Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Fire ignites in the Air!

This coming week December 4-11th brings out into the Sunlight all the passions that have been hidden.                                                                                                      This week may be filled with emotionally charged thoughts, burning brightly on Sunday & Monday,   as Mercury unites with the Sun and the fiery motions carry the Aries Moon ahead making contact with the Sun/Mercury union.

On Tuesday & Wednesday a conservative Venus makes contact with a prudent Mars.....Love may be cautious, practical and discreet. Watch for brash impulsive conjecture as the transiting Moon opposes Saturn.
A fateful, auspicious encounter may be headed your way in the middle of this week as Helios the Sun God pass through the Serpents Head.  This truth-seeking meeting may be a philosophical arrow pointing towards your future aspiration.
On Friday the Universal fighter for freedom Uranus the Heavenly Sky God of unpredictable temperament Stations in the Cosmos, and says listen to Me Now....Will you hear the sounds of thunder crashing through the doorways?? Or will you continue to ignore the flashing beckons of Godly honour knocking!!
The week- ends as the shadow of the Earth spirit Gaia cloaks the Full reflected Light of Selene, the Moon deity, who is hidden for a brief moment before unleashing her ominous light!
The Feminie Goddesses have spoken But Will they listen now???

The Arrows of thought have been ignited.

Gregory Clare ©