Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Storm Clouds

During the coming months it appears that storm clouds are looming over the US..... In particular they may affect the US – President!  These ominous conditions will be set in motion from February 21, 2012. The serpents tail (Ketu) will lash outwardly sending a venomous torrent of excitable accusation, which over the coming months may fester and indeed have a flow on effect for months to come. Like all toxic poisons if not treated they may be lethal. The first reaction is usually to apply a tourniquet to stop the flow of contaminants reaching the Heart.
We will be giving a clue to the way in which this pending storm may move around early March, with some noticeable signs March 7 – 8th. Then on March 12th the winds will blow harsh embers towards the capital.
Aries Ingress 2012
Difficult times ahead for the World Leaders!
In particular the US! The Aries ingress chart (March 20, 2012) set for the capital Washington DC. This chart will again reinforce the earlier motions of the Sky Gods, self will and obstinacy is co-joined to a muddled contradictory mist of consciousness. Sudden and unexpected circumstances could cause states of tension and delays or setbacks. Feminie grief or anguish may emerge from external influences weakening the ability to go on.
A brief period of stability may be felt around the later part of June, but this relief will be filled with heightened tension. From July 9th onward the eye of the storm passes overhead with the predicted gale reaching its maximum from July 14th onward. How much damage is inflicted during the remainder of year will depend on the will for life, are you a warrior.
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