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China & the US, contestation over the South China Sea!

China & the US, contestation over the South China Sea!

It's China's 65th, whole sign, Profected year - And making use of the new chart for China I presented at UAC in 2012, (The private Life of Chairman Mao, by Zhisui - Li - 1st October, 1949 -10:13am, Beijing, AWST) this chart is highlighting China's 6/10/1st houses.
The 65th Profected year falls in the 6th, whole sign house, Aries, with the Lord Mars in Leo, located in the natal tenth house, co-joined to Pluto.

China's labour force is hard at work, in the first half of 2015, China has sand dredgers and concrete plants working overtime. It has turned a reef into a artificial island, about 3km long and up to 300 metres wide. Aptly named - Fiery Cross Reef. This reef in the middle of the South China Sea, was transformed overnight. And now satellite images taken in mid-May show it boasts an almost completed runway, three cement plants and a harbour.

China's controversial claim to the bulk of the South China Sea via its "nine-dash" line, is subject to a thorny web of territorial disputes involving the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan. The South China sea is a key shipping corridor for trillions of dollars of trade – including more than half of Australia's merchandise trade. There is also an abundance of oil and natural gas underneath the sea which can be exploited. The areas in contestation are the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands.

Just recently Fiery Cross Reef saw a tense encounter between a US spy plane and the Chinese navy. The exchange was filmed by CNN, which was granted rare access by the US navy.

US, Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the US Pacific Fleet, claims China is creating a "Great Wall of Sand" , China is becoming more assertive with its actions in the South China Sea.

Australia is also been drawn into the conflict. Australia has a $150 billion trade relationship with China. This can be seen quite clearly within the context of the new 1st October, 1949 -10:13am AWST, astrological chart. Since Saturn entered Sagittarius, China's economical growth has slowed, more on this later!

The coming Full Moon in Sagittarius and subsequent Sun ingress into Cancer - Cancer ingress, will strengthen the tension globally and in particular, escalate the contestation. Furthermore the coming retrograde of Venus in late July, should see a major amplification.

The transit chart for the full moon on June 3rd, 2015, Beijing, features a Yod, the finger of God, as it is sometimes called.

This transit chart located at the capital Beijing, has the Sagittarius Moon conjunct the MC, and the featured Yod has Mars/Mercury combust the Sun in Gemini, conjunct the IC, sextile to Jupiter in Leo in the 6th, with the apex of the Yod directed to Pluto in Capricorn in the 11th house.

When viewed as a bi-wheel with the new China natal chart a realistic picture emerges. I recently posted on my FB page, and on my website - (see below - )
that this lunation cycle, which featured the new moon on the fixed star Algol, would see a fiery expression of its action. When as mentioned this new moon is placed on a bi-wheel with the new China natal chart, the realisation of the tremendous manifestation is brought to bear!

This new chart has 24 degrees Taurus, on the Descendant, the setting point. So this lunation cycle which culminates on June 3rd, began with a inauspicious- ominous event! The lunation fell directly on China's 7th house cusp. The 7th in mundane astrology in is a representation of - Ministry of Foreign policy, social consciousness, support or opposition for foreign policy, international disputes and War.

The full moon falls across China's 2/8 axis's. The second has a correspondence to national wealth, and the eighth is national debt, privy councils and things hidden.

The full moon as mentioned features a Yod, involving Mercury/Sun/Mars/Jupiter, with the apex falling on Pluto. Transiting Jupiter is moving through China's 10th house, and is co-joined to their natal Mars/Pluto conjunction. This transit of Jupiter through the 10th is emphasising the public image of the forceful nature of this natal Mars/Pluto conjunction. The Iron fist is being clinched!

Coupled with this is the fact that this is a Mars ruled year for China. The 6th profected house and its ruler Mars, are the major Time lords until October 2015, Venus then takes over. The 6th house is the ministry for defence, armed forces and working class. Is it any wonder we are hearing and witnessing the Red fired clinched iron fist. Adding to this is the contestable nature of retrograde Mercury, co-joined and hidden behind transiting Sun/Mars.
This Mercury/Mars co-joining, which has been at play for several weeks now, is seen as (Mars) a loss of reputation, disreputable behaviour and (Mercury) accusation and lawsuits.

