Friday, August 9, 2013

Destiny Sails Forth – the Ship of Gold sails upon the Phasis!

As the battle for government heats up, the days and weeks ahead from an astrological viewpoint are confronting to say the least. I have already posted on the August new moon.  

 Now the August full moon is an epic blockbuster for Australian politics!! On August 10th Mercury reaches a state known as Dusis –sinking, going out of sight, (Kevin Rudd’s Sun/Mars conjunction is ruled by Mercury)this state of morning obscurity tells us that whatever Mercury correlates to will be Hidden. Something is not showing, the trickster Mercury is gone into a cone of shadows.

Mercury’s complex game playing!!

 From August 12th until August 25th, Mercury will be curtailed, unable to function in its proper manner, hidden in the Glare of the Sun. On September 10th for 3 days Mercury will again be curtailed. Commencing at Sunrise on August 25th, when Mercury is in Adherence or bonded to the Sun (Cazimi).Mercury will not be burnt during its encounter with the Sun from August 25th –September 10th due to it having protection from its Chariot.

So here’s the thing! On August 21st the Full Moon will occur at 28 Leo, (Sydney @ 11:44am AEST) and this chart will place Mercury Combust in Leo on the Midheaven. When a bi-wheel is used in conjunction with the 1901 Federation 1:35pm Stoney Chart some extraordinary aspects appear. And these aspects suggest a Sudden and unexpected event?

The event will no doubt engross the Nations Leader and something involving the 9th house affairs – In a foreign country, foreign policy, Law, and with Chiron involvement some form of anguish. As Mercury also rules the 6th and 3rd house of the Federation chart the event may be quiet complex. On this same day transiting Mars in Cancer makes a quincunx to Natal Jupiter in the natal 9th!

The Full Moon chart taken alone speaks also of something on a Grand scale involving the same areas of concern. However there is also a square from Uranus-Aries (5th House- ruled by Mars) and Jupiter –Cancer (8th house ruled by the Moon in the confines of Saturn, with the Sun in the confines of Mars)

As I mentioned this is a series of complex aspects and the Cosmos is speaking of a Greek Saga about to unfold!! I wrote of this in 2007 when Rudd was elected as PM and Abbott as Leader of the Opposition, their destinies is wound ever so tied!

A note to this is that the chart for the full moon has 14 degrees Sagittarius rising, and the 1901 Federation Stoney chart has Vertex/Uranus at this exact degree. Coupled with this fact is that on November 8th 2011, the Australian Senate passed the Carbon Tax. On this day the North Node was at 14 Sagittarius, and Mars the ruler of Iron was at 28 degrees Leo, the same degree that the Sun will be at on the day of the full moon!!! So I’m not quite sure exactly what this will manifest or what it is a Sign of, it does suggest something significant is about to manifest!!!

©Gregory Clare 9th August 2013.