Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taurus New Moon

A new cycle begins at 11:04:30 AEST, Sydney Australia
In this Taurus New Moon chart the Image of the Crab (21 degrees 41' Cancer) is rising. The lord of the Crab the Moon is in the Image of the Bull.
Rising with Ascendant is the Fixed Star Gomeisa (Star of Canis Minor) The little Puppy.
This star shines the way forth and is linked to Procyon.
A star of Contestation and Hast.

The Moon and Sun are co-joined to the fixed star Capulus, a star of the very same nature as Gomeisa.

So what does that tell us???
Well the Moon is in a Solid (fixed) sign, while the stars associated with it are of hast!

So the message is Think before action; Patience is the Virtue.!!!
Aphrodite (Venus) the Lord of the Sun/Moon conjunction is Image of the Twins (Gemini) Venus is in a T-square with Jupiter/Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Which suggests Tensions will accrue in areas of past discussions. Using this knowledge may provide a good solution. Hermes (Mercury) is in dialog with Venus (Mutual reception) this may allow for a good out come if impatience is avoided and you are prepared to give Ground; (Solid v Double Body) fixed sign v Mutable.
The Stock-Market may also see a surge as Mercury is at the Exaltation degree of Selene; (Moon/Mercury) Commodities

One final remark is that the IC of the chart features the fixed star Acrux, this may result in a Philosophical out look throughout this Lunar cycle.