing!!! Unexpectedly we watched with Faces hidden as the walls were tightening!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How do we reconcile??? A Greek master piece is at Play!!!

Aphrodite (Venus) entered into Her Fall (depression) in the Virgin (Virgo) in July and since then she has been in courtship with Ares (Mars). The pair have been playing catch me if you will!!! For some time now.

Mars is moving rapidly after spending 9 months in the Lion (Leo) and Venus is approaching her furthest elongation from the (Helios) Sun. The Lady of the night is slowing in speed, but still able to stay in touch with Mars.

Venus core principles are to Unite and Mars core principles are to Separate!!!

Now has the Lady of the Night been corrupted in Her ways?? Her and Mars in the Virgin up too no good!!! and then when she gets to go Home (Libra) and feel safe....

Who does She find in Her house???

Mars...Now as the two are trying to mange this affair Mars entices the Lady into the Scorpion where He has Keys to the front door!! And She feels obliged to enter.

He lures Her into the Fire beneath the Earth, Wet and Watery and Damp is the hallway....not what the Lady is keen on!!! So on October 8 She has a change of mind and starts to run the other way!!

She finds Her way back home (Libra November 10) and closes the Door (Shut) so as not to be disturbed!!! Shit she exclaims my bloody Grandfather (Saturn) has come to visit.....What the!!!!

Then as She tries to claim down She finds Mars has left a calling card???(Venus Stations in the Confines (Terms of Mars)

Is there no rest bight for the Lady of the Night???

Well unfortunately NO as Helios Burns Her He Moves the Lady decides to rise in the East and Announce Her disposition.

©Gregory Clare

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot and getting hotter!!

Some interesting stat’s on the Independent’s that are likely to share the power in the new makeup of the Australian House of Representatives and the significants of the looming Lunation Cycles. ....And the Node about to regress to 8 degrees Cancer/Capricorn!!!!

Bob Katter born 22 May 1945 Cloncurry Qld...has natal Saturn 8 degrees Cancer same as Bob Brown and this is the degree of the 1901 Federation’s chart 2010 Solar return Moon (7 degrees Cancer)...which fell in opposition to Federation’s natal Saturn and which has been the driving force behind all the government woe’s this year....Moon is the Public mood or Moon/Saturn is not a favourable feel..!!

Tony Windsor born 2 September 1950 Quirindi NSW...interesting bloke this one??? He has Natal Uranus at 8 degrees Cancer...

Rob Oakeshott born 14 December 1969 Lismore NSW ....another Hot potato...has natal Uranus at 8 degrees Libra...square too the Federations natal Saturn and return Moon

Andrew Wilkie born 1961, Tamworth, data as yet

So Bob Brown, who is a Senator, but will play a role here...Bob Katter, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott all have 8 degree Cardinal Saturn’s in dynamic formation to the Federations Natal Saturn which is 8 degrees Capricorn.

Hey this is going to be some show down!!!
I as yet have no details on Adam Bandt.

Finally in this brief synopsis the coming year with Transiting Saturn to fall on 8 degrees Libra as Venus goes retrograde on October 8 2010. Venus will regress to 27 Libra the same degree as Abbott’s and Gillard’s natal Mars!!! Wooooeeee!!!! Will update and post more when I digest this lot!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hermes (Mercury) nature is too Contest! Contestation.

 In light of recent events in the political landscape, the Australian election and the Event chart, 21st August 2010, 08:00hr Sydney, opening of the Polls, I said I would review and update this chart.

In the last post I mentioned the likelihood of Labor retaining power and I said that because the chart indicated this as the probable outcome. However in reviewing my analyses I have to clarify some interesting aspects in this Event chart.

Firstly the chart as I said does at first glance give you the impression that the government would be returned on the basis that the Ascendant lord Venus is in its own house, the 1st and as such is very strong. The descendant Lord ruling the opposition is Mars and is in the Governments house and co-joined to Venus. Now as I said this generally says that the winner is the 1st house but! Saturn is also in this 1st house. This also seems Ok as Saturn is in an exalted state; however is Venus in a state of besiegement? This term means it is surrounded by two malefic planets. The benefic qualities of Venus may be corrupted. If this is so! Then we have a very interesting judgment!

