Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eclipse Season is upon us!

This coming Astrological Month is traditionally described as Bicorporal or double bodied and is seen as the Image of the Twins-Gemini, The Place of Hermes-Mercury.

 The Sun enters Gemini @ 15:15:31 UT Greenwich UK, on May 20th, 2012 and in the ensuing hours the will be a New Moon @ 23:47, UT, Greenwich.

This will be a Special New Moon, as this Lunation is an Annular Solar Eclipse @ 00:20 degrees of Gemini, and as such is known as Saros 128, or Astrological numbered as Saros 14 South. This series commenced on August 29th, 984-os.

This Lunation is co-joined to the Dragons Tail or South Node and  will reunite in some way with the past. As eclipses go this can be described as a fortunate or beneficial Time and may bring some form of success to mercantile activities commissioned from the Past. There is a definite sense of forceful self-motivated energy associated with this particular eclipse.

However this so described favourable energy will need to be kept in check! As the Full Moon on June 4th, 2012, @ 11:11hrs UT, Greenwich UK, will be a test or contest – contestation. The Lunation falls @ 14 degrees of the Archer- Sagittarius. This Full Moon has a noticeable challenging energy associated with it.

Expect to see some very interesting Events unfold on the Political landscape in particular those in the US and Australia. The Australian incumbent Government is in for one momentous Time as this Lunar Eclipse will fall on the Stoney – Australian Federation 1901, natal chart Vertex/Uranus –opposition natal Pluto and Eclipse Mars will square Eclipse Venus and activate a T-square. So expect the unexpected as far as the Australian political scene is concerned.

And finally the month is highlighted with the Transit of Venus across the face of the Sun on June 5th, 2012, with the best viewing from Hawaii. Aphrodite will ride her Chariot in the full Throne of Helios, will her shield protect her? Yes as she does have a Chariot with a suitable armour, 16 degrees of the Twins is within the confines of Aphrodite. There will be a winner!

Gregory Clare ©