Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hot Air balloon!! is blowing in the Wind.

Hot Air balloon!! is blowing in the Wind.
On May 22nd, 2015, I posted on FB, about the cat and mouse involving Sun and Mars. Well! that game is still on!

And now we are reaching the culmination - climax!! Over the next 30hrs or so, Sun and Mars intensify their relationship.

Whether this is a good thing or not? depends on the actions you wish to carry out. You see, or  should I say, you don't see - as Mars will be hidden completely over the next 16 hrs.

The Arabic word is Cazimi - the Hellenistic is in the Chariot - Heart of the Sun.

 At 16:00hrs BST, Greenwich, UK, Mars will surrender to the Light.

He will undergo a change of Heart. the archetype qualities of the Fiery planet Mars, the apparent nature will be transformed. This Synodic conjunction marks are new beginning. Be aware this new energy will be empowered under the gaudiness of Jupiter - The confine -Bound/Term lord, will lay witness to this embodiment.

Those in Military positions of Power - Good or evil will feel this new surge of Hot/dry/Airy courtship.

Impulsive ignition, thought provoking. Rocket powered wind is blowing your way.
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