The Opposition party is represented by the 7th house and Mars is the lord and is in Libra and is in detriment. This is not a good look although Jupiter is retrograde on the descendant. So the thought is! Does Jupiter who is in his own confines’ gazump Venus who as I said is corrupt?

Now here’s the interesting part! Venus and Mars who are co-joined and represent both the Contestant’s are both in the Confines (Terms) of Mercury! Now Hermes is Stationed. Mercury stationed at 05:58hr AEST on 21 August, just before the Polls open.

So what does this all mean? Well as both Lords are co-joined and Saturn is upon the ascendant this may indicate a state of delay and Besiegement! The sign of Libra is the Image of the Scales, the balancing of Power, to share! The 4th house ruler is Saturn and as such should show the outcome? But as stated this is not an easy task. In the 4th house and conjunct the IC is Pluto and Pluto is square retrograde Jupiter and Saturn. So folks expect the Unexpected Light my Fire

Finally the rising degrees and subsequent angles are all 00:00 degrees of Cardinals, with the a grand cross formed on Friday morning the 20th August, So hold on! This election debate is not over yet!!!

I will update this blog again as I have more to say as I examine this chart more closely, this is a great example of Astrology at work and as so we can learn a lot from this Outcome!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time to share! Forget about me & think Others?

The Aquarius full moon is about Other’s! This a time to share, Saturn the Traditional Lord and Uranus the Modern caretaker are diametrically opposing each Other.

Both have a common association with Aquarius and both are in contact with the Sun and Moon in this lunation phase. So seize upon the moment and find constructive inspirational ways to deal with your partnerships.

Now’s’ the Time to take the opportunity to share in a common goal as Hermes (Mercury) is also giving you the chance to discover and inspire as he/she is in direct opposition to Neptune.

Let the imagination run wild!

A little caution though is warranted as Neptune can lead you into the fantasy fields.

Hermes is also in contact with the Royal fixed Star Regulus and is in opposition to Chiron.

So what could be a better Time! Take him/her by the hand and engage in an introspective dialogue, listen as the Water Pourer shares the Air that is bubbling though the Water.

Here in Oz we can expect to see the mundane stage, Australia’s Political stage glow as this full moon is conjunct Australia’s MC in the Stoney chart. So we hear the sounds of collective calling!!!

One further observation is that the mundane chart which I use for China (15:01hr Oct 1, 1949) has this Full Mon on the ascendant and Moon. The planet that has the final say (dispositor) is Venus in Scorpio. Venus rules the fourth house of this chart and as mentioned is also the dispositor of the Moon. Rain, rain go away come back another day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Australian Election August 21 2010

Well folks what a chart for the Australian Election?? Julia Gillard just announced today at 12:05pm, August 21st 2010 as the date we here in Oz go to the Polls!

I have in the past made predictions on the election results and what the charts mean for us here in Oz and this one is a dooseee!!!!

I base my forecast on the Event chart for Sydney and use the Gwen Stony rectified 1901 Federation chart to evaluate the result.

From these charts it appears the likely outcome will see Julia Gillard returned as the First elected female Prime Minister and the Government will gain back control of the Senate which has been under Liberal control and was the down fall of Kevin Rudd, which I forecast back on October 24th 2007 one month before the last Election at the Sydney Astrological Research Society.

The chart for the Event features a Cardinal T square between Saturn exalted, retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Pluto. Mercury is at retrograde Station as well as the Nodes and to top the chart off, Mars and Venus are co-joined in Libra.

I speculate from this Event chart that Tony Abbot the opposition leader will be replaced after the election by another female. These are the indication of the Event chart for August 21st 2010. Another interesting aspect of this Election chart is Mercury’s station at 19 degrees of Virgo; expect to see the Press involved in some form of controversy. The Capricorn Moon is moving to form a grand trine between the Federation’s natal Moon and event stationed Mercury which is an indication that plenty of emotional sentiment will be expressed in a chilly manner.

One finally comment is that the announcement in Canberra at 12:05pm on Saturday July 17th 2010, by Julia Gillard shows Gillard with a Venus return and the transiting Moon is in an exact conjunction with her natal Sun. Please stay tuned for more updates are coming!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

USA Astrological Forecast What’s Ahead 2010, The Storm clouds are forming!!!!

As posted on my website  May 2010,
The Storm clouds are forming!!!!

