Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 2014 -Lunation cycle - eclipse season awaits!!! Dynamic releasing of lunar enclosure!!

Lunation cycle - eclipse season awaits!!! Dynamic releasing of lunar enclosure!!

The lunation cycle pits the erratic irregular & variable wonders of the celestial sphere, Moon/Uranus /South node - opposing the constant solar horizontal equilibrium, with a splatter of undomesticated Mars and a swelling amplification from Jupiter,  will ensure the encounter goes unnoticed.

The architect of this full moon is none- other than mischief - Mercury, who is stationed on the looming solar eclipse degree.

Sudden & imposing materialization of a fiery and excessive forceful action may take us by surprise this coming lunar eclipse- whole (full) Moon. The US , China & UK,  have charts that  will encounter this release of  emotional charged dynamic  energy more so than others.

The US may see this action manifest through monetary matters and those pertaining to the homeland. Overseas affairs will also feature in this  vigorous energetic  unleashing of solar/lunar force.  China may encounter this through  covert military actions. The UK though national headlines, MC, or governmental affairs.

 The people or crowds will speak loudly as this powerful surge of fiery spiritually charged moment spreads across the globe.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Venus exaltation today..26-27 degrees Pisces -her exaltation degree is the confines (terms-bounds) of Mars.

I see recently that the concerns surrounding the information of exaltations has again been raised.
We know how the exaltations were articulated ....The philosophical articulation is set forth from the scheme of Sect of Light -Seasons -Day and Night -Light and Darkness - Intertwining of day and night -tangible-intangible- visible non-visible.
The practical application comes via the Thema Mundi (World Horoscope) Cancer rising -Jupiter - exaltation - the Sperm of life - Female - Male - Life, the boat with Her sails-sails forth...planets trine to Cancer -Leo -Day and Night -sect lords and sextiles. Both Chris Brennnan and Ben Dykes have gone on to show examples of this, along with the Joys and so on.
 But what about the exalted degrees I hear being asked...Sometime ago -1948 Cyril Fagan suggested that they came via the Babylonians -via 786-785BCE...the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the laying of the foundations for the Temple...during that year all the planets were supposed to have been in their exalted degrees.
 Checking through astronomical software shows some truth here, although depending on your knowledge and use of the Ayanamsa - An Ayanamsa is the longitudinal difference between the Tropical zodiac and a sidereal Zodiac. The difference changes with time, due to the precession of the equinoxes (Solar fire) this notion of 786-785BCE is highly debatable....
My thoughts have been out there for sometime- from lectures given as far back as 2000 I have put forth three aligned - proposition -one is Astronomical - one Hermetic -one astrological....... without giving too much freely ( thinking comes within) Here's one example...The Sun is exalted (Aries-Spring) at 18-19 degrees of Aries - the Moon at 2-3 Taurus...
So a New Moon falling at 18-19 Aries, the Moon first appearance in the twilight Sky is 13-15 degrees further on (mean motion of the Moon)...2-3 degrees Taurus. Sun has Moved to Saturn's Depression -known as Fall. The lunation waxing goes forth and the subsequent- Ripe -Whole Moon -Full Moon finds the Sun at 2-3 degrees of Taurus and the Moon is at 2-3 of Scorpio -Moons depression or Fall.
An example of this in real terms was played out in April 8-9, 2005 when a Annular/Total eclipse fell at 19 degrees Aries (albeit slightly more than 18-19) Saros cycle 7 north. The Pope John Paul is buried and the Royal marriage between Charles and Carmila was postponed. It was set for that date!
He (John Paul) was Canonised on an Aries Moon at 18-19, 27 April 2014.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mars Station retrograde

Mars Station!!
On March 2nd AEDT, 2014 @ 03:23:31, the planet Mars will Station retrograde for a prolonged period of 79 days. During this retrograde passage several interesting planetary configuration will take place.
Here in Australia these  configurations may affect our current Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Mr Abbotts birth data is; 04:00hrs GMT 00:00, November 4 1957, London, UK. These  influences may also directly concern the nation as the 4 angles or pillars of both the Federation-Midnight and Proclamation charts of 1st January 1901, will be activated.
 Minister Abbott has his natal Mars at 26° Libra 51' . And if his reported birth time is correct he has 9° Libra 08' rising. The significants of this is intriguing as transiting Mars stations retrograde on his natal Mars and stations direct on his natal ascendant.
The retrograde phase of a planet is likened to  backward-looking, something needs our or its attention for whatever reason. In Abbotts case if his birth time is correctly stated then the areas that will come under consideration are the 2nd house and 7th house. His natal Neptune/North Node/Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio and his natal Moon is in Aries. Natal Mars is in the first whole sign house.
The energies associated with the red planet can vary according to the planets essential dignity. Abbotts has a nocturnal chart (meaning the Sun is below the horizon) so Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury are said to be of Sect. These planets will aid and assist him by removing (separating, cutting and dividing) complexities to his growth. The level of support each of these planets gives is subject to the planets dignity. Natal Mars is diametrically opposed to its Home sign, Aries.
This can be seen as having difficulty accessing the planets resources and may manifest through the level of cooperation or reliance on others to support him. This is reinforced by the presence of the unpredictable Uranus transiting upon his 7th house cusp, descendant. Tony has a natal chart associated with reliance on others, his Sun in Scorpio is co-joined to the North Node and the transiting retrograde passage is highlighting this as Mars is about to adhere to the transiting regressing node but falls short and retreats.
On March 5 2014, transiting Aries Moon co-joins the South Node, opposing transiting Mars/North Node emphasizing this theme of retrospective action. An interesting twist is transiting Venus is square Mars and transiting stationary direct Mercury on March 1 will square natal Mercury.
Abbotts natal Mercury rules his 12 and 9th houses. His natal Mercury is said be combust owing to its closeness to the Sun, however due to Mercury's presence in his own Chariot this condition is diminished. Abbotts progressed Moon is at 22 Aries and opposing both natal and transiting Mars. The solar arc chart shows some very dynamic action taking place with solar arc Uranus upon his natal ascendant and solar arc Moon just entering Gemini.  Finally this may involve Tony's immediate family.
Abbott is in his 56 Profected year and the house is the 9th place from the ascendant and the ruler is Mercury so the condition of Mercury will know doubt have a big say on how this plays out. His solar return features return Mercury co-joined to North node and Moon co-joined to Saturn.
Over the coming weeks given my available to time I will update this article.
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