Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Serpents of Fate, who hoodwinked the Gods and drank the Elixir of immortality

For approximately 546 days the Serpents of fate Rahu the Moon’s north Node & Ketu the Moon’s south Node have traversed the signs of the Archer, Sagittarius & the Twins, Gemini respectively. This regression of the Nodes began on March the 3rd 2011, and will end on August 30th 2012.

What are the Nodes & what do they show us about our journey here on planet Earth!
The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is nearly the same as the Sun’s apparent orbit around Earth, but not quite! The two circles are inclined, or oblique to each other, the Moon’s orbital incline is about 5:25’ degrees. So as the Moon circles the Earth every Month it must cross the greater circle of the Sun (Ecliptic ) twice in that time;
At one time ascending  North to cross it from the South. And the other descending south from the North. This journey takes approximately 14 days, with the Nodal movement regressing along the Zodiacal ecliptic at an average rate of 3 minutes per day or 19 degrees 20’ per Year.
In Antiquity “The God (Gods)” were identified with immortality. They were said to take delight in - the Nectar, (Honey) elixir of Life. Or alternatively they possessed some secret, be-it potion or axiom, truism or enchantment that allowed them to continue this superior position they held in their realm. Conversely “The Demons” were always trying to gain access to this privileged knowledge. Scheming or plotting ways to obtain this privileged knowledge. These stories are the origin of the narrations from which springs forth the Chronicle of Nodes.

 In the Vedic version the Demon on learning that if he/she somehow disguised himself/herself as a God that he/she could sneak by and partake of the Nectar and hence gain immortality, which he/she did. On hearing of this the “Other privileged gods” the Sun & Moon, complained that this was not too be! So Vishnu (Supreme Lord) was forced to do something to appease the privileged. Vishnu drew upon the sacred sword and severed the Serpent in two leaving the two halves.
The Head becomes Rahu (North Node) and the Tail Ketu (South Node). Now as the Demon (Serpent) had already drunk the Elixir the serpent gained immortality and could not be destroyed. Hence Darkness was seen to come twice a year to the World!

 The ingress chart for the Nodes entry into the bicorporal or double bodied signs of Sagittarius & Gemini in March 2011 shows a late degree Aquarian transiting Moon co-joined to Neptune. This could be described as a fanciful dreamlike thought, an imaginary subconscious disposition. Conversely, Sagittarius and Gemini give a sense of ‘What’s right and how do you know that!’ The Archer is known for shooting Arrows and the Twins are exactly that, two sides of the story.
For the past year and half across the globe we have witnessed the to and fro approach with regards to all worldly affairs. The results have been self evident as not much has been achieved. Financial and diplomatic affairs have suffered a continuous blame game, which is what one might expect with all that is going on in the heavens. Uranus has been playing tug a war with Pluto during this Time as well, causing heightened tension and power struggles across the Middle East.
Commencing August 30th 2012, a new realization or subconscious perception is about to transcend across the Globe! This subliminal sentiment will challenge our sense of fairness with regards to ‘what’s mine and what’s yours!’
The Lunar Nodes will make their ingress into the solid or fixed Life and Death signs of Scorpio & Taurus.
The resources of each nation, unit, body, being, person, individual or individual’s ownership will come under intense scrutiny. Can we share our possessions, at the forefront will be land and water resources. This ‘Will to Share’, will be tested and reinforced as the coming months show testament to this.
Saturn the lord of providence and outcome is also set to change signs. Saturn will enter the Scorpion on October 5th 2012, and remain there for the next two and half years.
Over the coming months Mars the lord of differentiation will encounter the north Node in Scorpio. There will also be a series of eclipses in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus, as eclipses are formed from the placement of the Nodes. The bonding of Mars to the north Node is not generally noted for a fortunate engagement, however if we apply ourselves to this sharing way of thinking we may just avoid this in differentiation or dissociation, severance, accusation and thereby avoid destabilisation of Humanity.
This ‘Will to share’ is going to be a mammoth struggle as mentioned the signs of Scorpio & Taurus are fixed with regards to their modalities, ensuring that any compromise will come from extreme confrontation.
©Gregory Clare –