Sunday, November 29, 2015

Strange and indifferent opinion........floats across the globe.

Strange and indifferent opinion........floats across the globe. The first notable notation (sight) from an astronomical conception; 


There are no planetary bodies occupying the Fixed, solid images.  


Although, note, the Moon will transit through Leo (Sun's home) over the next 2.5 days, the Leader of the diurnal Sects fixed dwelling, This is only a transitory moment.


 Another interesting observation is Mercury has just entered the divide of unknown. (Obliquity - earthly plane) Mercury is classed geocentrically as Out of Bounds, (Southern declination 24 degrees, not seen from the north) as the mythological stories inform us, He She is well a custom to these journeys into unfamiliar, out of the ordinary Zones.


 I mentioned last week that Mercury was undergoing an alchemical transformation, re-emerging from the Solar Light, changing Teams. (From Lunar to Solar).


 Which brings me to the very potent observation, Saturn, for the last two weeks has also been undergoing a transformation. 

Saturn, on November 30, 2015, will be in the Heart of the furnace. The Alchemical forging will be intensified. At a little past the midnight hour, (UT) Greenwich,  Saturn is forced to surrender to Helios's nuclear fusion.


So what does this mean? Well Saturn will now join the Solar Sect.


 He will reluctantly give service to the Limited side. ( He's always reluctant, regardless which team he's aligned with!) Containment and consolidation, repression, control, restraint. Saturn is moving very fast, contra to his nature. Whereas he has been indecisive, hesitant in his external expression, he will now (better or for worse) be strong & resolute, albeit too rash and decisive.


 From an observational retrospective view Saturn's entry into the Fiery mutable image of the Archer (Sagittarius) saw the secular, religious & impious dispossessed on the move, joined by arrows of flight. Evicted, turned away, homeless, disinherit isolated & opportunistic people, roaming away - (Jupiter in Virgo -Steward of the Archer, (Sagittarius) along ways from home -unable to give assistance without difficulties)

However, if you may have noticed since Saturn was captured by the Rays of the Solar leader, (Sun) the Walls, Barriers have been erected in due haste. 


Rings of Fire surround the dispossessed. Now when Saturn re-emerges from his forced amalgamation - one side will be dominant. (authoritarian)


Before this happens there will be,, at the passing of the hour, as mentioned a brief moment for the world to unite and See reason. However as the story of reality informs us this very rarely occupies the human Mind!!.


A note; the markets and commodities, discussions and judgements will now find stabilisation, at least for the next quarter.


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