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USA Astrological Forecast What’s Ahead 2010, The Storm clouds are forming!!!!

As posted on my website  May 2010,
The Storm clouds are forming!!!!

Continuing on with this analysis of the US from September 2010, there appears be to be a very strong feminine element involved in the 2010 US charts. This is some form of emotional outpouring?

Finally when you think it’s safe to come out side (emerge from the Bunker) Venus turns retrograde at 03:05:26 hrs EDT on the 8th of October 2010, Washington, DC. Leo 24 degrees are rising with Neptune setting on the Descendant. Rising Lord Sun is in Libra in the 3rd house at 14 degrees.

This is the degree of Tr Mercury in the 9/11 chart and Mercury was Lord of the Sun and 12th House. Venus was Lord of Mercury, and Venus was in Leo! Also 14 degrees Libra is opposition to Natal Mars in the Paris Treaty 8th house.
Wait there’s more!!!

Tr Venus station is 13 degrees of the Scorpion and Venus is co-joined to Mars, although She never completes this Adherence! Tr Mercury is Partile co-joined to Tr Saturn in Libra, so Venus is the Lord. Now these two mischief makers are also Partile co-joined to Natal Neptune in the 2nd. Last Tr Moon is square to Natal Jupiter.

From my website

Lunar/Solar Eclipses and the Cancer Ingress.

Mars/ Saturn will also Co-join (Conjunction).

Mercury Retrograde and Venus Retrograde so, Watch this Space as the USA is entering some unusual Times!!!

Ok let’s start with the Lunar Eclipse; 26 June 2010, @ 07:30:21 EDT Washington DC.

A T-square or using out sign Grand cross aspect is formed!

In this Lunar Eclipse...Full Moon Chart; Tension (Emotions) are abound, A perfect Storm is brewing, The Crab is rising (Cancer) and the Moon the Lord of the Crab is in the Goat Horn One (Capricorn) co-joined to Hades (Pluto).

A Cold Collection & Controlling Impression, Inclusion.

Helios (The Sun) has Mercury by his side and Zeus (Jupiter) is co-joined to Uranus, both are conjunct the Event Chart Mid heaven. Kronos (Saturn) is in Aversion (Quincunx) to Poseidon (Neptune). All of those players mentioned above are in hostile Testimony to each Other. Ares (Mars) is making aspect to the Nodes (Rahu & Ketu).

Now there are many things to comment on here and this is a long story to tell so please have patience and read all!!!

Now firstly using the Paris Treaty as the Natal and drawing a Bi wheel. The first aspect is;

First House: Tr Mars (Severance/Differentiation) co-joined to the Natal Sun (Leader or President)...... Determination/Power and hastiness, a will to do.

Next Tr Ketu (South Node) is co-join to Natal Uranus in the 11th House (Stock market, amongst other meaning House of Reps). Tr Pluto/Moon co-joined to Natal Saturn 5th House (Senate, Investments, Children ) Tr Neptune 6th House (Health, Armed Forces) square Natal 3rd house Moon ( public sentiment, Crowds). As mentioned Tr Saturn is in Aversion to Tr Neptune.

Now the Event Chart MC and IC are co-joined to Natal Mars and natal Neptune. Which are in square to Tr Nodes?

What else appears is a link to 9/11 2001 first strike chart 08:41 which features 08 Libra rising. Now this chart has many connections to the Paris Treaty. Far too many to mention just see chart and it is self explanatory....Tr Ascd co-joined to Natal Neptune Tr Mercury opposition to Natal Mars. Tr Sun co-joined Natal South Node the list goes on...This was a direct hit on Wall Street... also...the financial Hub!!

Tr Mc/Jupiter co-joined to Natal Uranus 11th House of the Stock market. Tr Mars/Ketu is co-joined to Natal Saturn. Tr Neptune is co-joined to Natal Pluto. Venus the Tr Lord of the rising in 9/11 is at 18 degrees Leo (The Lion) in the Natal 12th Paris Treaty, the house of secret enemies.....So as you can see there are some similarities to the 26th June Lunar eclipse chart, when you use Regiomontanus house cusps the Lunar chart 26th June, 2nd house is Leo 18degrees also the 12th house lunar chart cusp is co-joined to the 9/11 Moon.

Ok now one more chart to bring in here just to confirm this Paris Treaty Chart is the One to use in Mundane Predictions!!! Cast the Solar Return chart for the Paris Treaty...2nd September 2001 @ 23:58:12 hrs and you may be very surprised to see the same degree rising as the 17:10 hr, 4th July 1776 Sibyl Chart, with Return chart Saturn/Pluto on the Ascendant and Uranus co-joined to the MC and Venus/Neptune opposition.

So as I mentioned in the beginning this is a long story!!! What does all this mean???

Well if we now move onto the next Chart; Cancer Ingress of the Sun. The Crab is rising once again and the Moon is in a precarious position! Tr Mars is co-joined to the Natal Paris Ascendant.

Next chat is the Total Solar eclipse 15:40:27 hrs EDT 11th July 2010, the Scorpion is rising with Mars the rising Lord in the 11th house (Stock market, amongst other meaning House of Reps). Sun/ Moon are in direct contact with Mars. Neptune is co-joined to the IC of the Solar Chart and Saturn is in out sign, but very prominent opposition to Uranus/Jupiter in Aries, Mars is Lord. When the Solar chart is linked to the Paris Treaty chart more ominous signs are visible. Tr Mars is co-joined to Natal Paris Treaty South Node and Tr Saturn is in contact with Natal Moon. Tr Mercury is in Natal 12th in opposition to Pluto and Venus has just entered into Fall in Virgo.

Next on the 31st of July Mars co-joins Saturn, when you cast the chart for this Partile joining (Adherence), 04:00hrs EDT, Washington, DC 31st July 2010 the Strom gathers strength!! The Ascendant again has the Crab rising and Ketu (South Node) rising. The Lord of the rising Tr Moon in Aries co-joined to Retrograde Jupiter/Uranus in direct opposition to Mars/Saturn. If you can’t feel the blood flowing now then hold on there’s more! Tr Venus is in Depression (Fall) co-joined to the IC.

Again let’s look at the Paris Treaty Chart with the Mars/Saturn conjunction! Here we have the Tr South Node and Ascendant co-joined to Natal Uranus in the 11th. Tr Venus is co-joined to the Paris Treaty rising and MC Lord, Mercury. Natal Venus is the Lord of the 2nd and 9th houses. Tr Mars/Saturn is in the Natal 2nd opposing Natal Mars, Tr Uranus/Jupiter and Moon in the 8th house, the house of Death, Ministry of Health, Other’s Money, and National Debt. The Paris Treaty Natal Saturn rules the 6th house of Armed force and Health and the Natal 5th Investment and Children. So expect to these area’s also feature prominently.

Next at 15:58:32hrs EDT on the 20th of August 2010, Washington, Mercury will Station at 19 degrees Virgo, the exact same degree as Mars was in the 1th July, Solar eclipse chart. Also the Same degree as Paris Treaty South Node and Mercury is the Lord as mentioned of the Paris chart. This is also the degree of the Sun in the 9/11 chart. So my friends if I could offer any comments other than; Batten Down the Hatches and fill up the Stores and ride out the winds of change!

The Libra Ingress also features strong currents with Tr Moon Jupiter/Uranus all co-joined back in Pisces on the Exaltation degree of Venus. Tr Mars/Venus are squaring Paris Treaty Natal Pluto and the MC of the Tr Libra Ingress is 29 degrees Aquarius, squaring Natal Scorpio Moon.

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