Continuing on with this analysis of the US from September 2010, there appears be to be a very strong feminine element involved in the 2010 US charts. This is some form of emotional outpouring?

Finally when you think it’s safe to come out side (emerge from the Bunker) Venus turns retrograde at 03:05:26 hrs EDT on the 8th of October 2010, Washington, DC. Leo 24 degrees are rising with Neptune setting on the Descendant. Rising Lord Sun is in Libra in the 3rd house at 14 degrees.

This is the degree of Tr Mercury in the 9/11 chart and Mercury was Lord of the Sun and 12th House. Venus was Lord of Mercury, and Venus was in Leo! Also 14 degrees Libra is opposition to Natal Mars in the Paris Treaty 8th house.
Wait there’s more!!!

Tr Venus station is 13 degrees of the Scorpion and Venus is co-joined to Mars, although She never completes this Adherence! Tr Mercury is Partile co-joined to Tr Saturn in Libra, so Venus is the Lord. Now these two mischief makers are also Partile co-joined to Natal Neptune in the 2nd. Last Tr Moon is square to Natal Jupiter.

From my website

Lunar/Solar Eclipses and the Cancer Ingress.

Mars/ Saturn will also Co-join (Conjunction).

Mercury Retrograde and Venus Retrograde so, Watch this Space as the USA is entering some unusual Times!!!

Ok let’s start with the Lunar Eclipse; 26 June 2010, @ 07:30:21 EDT Washington DC.

A T-square or using out sign Grand cross aspect is formed!

In this Lunar Eclipse...Full Moon Chart; Tension (Emotions) are abound, A perfect Storm is brewing, The Crab is rising (Cancer) and the Moon the Lord of the Crab is in the Goat Horn One (Capricorn) co-joined to Hades (Pluto).

A Cold Collection & Controlling Impression, Inclusion.

Helios (The Sun) has Mercury by his side and Zeus (Jupiter) is co-joined to Uranus, both are conjunct the Event Chart Mid heaven. Kronos (Saturn) is in Aversion (Quincunx) to Poseidon (Neptune). All of those players mentioned above are in hostile Testimony to each Other. Ares (Mars) is making aspect to the Nodes (Rahu & Ketu).

Now there are many things to comment on here and this is a long story to tell so please have patience and read all!!!

Now firstly using the Paris Treaty as the Natal and drawing a Bi wheel. The first aspect is;

First House: Tr Mars (Severance/Differentiation) co-joined to the Natal Sun (Leader or President)...... Determination/Power and hastiness, a will to do.

Next Tr Ketu (South Node) is co-join to Natal Uranus in the 11th House (Stock market, amongst other meaning House of Reps). Tr Pluto/Moon co-joined to Natal Saturn 5th House (Senate, Investments, Children ) Tr Neptune 6th House (Health, Armed Forces) square Natal 3rd house Moon ( public sentiment, Crowds). As mentioned Tr Saturn is in Aversion to Tr Neptune.

Now the Event Chart MC and IC are co-joined to Natal Mars and natal Neptune. Which are in square to Tr Nodes?

What else appears is a link to 9/11 2001 first strike chart 08:41 which features 08 Libra rising. Now this chart has many connections to the Paris Treaty. Far too many to mention just see chart and it is self explanatory....Tr Ascd co-joined to Natal Neptune Tr Mercury opposition to Natal Mars. Tr Sun co-joined Natal South Node the list goes on...This was a direct hit on Wall Street... also...the financial Hub!!

Tr Mc/Jupiter co-joined to Natal Uranus 11th House of the Stock market. Tr Mars/Ketu is co-joined to Natal Saturn. Tr Neptune is co-joined to Natal Pluto. Venus the Tr Lord of the rising in 9/11 is at 18 degrees Leo (The Lion) in the Natal 12th Paris Treaty, the house of secret enemies.....So as you can see there are some similarities to the 26th June Lunar eclipse chart, when you use Regiomontanus house cusps the Lunar chart 26th June, 2nd house is Leo 18degrees also the 12th house lunar chart cusp is co-joined to the 9/11 Moon.

Ok now one more chart to bring in here just to confirm this Paris Treaty Chart is the One to use in Mundane Predictions!!! Cast the Solar Return chart for the Paris Treaty...2nd September 2001 @ 23:58:12 hrs and you may be very surprised to see the same degree rising as the 17:10 hr, 4th July 1776 Sibyl Chart, with Return chart Saturn/Pluto on the Ascendant and Uranus co-joined to the MC and Venus/Neptune opposition.

