Sunday, September 19, 2010

Libra Ingress & the Aries Full Moon: Kronos needs to be Heard!!!

Ignorance is born from the failure to notice!!

In the War of the Gods Ouranos & Gaia begot the Titans and Kronos was the last to emerge. Outraged at the prospect of not been heard he castrated his father and swallows his children.

In the coming three months the lord of Earthly Karma (Hades the timeless Karma Lord) Saturn will stand ready to Reflect. What you have committed too must be implemented or you will be held a countable!!

Emotional inhibitions need to be processed with the aim of developing concrete structure. Reform the ’Old Ways’ embrace the New Challenges with confidents, call on those who have committed to help and you will be successful!!
But not without the struggle and pain associated with giving in, surrender and Share!!

Leaders around the world hear the sound!!

As Dylan wrote” Chimes of Freedom”...And we gazed upon Chimes of Freedom Flashing!!! Unexpectedly we watched with Faces hidden as the walls were tightening!!!