Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cool heads required

The October 15th 2012, lunation (New Moon – Full Moon) will bring unexpected news from the US. This information will most likely convey reports of a feminine nature.
Covert intelligence, gossip or espionage activities are some of the reports to expect. Other rumour may involve assets and property.
Overseas involvement will feature strongly and as Mars travels through the image of the Archer/Sagittarius, tis sure to ignite tensions....Arrows of accusations are abound.

This lunation will bring shadows of darkness as the Sun will be depressed by the weight of Saturn. And as the Full Moon approaches women will notice the stench as Mars Flees the scene and leaves a odious burnt trail of terror. Confusion will be written with perplexity and bewilderment and people will ask why.

The tension will be very apparent on voting day November 6th as Mars reaches boiling point and Mercury stations confused, the flame will be hard to extinguish. Zeus/Jupiter will be called upon to offer his judgment, but will fail to appease the trouble.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shock Jock's

The recent provocative callous verbal abuse by 2GB radio host -Shock-Jock, Allan Jones, about the current Australian Prime Minister has ignited the political moral debate.

The ancient Greeks excelled in their understanding and portal of human behaviour. A Greek Theatre performance was a Mirror of this earthly demeanour. They assigned communication or verbal expression to Hermes. The more ruthless Romans in their opinionated articulation allotted Mercury the heavenly dispensing of verbalization.

The Mundane derivation, expression allotted to Mercury was, discursive reasoning. The expression speech was seen politically as a Contestation to destabilize by accusation.

When we look at the charts associated with this ongoing conduct, I say ongoing as politically this deportment has been apparent for quite awhile! We can begin to understand the theatrical performance of planetary dance.

In the Stoney rectified Federation 1901 chart, Jupiter the lord of whole sign 9th domicile (philosophy, law and publishing and broadcasting) is the dispositor of the federations natal Mercury. Natal Mercury rules the 3rd whole sign house along with the 6th. The 3rd domicile is communication and primary education, and the 6th house in mundane expression is the Labor party or working class. The Liberal’s are assigned the 11th domicile, friends of the government or commercial industry.

As of October 4th 2012, Jupiter the judicial arbitrator stationed and is now going backwards in motion, retrograde. Jupiter stationed at 16 degrees Gemini, this station has I believe ignited the verbal contestation. Transiting stationed Jupiter came to rest upon the federation natal Pluto, which opposes the stellium of planets in the federation’s 9th house. Also the transiting Moon in this station chart (people’s emotions) was at 00:45’ of Gemini conjoined to federation south node.

Along with this is the fact that on May 21st this year a solar eclipse occurred at this 00:20’ Gemini Moon degree. The planetary theatrical dance this year has been very vocal (Gemini) with regards to Mercury, as I have mentioned in many other references.

Looking at the chart of 2GB, which according to the source given to Ed Tamplin is 8:00pm on August 23rd 1926, we can also begin to see an astrological correlation with regards to the communicator Mercury. The current 2GB natal solar return chart has return Saturn/Moon/Mars/ MC conjoined in the 10th whole sign house.

 Is it any wonder they now find them self’s in hot air! If the natal time quoted is correct then the Station is now currently in its 86th profected year. The Gemini 3rd house domicile lord for this current year is surprise, surprise, Mercury. Natal Mercury is in Leo (the Lion will roar) in the whole sign 5th square natal 2nd house Mars in Taurus.

So has this tumultuous action ended? Not if the play, theatre, goes according to the allotted heavenly program!

You see this seems to be just stoking the Fire’s, the air is about to get a lot hotter... Firstly 2GB’s 8th Scorpion whole sign house lord is Mars, along with Pluto. The 8th is other people’s money (sponsors) and while they have what seems to be an attractive 2nd and 8th relationship, they do have the unfortunate placement of two Malefics in these houses. And Saturn (which is in the natal 8th) the planet that deals out punishment for Ignorance or failure has just entered this domicile for the next 2years. But wait there’s more going on here which may result in some very interesting outcomes! In November there will be an eclipse on this natal Saturn. And again in May 2013, opposing the natal Saturn. This May eclipse seems very destructive for the broadcaster as it features a stellium of planets driven by Mars. Cloak-and-dagger enemies can be found lurking in the background!

So we may hear the sounds of silence thrust upon this Shock-Jock yet!