So as I mentioned in the beginning this is a long story!!! What does all this mean???

Well if we now move onto the next Chart; Cancer Ingress of the Sun. The Crab is rising once again and the Moon is in a precarious position! Tr Mars is co-joined to the Natal Paris Ascendant.

Next chat is the Total Solar eclipse 15:40:27 hrs EDT 11th July 2010, the Scorpion is rising with Mars the rising Lord in the 11th house (Stock market, amongst other meaning House of Reps). Sun/ Moon are in direct contact with Mars. Neptune is co-joined to the IC of the Solar Chart and Saturn is in out sign, but very prominent opposition to Uranus/Jupiter in Aries, Mars is Lord. When the Solar chart is linked to the Paris Treaty chart more ominous signs are visible. Tr Mars is co-joined to Natal Paris Treaty South Node and Tr Saturn is in contact with Natal Moon. Tr Mercury is in Natal 12th in opposition to Pluto and Venus has just entered into Fall in Virgo.

Next on the 31st of July Mars co-joins Saturn, when you cast the chart for this Partile joining (Adherence), 04:00hrs EDT, Washington, DC 31st July 2010 the Strom gathers strength!! The Ascendant again has the Crab rising and Ketu (South Node) rising. The Lord of the rising Tr Moon in Aries co-joined to Retrograde Jupiter/Uranus in direct opposition to Mars/Saturn. If you can’t feel the blood flowing now then hold on there’s more! Tr Venus is in Depression (Fall) co-joined to the IC.

Again let’s look at the Paris Treaty Chart with the Mars/Saturn conjunction! Here we have the Tr South Node and Ascendant co-joined to Natal Uranus in the 11th. Tr Venus is co-joined to the Paris Treaty rising and MC Lord, Mercury. Natal Venus is the Lord of the 2nd and 9th houses. Tr Mars/Saturn is in the Natal 2nd opposing Natal Mars, Tr Uranus/Jupiter and Moon in the 8th house, the house of Death, Ministry of Health, Other’s Money, and National Debt. The Paris Treaty Natal Saturn rules the 6th house of Armed force and Health and the Natal 5th Investment and Children. So expect to these area’s also feature prominently.

Next at 15:58:32hrs EDT on the 20th of August 2010, Washington, Mercury will Station at 19 degrees Virgo, the exact same degree as Mars was in the 1th July, Solar eclipse chart. Also the Same degree as Paris Treaty South Node and Mercury is the Lord as mentioned of the Paris chart. This is also the degree of the Sun in the 9/11 chart. So my friends if I could offer any comments other than; Batten Down the Hatches and fill up the Stores and ride out the winds of change!

The Libra Ingress also features strong currents with Tr Moon Jupiter/Uranus all co-joined back in Pisces on the Exaltation degree of Venus. Tr Mars/Venus are squaring Paris Treaty Natal Pluto and the MC of the Tr Libra Ingress is 29 degrees Aquarius, squaring Natal Scorpio Moon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon on June 12, 2010, will energize the US Paris Treaty chart. The New Moon will accrue at 07:14hrs EDT, Washington DC, and has the Image of the Crab rising. (Security) The hour-marker (Ascendant) is 11 degrees Cancer, which is a very volatile degree in the Paris Treaty chart. This is the exact degree of the US Paris chart natal Uranus in the eleventh house, the house associated with the Stock-Market and the lower house of parliament. So expect to see some action in these areas of concern.
US Paris Treaty Chart Calendar for June 2010
This degree is emphasised by the transiting South Node and Lot of Fortune also co-joined to US Paris natal Uranus. The Paris chart natal Uranus ruler is the Moon and the moon is in the Image (sign) of the Scorpion and the dispositor is Mars. Natal Mars is in the eighth house in its own Image Aries, the eighth house is associated with others money, taxation and some form of surrendering (death). The Lord (ruler) of this Gemini New Moon is Mercury and Mercury’s degree position in the new moon chart is conjunct the MC of the Paris natal. Mercury also rules the Paris natal Ascendant insuring that this action will be noticeable.
The transiting Mars is square to transiting Mercury, when these planets are overlaid with the Paris chart you can begin to understand the tension arising in this New Moon chart. There will be some need for fiscal responsibility to be applied as transiting Saturn is at the Midpoint of transiting Venus and natal Moon and Venus rules the Paris second house of wealth.
These actions in progress will be brought to a climax on June 26, 2010, as the full Moon highlights action commenced during the New Moon phase.
This action will be very evident as this full moon in the Image of the Crab (Cancer) is a lunar eclipse. In this Lunar Eclipse...Full Moon Chart; Tension (Emotions) are abound, A perfect Storm is brewing, The Crab is rising (Cancer) and the Moon the Lord of the Crab is in the Goat Horn One (Capricorn) co-joined to Hades (Pluto).
A Cold Collection & Controlling Impression, Inclusion.
The Confine (Bound) Lord of the New Moon is Mars! This is the Egyptian Term lord or ruler of 17-24 degrees Gemini and will influence how Mercury the ruler of the New Moon will function. This very crucial to understanding the outcome of any Events started during this New Moon Phase!
Mercury/ Mars: Improprieties of speech which may have resulted in accusations and lawsuits.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jupiter’s Ingress into the Ram (Aries)

