Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Tale of Two Fish

On Friday March 4th 2011, there is a new moon in the image of the Two Fishes (Pisces).

 This Lunation contains a stellium (Lots) of planets linked hand in hand.

The waters a full, which way do you swim? Torn between sacrifice and service, the waters are muddy.

Empathy and compassion are colliding with chaos and disorder in the rivers of confusion challenging our beliefs.

Perplexity and bewilderment is written on the faces of the lost.

A sense of calm, serenity surrounds those who look upon the waters with composure.

The Martyr will call out as he/she sinks into the Abyss drowning in sorrow and eventually lost into the muddle still night.

To be born again! The cycle goes on.

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