Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sinking of Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig

A look from a Hellenistic view Tells a sad tale from the Laying Down of the Rig (First Construction) 21st March 2001 Ulsan, Korea. Rectify Time 9:00am.
Two causes; One Kronos (Saturn) co-joined to Algol ..Aphrodite (Venus ) is retrograde in the Image of the Ram (Mars ruled) Fire sign. Ares (Mars) is co-joined to Hades (Pluto) Mars Pluto in A Fire Sign The Archer (Sagittarius)
Selene (Moon) is in the image of the Water Pourer (Aquarius) co-joined to Poseidon (Neptune)and Uranus.
Now take the Aries Ingress 20 March 2010, Ulsan Korea..or the Rig in the Gulf of Mexico..and you get One Nasty Fortune of Events!! in the Pipeline (No punt intended) Sun in the Explosion chart is at 00 degrees in the Bull (Taurus) square Ingress Mars. Venus in the Explosion and sinking of the Rig..Loss of Life (RIP) co-joined to Algol and co-joined to Saturn laying Down Chart, and More telling is that the Ingress chart has 26 degree Taurus Moon a direct link to all three Charts involving Algol.
In the Aries Ingress ...Yes Venus is at 16 degrees Aries the same degree as the Pre Natal!!!
See below, Bottom Chart. The New Moon chart 14 April 2010 Ulsan Korea, Hermes co-joined to Venus about to Station . There is the Fatal attraction happening with the Laying Down Chat and the New Moon,
A Yod is formed from the Natal Mars/Pluto to Natal Neptune/Moon/ Uranus to New Moon Ketu (South Node). Also if the rectified time is right then this places New Moon Mars on the IC.
New Moon (Ulsan, Natal place) has Algol setting..Venus square the laying down Moon... The whole picture is also painted in the Pre Natal laying Down Chart 10 March 2010, Ulsan Korea. Venus is Stationed in the Ram conjunct the IC and is Lord of the MC. A Hellenistic Astrologer would of viewed this as The Architect Confine Lord Zeus (Jupiter) Setting...Lord of the Rising with Trembling Fear...Most certainty they would not have Sailed this Ship!!!
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