Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Capricorn Sun waits!

The ingress of the Sun into the constellation of the Goat Horned One on December 21st is where light begins to emerge from the darkness. It’s the Time where we a given a glimpse of what we are searching for. Our ignorance or failure to notice is for a brief moment shown the Light, awaken from your slumber. The War against sleep takes its first breath, slowly ever so slowly we begin to arouse.

Around the Globe each nation will now be answerable to this Ingress chart in their given location. Since October 2012 the Cosmic Stella patterns of the continuum of planetary cycles have been advancing with complicated arrangement.

A lingering Yod between father and sons, Saturn – Pluto, and Jupiter has been holding court for some time. This is not a usual or casual meeting, in fact quite infrequent and with Jupiter retrograding and almost stationary has kept a slower moving Pluto and Saturn within its mist.

Ever since the November Solar and Lunar eclipses things have  gotten more intricate with Mars co-joining Pluto. Then we have what may be referred to as a malefic enclosure of Saturn-Node/Venus / Sun /Mercury/Pluto –Mars, with the Moon translating the respiratory between the enclosure.   Mercury has been moving ever so slowly at the same time having stationed  at  4 degrees of the Archer Sagittarius, where he finds it uneasy to contribute to reason and apposing at the apex is Jupiter, who is also acting indifferent to he’s nature.

This is coupled with Mercury in a prolonged square to Chiron and Neptune and with Uranus in the Aries the Ram also at a standstill the prospect of finding an understanding with each other will be arduous to say the least. This ongoing apparent challenging Time is at its best supposed to highlight our shortcoming as Humans, which is to show us a picture that we are not are custom to.

This Ingress or cardinal marker will unfold differently for the individual nation and how they respond will also depend on their national charts.

As we move into 2013, which is expressed numerologically as a 6 world year and described astrologically by a correspondence to Venus we will encounter many more of these very problematical planetary patterns. Shortly I will highlight some of the Good Bad and ugly we may stumble upon.