Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aries Ingress

Astrological New Year
On March 20, 2013 the Earth in its orbit around the Sun will mark the point known as Vernal Equinox. This is seen here on earth as the Sun standing still over the equator, where the length of the day and night are equal.
This unique moment in Time has for centuries been used to prognosticate the Fortune’s for the Year ahead. To make sense of the astrological technique a chart can be cast for any City or Town you wish to enquire about.
Astrology is a symbolic language, which means we decode the patens of the celestial bodies in Heavens with the aim of foretelling future trends. Donovan aptly expresses this in his song Cosmic Wheels, “God is playing marbles with his planets and his Stars, creating havoc though my life with is influence on Mars”.
I’ve made reference to these particular words as they appropriately fit the paten set for the upcoming Aries ingress. An impulsive and unexpected association driven by feelings or desire, rightly or wrongly directed towards the established authority.
 No matter how small or insignificant that power may be. The impetuous urge to break free from an emotional situation or bonding that has stifled you! Or the sudden urge to strikeout in a self-willed emotional outpouring, stream of abuse.
Rash impulsive thoughts or desire towards female’s, which if not controlled could prove to be very harmful.
Positively expressed this energy could be the revolutionary break though which leads to a somewhat outward emotional excitement. Whatever the activity that is involved the energy will be highly nervous and excitable, full of ground-breaking innovative motivation.
Over the coming weeks and months the energy will intensify reaching a critical moment on the full Moon around March 27. Following onwards with this brisk and rapid impetuous energy the New Moon around April 10 will continue to harness and direct this need to be heard.
The air will be hot and thoughts will be electric, pulsating lively exciting messages from the unconscious driving our actions. On or around April 26, the first of the eclipses will have a noticeable effect throughout the Globe with a sense of grief or loss sweeping though, filling some with frustration and steadfast anger.
There may be some very important announcements relating to the past echoing through the corridors of the political offices!
On May 10 a special new Moon will eclipse the Australian chart in particular, with some very fascinating interesting and intriguing outcomes. This will be of a feminie nature and bring the nation to gasp at the Timing of these unfolding events.
Gregory Clare©