Saturday, February 27, 2010

Full Moon in the Image of The Virgin

The Double Body Human Image. The full moon on March the 1st here in Sydney Aust will occur at 03:38 AEDT. This lunation is a fulfilment of the cycle commenced with the New Moon! Here Aphrodite is rejoicing as Hermes shares Her/His domain. Zeus and Helios co-join (Adherence) to spread there delight. Deep and emotional thought.... through understanding ones perspective! The Water Pourer rises in the East as the Lion sinks into the abyss with Ares (Mars) OUT of Bounds!! On the Precipice of Light!!! Wandering aimlessly and about to Station and finally start his forward Movement!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chinese New Year - Year of the Metal Tiger - Lunation New Moon - Valentines Day

On Sunday the 14th of February 2010 At 13:51:18 AEDT Sydney, Australia A New Moon in the Image of the Water Pourer

This Lunation Cycle here in Sydney is a very Dynamic meeting of Celestial Energies!!!

The Image (The Bull) degree rising, 26 Taurus 41 is Co-joined to the Fixed Star Algol!!!****

Feminine Passion (Don't Loose your Head)^^^^^ Also (Aphrodite) Venus, The Lord of the Bull is Co-joined to the Fixed Star Fomalhaut (Noble Virtues) Venus is in Her Exalted condition in the Image of the Fish's. She is co-joining (Zeus) Jupiter who is also in His Image of Rulership+++++

Sun /Moon and Neptune/Chiron all co-joined in the Water Pourer, Idealistic Intent!!! with (Hermes) Mercury diametrically opposed to (Ares) Mars, Hot Tongue!!! Enjoy the this Cycle of Creative Collaboration, but don't LOOSE your HEAD!!!!!!!!!