Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inspirational preparation!

This coming Taurus New Moon on April 21, AEST, is an opportunity to put your plans into action.

The lunation’s energy is thought-provoking and motivating for design, allowing for constructive ideas to be realised. There’s an invigorating strengthening oomph which will enable you to bring creative form to your ideas.
 A moment of frustration may surface around April 27, as emotions will be on display; try to remain focused on your goals. This small irritation will be quickly replaced by a vigorous and forceful consolidative approach bringing a, get-up-and-go to your plans. Powerful and exciting grounded enthusiasm will allocate your purpose.
 A careful and watchful approach should be taken around May 5, as this is a Time for narrow –minded outbursts from passed gaffes!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It’s Time to Advance!

Sunday April 15th- Finally after 81 days exploring the garden, Ares (Mars) picks up His sword and March’s forward!

But He won’t be Home until August 24th. So watch out he’s a little tired and irritable after picking up sticks and leaves.

All the methodical attention he’s being giving to detail has him feeling grumpy.

A quick flirtatious frolic in the Scales (Libra) and some not so thought through partying may not be in his best interest.

Watch for sudden outburst of misdirected enthusiasm and emotional frankness around July 10th.
This will be a very volatile, unpredictable and potentially explosive Time for those who wield Power.

Although it does also have the promise to bring sudden break throughs in dialogue if applied virtuously and correctly managed.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Weighing of scales, as Selene’s luminosity lights up the Night.



Surprise, surprise!




Your inner most thoughts are now known to all - who wish listen!




Reflection-Revelations, Astonishment and amazement as the Lunation lights up the Sky!


Selene, Goddess child of  Ge-Gaia-Tellus - pays homage to Helios as She receives the virtuous sacred Light.

Helios moves into Exaltation, adorn the Scared Light!

Be on guard - weigh up your thoughts – and watch for misdirected passion – infections are ripe!