Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cool heads required

The October 15th 2012, lunation (New Moon – Full Moon) will bring unexpected news from the US. This information will most likely convey reports of a feminine nature.
Covert intelligence, gossip or espionage activities are some of the reports to expect. Other rumour may involve assets and property.
Overseas involvement will feature strongly and as Mars travels through the image of the Archer/Sagittarius, tis sure to ignite tensions....Arrows of accusations are abound.

This lunation will bring shadows of darkness as the Sun will be depressed by the weight of Saturn. And as the Full Moon approaches women will notice the stench as Mars Flees the scene and leaves a odious burnt trail of terror. Confusion will be written with perplexity and bewilderment and people will ask why.

The tension will be very apparent on voting day November 6th as Mars reaches boiling point and Mercury stations confused, the flame will be hard to extinguish. Zeus/Jupiter will be called upon to offer his judgment, but will fail to appease the trouble.

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