Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sun -Saturn in the furnace

As I've mentioned many times; Astronomy underpins astrology.

 Sometimes we don't become conscious  of the ever connecting Time clock until it's flown-by - retrospectively.

 Check out the Washington DC - house cusp-s - and the third quarter square to the eclipse and much more. And the coming perigee full moon is 22 Gemini - Sagittarius. 

 Yesterday Donald Trump appoints Dow Chemical chief Andrew Liveris as head of manufacturing.

Seriously..... Dow chemical !!!!

 Ok... Sun adherence to Saturn as I mention last week. 

 When a planet is in the Sun's furnace it's hidden from our consciousness, it can do things behind the scenes without the full exposure of it's agenda. Well!!! there is a lot more going down here than meets the Eye. 

 Just saying .....over the next year it will become apparent that all governments are run by trilateral companies .

 It doesn't matter who you elect .....billionaires - aristocracy -la -oligarchy...10th house - run the world Oder, and have so since they trailed Socrates -from Cesar to Cicero & into the 21st century. More on this later!!!!

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