Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Royal Wedding- William & Kate

On Friday April 29, 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry at Westminster Abby.

The wedding Service according to the official website will commence at 11:00hrs BST -1:00hr. Kate & William will be married sometime between 11:00am and 11:30. This Event will be streamed live on the net.

From my research on the royals the moment should be around 11:20am BST, why you ask? Well the correlation with Royal Family’s Astrological history suggests 05 Leo rising. The likely MC will be 12/13 degrees of Aries. This Aries degree also forms a correspondence with Prince Charles and the 1801 UK natal charts.
So what does the Event, 11:20am chart say in Astrological terms?
The Day Lord is Venus, the Hour Lord is Jupiter. Venus is in her own Confines, of which Valens says; “Cheerful and Radiant”. Jupiter is co-joined to Mars in the Confines of Mars, who is in His own Confines & Rulership and moving extremely fast! (Ebertin suggests the Joy of getting married)
The rising degree for 11:20am BST, as mentioned is 05:08 of the Lion/Leo. Valens says; “Belongs to Jupiter, having much experience, masculine, imperious and having leadership qualities, active, eminent, with no mean traits”.
The official legal mundane significator for marriage is the Moon. The Moon is ruled by Jupiter, Lord of the Two Fishers/ Pisces, and the exalted lord of Pisces is Venus. The Moon is at the exact exalted degree in which Venus receives this high-ranking. The confine Lord of 26 Pisces is Mars. Of which Valens says; “Active, naval warriors, bold guides, attaining success in mystic lore (tradition), plundering but then restoring”.
The Moon while it seems good is slow in motion and Void, which at first glance seems a bit of a concern? However Williams progressed natal Moon is at this exact degree, and this degree is also co-joined to the natal UK 1801 chart Lot of Fortune! It will be interesting to see how this plays out?
The fourth house Event chart Lord is Venus, retrograde exalted Saturn is occupying this house and is co-joined to the IC. Saturn is in the Confines of Mercury, and Mercury is co-joined to the MC in opposition to Saturn, but is in his own Confines. This appearance of Mercury is disquieting; Mercury is very much involved in the Ancestral Astrological History of both the Royals and the UK’s natal’s.
So will the Trickster Hermes play with this Historic Event, like he has many Times before, Contest or Contestation are the Noun/Verbs, that is descriptive of His theatrical production.
Time will tell the story, just watch for Events during 2014, with May/June being months that may see a Kingly struggle!!

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