Saturday, May 20, 2017

Eminence at 'Play'

Eminence at 'Play'

A third party said....The Trumpet has sounded.....oh dear.....Mister President Trump your solar return is wow****......just when you thought things couldn't get any worse...well your  return Mars is out of bounds conjunct your natal Mercury in the 12th....

(Possible loss of reputation -disreputable behaviour, quarrels, breaches of friendship, discursive reasoning, accusations and lawsuits says Valens).....

now it has been said...that's secret enemies attacking from every-which-way and the transiting N. Node is on your natal Mars****

....the looming Lunar eclipse will see your Mars hangout with natal Pluto...

the Solar eclipse is on your Asc/ Mars....all guns are ready & about 'Firing' hot & dry is the Air that surrounds you.......the blast furnace is a blaze, metal melting everywhere Iron & Carbon are undergoing an Alchemical change -

the ruddy red is going to come out firing...just who's going to win in the 'Alchemical war'....Harden Steel.....well with Regulus by your side....your sure not going down without a fight!!!!!!!

and yes with so much Leo energy around...N. Node & approaching eclipses...Leaders around the world  are in the 'Spotlight' the show must go  'On' the curtain has been raised....the 'Light' is now shining on you!!!! and that's just half of it****
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Third party speaking