Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How do we reconcile??? A Greek master piece is at Play!!!

Aphrodite (Venus) entered into Her Fall (depression) in the Virgin (Virgo) in July and since then she has been in courtship with Ares (Mars). The pair have been playing catch me if you will!!! For some time now.

Mars is moving rapidly after spending 9 months in the Lion (Leo) and Venus is approaching her furthest elongation from the (Helios) Sun. The Lady of the night is slowing in speed, but still able to stay in touch with Mars.

Venus core principles are to Unite and Mars core principles are to Separate!!!

Now has the Lady of the Night been corrupted in Her ways?? Her and Mars in the Virgin up too no good!!! and then when she gets to go Home (Libra) and feel safe....

Who does She find in Her house???

Mars...Now as the two are trying to mange this affair Mars entices the Lady into the Scorpion where He has Keys to the front door!! And She feels obliged to enter.

He lures Her into the Fire beneath the Earth, Wet and Watery and Damp is the hallway....not what the Lady is keen on!!! So on October 8 She has a change of mind and starts to run the other way!!

She finds Her way back home (Libra November 10) and closes the Door (Shut) so as not to be disturbed!!! Shit she exclaims my bloody Grandfather (Saturn) has come to visit.....What the!!!!

Then as She tries to claim down She finds Mars has left a calling card???(Venus Stations in the Confines (Terms of Mars)

Is there no rest bight for the Lady of the Night???

Well unfortunately NO as Helios Burns Her Skin...as He Moves overhead...so the Lady decides to rise in the East and Announce Her disposition.

©Gregory Clare

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot and getting hotter!!

Some interesting stat’s on the Independent’s that are likely to share the power in the new makeup of the Australian House of Representatives and the significants of the looming Lunation Cycles. ....And the Node about to regress to 8 degrees Cancer/Capricorn!!!!

Bob Katter born 22 May 1945 Cloncurry Qld...has natal Saturn 8 degrees Cancer same as Bob Brown and this is the degree of the 1901 Federation’s chart 2010 Solar return Moon (7 degrees Cancer)...which fell in opposition to Federation’s natal Saturn and which has been the driving force behind all the government woe’s this year....Moon is the Public mood or sentiment...so Moon/Saturn is not a favourable feel..!!

Tony Windsor born 2 September 1950 Quirindi NSW...interesting bloke this one??? He has Natal Uranus at 8 degrees Cancer...

Rob Oakeshott born 14 December 1969 Lismore NSW ....another Hot potato...has natal Uranus at 8 degrees Libra...square too the Federations natal Saturn and return Moon

Andrew Wilkie born 1961, Tamworth, Australia...no data as yet

So Bob Brown, who is a Senator, but will play a role here...Bob Katter, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott all have 8 degree Cardinal Saturn’s in dynamic formation to the Federations Natal Saturn which is 8 degrees Capricorn.

Hey this is going to be some show down!!!
I as yet have no details on Adam Bandt.

Finally in this brief synopsis the coming year with Transiting Saturn to fall on 8 degrees Libra as Venus goes retrograde on October 8 2010. Venus will regress to 27 Libra the same degree as Abbott’s and Gillard’s natal Mars!!! Wooooeeee!!!! Will update and post more when I digest this lot!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hermes (Mercury) nature is too Contest! Contestation.

 In light of recent events in the political landscape, the Australian election and the Event chart, 21st August 2010, 08:00hr Sydney, opening of the Polls, I said I would review and update this chart.

In the last post I mentioned the likelihood of Labor retaining power and I said that because the chart indicated this as the probable outcome. However in reviewing my analyses I have to clarify some interesting aspects in this Event chart.

Firstly the chart as I said does at first glance give you the impression that the government would be returned on the basis that the Ascendant lord Venus is in its own house, the 1st and as such is very strong. The descendant Lord ruling the opposition is Mars and is in the Governments house and co-joined to Venus. Now as I said this generally says that the winner is the 1st house but! Saturn is also in this 1st house. This also seems Ok as Saturn is in an exalted state; however is Venus in a state of besiegement? This term means it is surrounded by two malefic planets. The benefic qualities of Venus may be corrupted. If this is so! Then we have a very interesting judgment!

The Opposition party is represented by the 7th house and Mars is the lord and is in Libra and is in detriment. This is not a good look although Jupiter is retrograde on the descendant. So the thought is! Does Jupiter who is in his own confines’ gazump Venus who as I said is corrupt?

Now here’s the interesting part! Venus and Mars who are co-joined and represent both the Contestant’s are both in the Confines (Terms) of Mercury! Now Hermes is Stationed. Mercury stationed at 05:58hr AEST on 21 August, just before the Polls open.

So what does this all mean? Well as both Lords are co-joined and Saturn is upon the ascendant this may indicate a state of delay and Besiegement! The sign of Libra is the Image of the Scales, the balancing of Power, to share! The 4th house ruler is Saturn and as such should show the outcome? But as stated this is not an easy task. In the 4th house and conjunct the IC is Pluto and Pluto is square retrograde Jupiter and Saturn. So folks expect the Unexpected Light my Fire

Finally the rising degrees and subsequent angles are all 00:00 degrees of Cardinals, with the a grand cross formed on Friday morning the 20th August, So hold on! This election debate is not over yet!!!

I will update this blog again as I have more to say as I examine this chart more closely, this is a great example of Astrology at work and as so we can learn a lot from this Outcome!