Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot and getting hotter!!

Some interesting stat’s on the Independent’s that are likely to share the power in the new makeup of the Australian House of Representatives and the significants of the looming Lunation Cycles. ....And the Node about to regress to 8 degrees Cancer/Capricorn!!!!

Bob Katter born 22 May 1945 Cloncurry Qld...has natal Saturn 8 degrees Cancer same as Bob Brown and this is the degree of the 1901 Federation’s chart 2010 Solar return Moon (7 degrees Cancer)...which fell in opposition to Federation’s natal Saturn and which has been the driving force behind all the government woe’s this year....Moon is the Public mood or Moon/Saturn is not a favourable feel..!!

Tony Windsor born 2 September 1950 Quirindi NSW...interesting bloke this one??? He has Natal Uranus at 8 degrees Cancer...

Rob Oakeshott born 14 December 1969 Lismore NSW ....another Hot potato...has natal Uranus at 8 degrees Libra...square too the Federations natal Saturn and return Moon

Andrew Wilkie born 1961, Tamworth, data as yet

So Bob Brown, who is a Senator, but will play a role here...Bob Katter, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott all have 8 degree Cardinal Saturn’s in dynamic formation to the Federations Natal Saturn which is 8 degrees Capricorn.

Hey this is going to be some show down!!!
I as yet have no details on Adam Bandt.

Finally in this brief synopsis the coming year with Transiting Saturn to fall on 8 degrees Libra as Venus goes retrograde on October 8 2010. Venus will regress to 27 Libra the same degree as Abbott’s and Gillard’s natal Mars!!! Wooooeeee!!!! Will update and post more when I digest this lot!!!


  1. Thanks for that Greg, It's Anne. I had a vision of you watching the unfolding events and busy beavering away researching all the Independents' charts. Sue and I met Andrew Wilkie at a talk he gave in Randwick after the whistle blowing event re Iraq War about 4 or 5 years ago and were very impressed with him. You were spot on with the possibility of a hung parliament. It will be interesting to see what unfolds next and all under retrograde Mercury!

  2. Thanks Anne...yes I did an extended talk 3hrs at the ACVA on Saturday and realy nailed it...had some great feed it seems that all that research and preditions over the years is working well!! Sydney chart does work well...I never doulted it..Astrology was the winner...All those ancient writer's (book) that I have read...they did all the work and I just followed there thoughts and shared in there thinking...we don't own this's giving to us as a Sacred work..intrusted too us to use wisely