Jupiter’s Ingress into the Ram (Aries)  Sunday June 6th, 2010 Sydney- Australia, 16:47:40 AEST      
Sunday June 6th, 2010 Greenwich- UK, 07:27:40 BST
What a celestial gathering! Jupiter- Uranus and Moon, A divine gathering at exactly the same degree! Is this the start of something – Big, Bright and Bulging, 00 degrees Aries the Vernal Equinox? So what can this heavenly encounter bring to us Earthly grounded Human’s?
If I were playing cards I would love to have been dealt this Lucky Hand! A Grand determined desire to change the World – A better place for the People! If you have a dream, then this is the time to go- for-it!
On Sunday June 6th 2010, The Cosmos could not be more open and willing to your aspirations and optimism. This unique moment in Time is for you to engage in social consciences, engage your Soul in the Bath Of Fire!
Kindness and benevolence are at the taking, show your generosity and ignite the Fire Inside, make a difference, spread the Love.
There is never a better Time for the World to unite as Ares (Mars) is co-joined to the Royal Fixed Star, Regulus.
Mars is the Lord of Aries and Jupiter, Uranus and the Moon are all holding hands in Aries.

So if you want to raise the Kundalini, pump the iron, pure red blood cells oxygenated through your body up into your cranium, then don’t pass up this moment.
Tell your friends about this Celestial Hour so we can all join in a Pray for Humanity!

Caution –Zeus (Jupiter) is the planet of Thunder Bolts – Uranus – Electrify – Moon – Weather – Aries –Dry - Fire  So we could see some unexpected Fires – Light my Fire.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taurus New Moon

A new cycle begins at 11:04:30 AEST, Sydney Australia
In this Taurus New Moon chart the Image of the Crab (21 degrees 41' Cancer) is rising. The lord of the Crab the Moon is in the Image of the Bull.
Rising with Ascendant is the Fixed Star Gomeisa (Star of Canis Minor) The little Puppy.
This star shines the way forth and is linked to Procyon.
A star of Contestation and Hast.

The Moon and Sun are co-joined to the fixed star Capulus, a star of the very same nature as Gomeisa.

So what does that tell us???
Well the Moon is in a Solid (fixed) sign, while the stars associated with it are of hast!

So the message is Think before action; Patience is the Virtue.!!!
Aphrodite (Venus) the Lord of the Sun/Moon conjunction is Image of the Twins (Gemini) Venus is in a T-square with Jupiter/Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Which suggests Tensions will accrue in areas of past discussions. Using this knowledge may provide a good solution. Hermes (Mercury) is in dialog with Venus (Mutual reception) this may allow for a good out come if impatience is avoided and you are prepared to give Ground; (Solid v Double Body) fixed sign v Mutable.
The Stock-Market may also see a surge as Mercury is at the Exaltation degree of Selene; (Moon/Mercury) Commodities

One final remark is that the IC of the chart features the fixed star Acrux, this may result in a Philosophical out look throughout this Lunar cycle.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sinking of Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig

