Saturday, July 17, 2010

Australian Election August 21 2010

Well folks what a chart for the Australian Election?? Julia Gillard just announced today at 12:05pm, August 21st 2010 as the date we here in Oz go to the Polls!

I have in the past made predictions on the election results and what the charts mean for us here in Oz and this one is a dooseee!!!!

I base my forecast on the Event chart for Sydney and use the Gwen Stony rectified 1901 Federation chart to evaluate the result.

From these charts it appears the likely outcome will see Julia Gillard returned as the First elected female Prime Minister and the Government will gain back control of the Senate which has been under Liberal control and was the down fall of Kevin Rudd, which I forecast back on October 24th 2007 one month before the last Election at the Sydney Astrological Research Society.

The chart for the Event features a Cardinal T square between Saturn exalted, retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Pluto. Mercury is at retrograde Station as well as the Nodes and to top the chart off, Mars and Venus are co-joined in Libra.

I speculate from this Event chart that Tony Abbot the opposition leader will be replaced after the election by another female. These are the indication of the Event chart for August 21st 2010. Another interesting aspect of this Election chart is Mercury’s station at 19 degrees of Virgo; expect to see the Press involved in some form of controversy. The Capricorn Moon is moving to form a grand trine between the Federation’s natal Moon and event stationed Mercury which is an indication that plenty of emotional sentiment will be expressed in a chilly manner.

One finally comment is that the announcement in Canberra at 12:05pm on Saturday July 17th 2010, by Julia Gillard shows Gillard with a Venus return and the transiting Moon is in an exact conjunction with her natal Sun. Please stay tuned for more updates are coming!!

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