So how will all this turn out? Well this is a big question to answer! We need now to examine the US and Australian charts. The chart I make use of for Australian mundane governmental affairs is the Gwen Stoney, Australian Federation, 1st, January, 1901, 13:35am, Sydney chart. And for the US I make use of the little used, but highly accurate, 3rd, September 1783, Paris Treaty, 10:21am, UT, relocated, Washington, DC, chart. ( Campion.N. World Horroscopes)

The Stoney chart has Sagittarius as the ninth whole sign, corresponding to foreign affairs and commercial trade. The house of disputes and war, the seventh is Libra, and the lord is Venus, who is placed in the natal ninth. Mars the mundane symbol for war is in Virgo in the natal 6th. Transiting Mars is moving through the natal whole sign 3rd, opposing the natal stellium in the 9th. This full moon will highlight these houses. But as for the future and our relationship with China and the US, this is a much more complex question to answer.

For the US this coming full moon will fall in their 10/4th axis's, using the Paris Treaty chart. More of a concern with the US is the up-coming Cancer ingress. More on this later, but it spells troubling times ahead!

When each of the nations are viewed through a bi-wheel with each other, a interrelationship nature appears. With Australia's Sagittarius packed 9th house falling in China's 2nd, and in reverse China's 2nd falling in Australia's, ninth. And adding to this wealth of trade is Australia's natal exalted Taurus 2nd house Moon, (Commercial commodity trade) falling on China's 7th house axis's. China's natal 9th house of Cancer falls in Australia's 4th, (is it any wonder China is on its way to own a vast share in Australia's Land).
Following the same logic making use of the US and China a similar pattern emerges, with the US 9th, whole sign Taurus falling in China's 7th and China's natal Mars/Pluto in Leo, falling in the US 12th. A very intriguing picture emerges when studied from this viewpoint. I will have a lot more to say on this in the coming weeks. For now it is aptly appropriate to say that tension will only build as the Earth's limited resources are put under increasing pressure by a ever expanding China and a equally defiant superpower and superior equipped US Air force.

Posted on May 15th via my website

There is a New Moon coming @ 26 degrees Taurus. This union will take place in the presence of fixed star Algol...!! This takes place in the constellation of Perseus - The Prince, Ras al-Ghul, the head of the demon -the Gorgon's Head.
To the Chinese, Tseih She - mound of corpses.

The star according to B. Brady (Fixed Stars) has a paran of laying hidden from about April 15th, until May 26th. The Star Heliacally rises at 5 degrees Gemini around May 26th, at latitude 30 degrees South. From 49 degrees South, the star never rises, North it has permanent curtailed passage. Described by most authors as Wild and Raw feminie energy.

This translates to - any country which lays within 20 degrees of the equator will have Algol heliacally rising with the new moon. Quite a inauspicious- ominous event.

The lord of this new moon, Venus is herself in a compromised position. Aphrodite is extremely out of bounds at 25 degrees 42' North. The Goddess is not attached to the earthly realm.

Equally Mercury who is stationing retrograde, is also out of bounds. Furthermore as Mars rises, hidden under the beams of the Sun, Algol rises with him, in opposition to retrograde Saturn.

The architect of this calamity is a burnt-fired Mars, in the house of the contestation master of tricky, stationed Mercury.
Interesting times are ahead -literally speaking, hot stagnated air condensed by a unrefined nature. Add to this rotting & decaying air, Mars is also square Neptune.
And what comes to mind is as follows courtesy of Neil Young, "My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)"
My my, hey hey
Rock and roll is here to stay
It's better to burn out
Than to fade away
My my, hey hey.
Out of the blue
and into the black
They give you this,
but you pay for that
And once you're gone,
you can never come back
When you're out of the blue
and into the black.
The king is gone
but he's not forgotten
This is the story
of a Johnny Rotten
It's better to burn out
than it is to rust
The king is gone
but he's not forgotten.
Hey hey, my my
Rock and roll can never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye.
Hey hey, my my.