Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Venus exaltation today..26-27 degrees Pisces -her exaltation degree is the confines (terms-bounds) of Mars.

I see recently that the concerns surrounding the information of exaltations has again been raised.
We know how the exaltations were articulated ....The philosophical articulation is set forth from the scheme of Sect of Light -Seasons -Day and Night -Light and Darkness - Intertwining of day and night -tangible-intangible- visible non-visible.
The practical application comes via the Thema Mundi (World Horoscope) Cancer rising -Jupiter - exaltation - the Sperm of life - Female - Male - Life, the boat with Her sails-sails forth...planets trine to Cancer -Leo -Day and Night -sect lords and sextiles. Both Chris Brennnan and Ben Dykes have gone on to show examples of this, along with the Joys and so on.
 But what about the exalted degrees I hear being asked...Sometime ago -1948 Cyril Fagan suggested that they came via the Babylonians -via 786-785BCE...the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the laying of the foundations for the Temple...during that year all the planets were supposed to have been in their exalted degrees.
 Checking through astronomical software shows some truth here, although depending on your knowledge and use of the Ayanamsa - An Ayanamsa is the longitudinal difference between the Tropical zodiac and a sidereal Zodiac. The difference changes with time, due to the precession of the equinoxes (Solar fire) this notion of 786-785BCE is highly debatable....
My thoughts have been out there for sometime- from lectures given as far back as 2000 I have put forth three aligned - proposition -one is Astronomical - one Hermetic -one astrological....... without giving too much freely ( thinking comes within) Here's one example...The Sun is exalted (Aries-Spring) at 18-19 degrees of Aries - the Moon at 2-3 Taurus...
So a New Moon falling at 18-19 Aries, the Moon first appearance in the twilight Sky is 13-15 degrees further on (mean motion of the Moon)...2-3 degrees Taurus. Sun has Moved to Saturn's Depression -known as Fall. The lunation waxing goes forth and the subsequent- Ripe -Whole Moon -Full Moon finds the Sun at 2-3 degrees of Taurus and the Moon is at 2-3 of Scorpio -Moons depression or Fall.
An example of this in real terms was played out in April 8-9, 2005 when a Annular/Total eclipse fell at 19 degrees Aries (albeit slightly more than 18-19) Saros cycle 7 north. The Pope John Paul is buried and the Royal marriage between Charles and Carmila was postponed. It was set for that date!
He (John Paul) was Canonised on an Aries Moon at 18-19, 27 April 2014.
©Gregory Clare