A look from a Hellenistic view Tells a sad tale from the Laying Down of the Rig (First Construction) 21st March 2001 Ulsan, Korea. Rectify Time 9:00am.
Two causes; One Kronos (Saturn) co-joined to Algol ..Aphrodite (Venus ) is retrograde in the Image of the Ram (Mars ruled) Fire sign. Ares (Mars) is co-joined to Hades (Pluto) Mars Pluto in A Fire Sign The Archer (Sagittarius)
Selene (Moon) is in the image of the Water Pourer (Aquarius) co-joined to Poseidon (Neptune)and Uranus.
Now take the Aries Ingress 20 March 2010, Ulsan Korea..or the Rig in the Gulf of Mexico..and you get One Nasty Fortune of Events!! in the Pipeline (No punt intended) Sun in the Explosion chart is at 00 degrees in the Bull (Taurus) square Ingress Mars. Venus in the Explosion and sinking of the Rig..Loss of Life (RIP) co-joined to Algol and co-joined to Saturn laying Down Chart, and More telling is that the Ingress chart has 26 degree Taurus Moon a direct link to all three Charts involving Algol.
In the Aries Ingress ...Yes Venus is at 16 degrees Aries the same degree as the Pre Natal!!!
See below, Bottom Chart. The New Moon chart 14 April 2010 Ulsan Korea, Hermes co-joined to Venus about to Station . There is the Fatal attraction happening with the Laying Down Chat and the New Moon,
A Yod is formed from the Natal Mars/Pluto to Natal Neptune/Moon/ Uranus to New Moon Ketu (South Node). Also if the rectified time is right then this places New Moon Mars on the IC.
New Moon (Ulsan, Natal place) has Algol setting..Venus square the laying down Moon... The whole picture is also painted in the Pre Natal laying Down Chart 10 March 2010, Ulsan Korea. Venus is Stationed in the Ram conjunct the IC and is Lord of the MC. A Hellenistic Astrologer would of viewed this as The Architect Confine Lord Zeus (Jupiter) Setting...Lord of the Rising with Trembling Fear...Most certainty they would not have Sailed this Ship!!!
Copyright Gregory Clare

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

China and Mars in the Lion...Roar

In October 2009 I posted on my website
World Affairs
The possible planetary energy response from Ares (Mars) Retrograde cycle of 75days on China's Mundane Chart, (Mars entered Leo on the 16th of October and will be there until the 7th of June) This is a Total of 234 days or 8.8months in the one sign!!! The Lion
I also commented on this in my lecture on China at the 2010 Astrology Conference held in Brisbane.
China's Natal Chart; 7th House is the Image of The Lion (leo) and With Mars/Pluto conjunction in this house it is easy to understand how they deal with Others..also
(Mars the Sword and Pluto Mass Control)
(For the recording of this lecture there is a link on my web page)
Mars rules the 3rd House (Aries) how we deal with our neighbours and the 10th (Scorpio) along with Pluto (control with force when in the image of the Lion and with Mars ) It comes as no surprise to see the outcome of the Rio Tinto Trail....China's Natal Chart has Scorpio on the MC 10th House.
In Event charts or Mundane the 10th is the Public perception also the Judge in any other words we will deal with Others 7th House (also our enemies and person on trail) in Secrecy and the Way WE Wish TO.... Pluto Control!!! Leo Fixed Sign
The Trail started on March 22, 2010 @ 08:30 AWST.... LMT Shanghai This Event chart is a Classical example of Universal Cosmic harmony at work with the Bull rising (Taurus) and the Fixed Star Capulus rising as they took their position in the Dock.....Capulus of the Nature of Mars and Mercury (Mercury..Accusations and Lawsuits..Mars Loss of Reputation and Disreputable behaviour) The Lord of the Ascendant is Venus in Detriment in Aries in the 12th House (Jail) and the Lord of the 7th House Scorpio (Mars and Pluto) Mars Conjunct the Lot of Fortune and the IC 4th House (the end of the Matter the Result) I wrote this in email to Michael and Georgie on Monday the 21st the day before the Trail. The Judge and Judgment is the 10th House and the Lord is Saturn and the Karma Lord is Retrograde (going backwards out of exaltation Libra and into Virgo) in the 5th. There is a lot more to said from this chart....I hope I have aroused your interest in this Case.... Scorpio on the 7th is concealing Lots.
Copyright Gregory Clare

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Full Moon in the Image of the Scales

