Friday, November 9, 2012

A special New Moon awaits; On November 14th @ 8:07:59hr AEST, Cairns Australia, a Total Solar Eclipse will take place. This eclipse will fall @ 21 degrees of the Scorpion. The eclipse is astronomically numbered Saros 133 or 15 north astrologically. This 15 north series generally brings positive results.

Here in Australia a large gathering is expected, hopefully the atmospheric conditions will enable them to get a glimpse of this rare event.

Looking at the chart set for Cairns where this large group of people will assemble to witness this stellar event we see 28 degrees of Sagittarius rising. And as the last degrees of the Archer appear on the eastern horizon the traditional ruler of the Scorpion Mars will rise.

Mars will be at 27 degrees of the Archer and as such will also be in his own confines, which means He can do as he pleases!

So what will this new Moon eclipse bring  around the Globe? Well the Scorpion is not renowned for its openness, rather its secrecy. A colourful depiction or narrative would be dark and secretive toxic waters where transformation begins and truth rarely emerges. As mentioned Mars is the traditional ruler with modern association going to Pluto. Both these planets are masculine and active, and when their business is not conducted according to beneficial deeds they are seen as control freaks.

So with Mars in the last degrees of Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn we should expect to hear of religious, philosophical idealism. Past self-indulgent, lustful sexual encounters that have been concealed or coved up. Those who have elected to self preservation and not taken moral responsibility will most likely be challenged as retrograde Mercury and Jupiter regress over past contestations.

As the lunation waxes and the Light of the Moon grow Mars will join Pluto and on November 29th a Full Moon Lunar eclipse will occur @ 6 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. This is an exceptional Lunation as a Yod is formed. A Yod is acknowledged as the Finger of God.

This Yod involves a conjunction between Saturn and Venus and then a sextile to Mars/Pluto, forming Quincunxes to the Moon!