Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Can you see the Light

Welcome to 2012, my apologies for the absence and delay in my postings. I’ve just returned from the summer break and more recently the 19th FAA international conference, which was held in Melbourne, Australia. The conference was a great success. Many thanks to Brian Clarke and the dedicated organises. How delightful it was to reconnect with my dear friends Michael Lutin and ‘Demetra George, both who have given so much of themselves to the growth of personal and collective development.
The Year of the Water Dragon – 23 January 2012 – 10 February 2013.
While the Mayan Prophecies of 2012 are in the minds of all, take note of the many planetary movements in the heavens this year. These planetary rhythmically alignments will ensure a profound shift in Human consciousness.
The slow and gradual shift of the Royal Watcher of the North, Regulus from the Constellation of the Lion to the Constellation of the Virgin, Virgo, will no doubt mark a deep meaningful transformation for all Organic life here on planet earth. Fixed stars take on average 2,160 years to move through one zodiacal sign. Since the advent of the Christian era (BCE/ACE -00) the Star has been in the Royal sign of Leo.  The sign Leo is seen as a masculine hot dry and loud strong bestial sign, which is associated with Kings and Queens, quite different in nature to the Virgin, Virgo. The Virgin is seen as feminie and the essence of the Goddess of Harvest and purification. The Maiden of purity, clearness order, associated with fruitful and fertile womanly endeavours.
There is a paradigm of quintessential archetypical expression accruing on many levels here on earth, since we are in addition seen as slowly moving also into the so called Aquarian age, which takes many years to happen. And we are expressing through our everyday use of writing the numerical digit Two-2, as opposed to One-1. (1999-2000) This is another shift from the masculine dominant ‘I’ to the feminie expressed Two-2. Or it can be seen as the One-1-The Sun and Two-2-The Moon.
2012 is numerically expressed as; two, zero, one and two. When added and reduced is represented by the number five, which astrological is a (Hermes) Mercury ruled number. Expressing the energy of contestation, discursive reasoning, communication, accusation and lawsuits. The who’s right, and what do you know, child like negation, a looking for partnerships through mercantile activity.
The year will present some difficult challenges as the last of the not easy square Cardinal planetary configurations finally brings things to ahead. Since Pluto entered Capricorn and Saturn into Libra world leaders have fallen, as I wrote would occur when Saturn entered Libra. Financial reconstruction has not yet gone through the final stage, The Gates of Hades, the fires still need to do a finial cleans before a transformation has occurred.
The first month of 2012 is marked by the station of Mars (Ares), which begins an 80 day retrograde cycle on January 23, 2012, with Mars direct on April 12, 2012. This is a longer than usual retro-cycle as Mars is in the Virgin, Virgo. When Mars stations in Virgo it is in its Aphelion (the point most distant with regrades to the Sun. The station degree 23 Virgo 05’ has Mars as the confine lord, which pretty much says that Mars can do has he likes, albeit in a Mercury way. As the lord or ruler of Virgo is Mercury.
Poseidon, (Greek) Neptune (Roman) will enter Pisces on February 4th, 2012, for 14 years, this ingress will mark a significant change or shift in world consciousness. Neptune has a close association with the archetype of the Two Fishes. How the collective integrates this energy will be interesting to see!
It’s been 165 years since the Lord of Thunder and Sea has transited the empathetic sign of the Two Fishers! One word of caution....when in the mist and fog don’t shine the light, as Light does not aid you in finding your way through miasma. Instead sound and vibration are the conductors through which you may navigate!
Saturn will station on February 8th, which should manifest past decision of 2011, back in the public view.
Mercury will make the first of its three stations for the year on March 12th,this will be a very intense time as the planet will be co-joined to Uranus. While there may be some innovative thoughts and plans from this meeting of minds, I feel this may be a very hostile period and much caution is need in any negotiation.
I will be presenting two lectures on the astrological insights for 2012, the first is on Wednesday February 1st at 7:30pm, the details can be found by going to www.sydneyastrology.com and the other will be an online lecture for the IAA, http://www.astrocollege.org/academic/lectures_gtm.cgi?COURSE_CODE=1327535545-20678
 on Saturday February 4th , I will post a link to the go-to meeting in the coming days.
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