Libra....Full Moon on Tuesday March 30; Sydney Australia
@ 13:26:58 AEDT,
The Ascendant rising degree 28:33 The Twins (Gemini)
has two fixed stars rising with it!!!!
The Little Bear..(to Show the way) Alracubba......
Polaris is never obtainable for those living here in the Southern hemisphere.
Betelgeuse the Armpit... Success is yours for the long term.
So if you know what you require then its yours!!!! Wish upon a rising STAR!!!
As this Lunation Cycle brings with it Inspiration and Vision...... as Hermes is emerging
from the Darkness and into the Light and From the Light and into the Night... Hand in Hand with Aphrodite rising into the Night Sky. A Phasis rise!!!! To See
There is a little strain thought with Helios (the Sun) Hades (Pluto) and Selene (the Moon) in a Tsquare. Full Moon's are about.... Action so you may be experiencing the success of your foresight!!!
Or you may be involved in a Contestation with another and you suddenly see the LIGHT
What ever comes to you... this full Moons it will... bring things to your vision....for Action
It will be destiny ......... as the Galactic Center is setting in to the Abyss!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Astrological New Year 2010 Aries Ingress

Astrological New Year!!!!
Yearly Forecast 2010 Sydney, Australia: Aries Ingress
March 21 2010, 04:32:12 AEDT.
The Water Pourer is Rising...The Human Face!!
Kronos is Thinking!!!
Chiron the Centaur is riding Poseidon??
Can you Hear the Thunder!!!
Selene (The Moon) is in Adherence (Conjunct) to the fixed Star Algol & the IC
Female Passion!!! Careful with what you Collect!!.. Include..Emotional Intensity!!!
Capulus the Fixed Star!!! is also in adherence to the IC !!!!!
When dealing with Others please avoid
.... Revenge!!!!
The royal Star Regulus is Setting!!!!
The Winds shall Blow Hard??? & Leaders will be challenged!!!! As Kronos is receiving Helios (the Sun) into Fall!!! Diametrically Opposing Views!!!
The Water's will wear down the ROCK!!!!! dissolving PAIN????
Ares (Mars) will have the Lions share!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Full Moon in the Image of The Virgin

The Double Body Human Image. The full moon on March the 1st here in Sydney Aust will occur at 03:38 AEDT. This lunation is a fulfilment of the cycle commenced with the New Moon! Here Aphrodite is rejoicing as Hermes shares Her/His domain. Zeus and Helios co-join (Adherence) to spread there delight. Deep and emotional thought.... through understanding ones perspective! The Water Pourer rises in the East as the Lion sinks into the abyss with Ares (Mars) OUT of Bounds!! On the Precipice of Light!!! Wandering aimlessly and about to Station and finally start his forward Movement!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chinese New Year - Year of the Metal Tiger - Lunation New Moon - Valentines Day

On Sunday the 14th of February 2010 At 13:51:18 AEDT Sydney, Australia A New Moon in the Image of the Water Pourer

This Lunation Cycle here in Sydney is a very Dynamic meeting of Celestial Energies!!!

The Image (The Bull) degree rising, 26 Taurus 41 is Co-joined to the Fixed Star Algol!!!****

Feminine Passion (Don't Loose your Head)^^^^^ Also (Aphrodite) Venus, The Lord of the Bull is Co-joined to the Fixed Star Fomalhaut (Noble Virtues) Venus is in Her Exalted condition in the Image of the Fish's. She is co-joining (Zeus) Jupiter who is also in His Image of Rulership+++++

Sun /Moon and Neptune/Chiron all co-joined in the Water Pourer, Idealistic Intent!!! with (Hermes) Mercury diametrically opposed to (Ares) Mars, Hot Tongue!!! Enjoy the this Cycle of Creative Collaboration, but don't LOOSE your HEAD!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Lion Will Roar Full Moon Maddness

Here in Australia on Saturday 30th January 2010
Leo Full Moon 17:17:17 AEDT Sydney Can you Hear Me!!!!!!
The Lion is Making Sounds
On Saturday (Ares) Mars will co-join (Selene) the Moon.
This will be a hot & dry meeting!!!!!
My advise is to take a plunge into the Neptunium Waters

Monday, January 4, 2010

The long Way Around

An Epic Tale of Time
In Order to tell this Story, I need first to secure you to the safety of your armchair.
Swift in motion (or emotions) you may be too quick to judge my thoughts.
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