Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saturn & Mars

Last Sunday July 26th, I posted this analysis;

On August 3rd & 4th, 2015, in the early dawn sky, Mars the planet associated with wild, reckless & untamed  energy, ( until given spiritual guidance), will make his first helical rise (15 degrees from the Sun) for the year. The planet's first appearance "proper" in this new contra Sect phase, will have many varied influences, depended upon the global positioning of the country.

An example is seen here in Sydney, Australia, Mars will make its first exterior rise ahead of the Sun on August 4th. This  helical appearance will also carry many interesting nuances. Mars will commence this new phase (26 degrees Cancer) on what is known as a Tropical Cardinal Lunar Station. These stations, (13 degrees apart - commencing from 00:00 Aries - Cancers - Libra and Capricorn,) accentuate the energy.

 Adding to this wild energy release, helical rise, new phase, will be the witnessing by the confine lord, Saturn and the southern enigmatic lead star Procyon, (a star of some unknowable, mysterious association, found in the constellation Canis Minor) the star, when link to Mars, has a wild canine correlation. Transiting Saturn has just stationed direct,  and is in the late degrees of the Scorpion. The transiting Moon is in the late degrees of Pisces in the confines of Mars.

Suggesting a powerful wild, undomesticated & feral watery release of energy awaits its formation & design. Furthermore this enigmatic force will also be carrying the weight of the ripe, full moon.

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With all due respect; On July 29th, 2015, @ the reported time of 09:04hrs, Reunion Island, La Digue, Seychelles, Saint Andre, USZ3-04:00hrs, "Johnny Begue, the gardener who stumbled across the Boeing 777 debris on the beach, has been chatting to reporters who have just arrived on Reunion Island. He said he toyed with the idea of using the debris as a decoration, but decided against it out of respect for the victims' families.

I was working and around 9 o'clock I went to see if I could find a stone to crush some chillies. That was when I found the debris and realised from the roundness of it that it was from a plane. There were screws and everything, I came down to look at it and called my friends who helped me. To begin with we thought about taking it to use as a decoration, but then we thought about the families...we thought if this was a crash then there will be families of the people who died and we should respect them. "

Making use of this information I was interested in following this statement. I presented a lecture/PowerPoint presentation 6th August 2014, @ The SMSA Pitt St, Sydney, for -The Sydney Astrological Research Society Inc. And also added comments on my website and blog, as well as FB page postings. So for me and for the interest of astrological understanding I will review some of those statements in light of this new info. And here is the relevant charts: If you wish to cast other charts, please make use of this info. Point; A report of the debris being washed up in May, 2015, is also reported. So making use of the most relevant chart here makes sense to me anyway. (Mercury RX Station on May, 19th 2015, for both locations is very interesting. (Kuala Lumpur, and Saint Andre)

The present Venus Station RX is also very interesting. As posted on FB, July 17th, 2015, Venus unites: And the Saturn Station direct.

The event chart for the departure of MH-370; (00:41am, KL) - Ascendant, Sagittarius 07 degrees rising, Lord of Sag is exalted Jupiter, placed in the 8th house, (loss & death - Exalted - blown up and enlarged) Regiomontanus 05, Cancer house cusp.

Jupiter is the traditional lord of Pisces, along with the modern assigned steward, Neptune. Pisces is the 4th house sign, and IC, and Neptune is conjoined to it. The house also contains the Sun/Vertex, opposition to the Lot of Fortune. (physical fortune comes from the Sun position + arc, projected from the ascendant, - minus the Moon arc.

The dispositor of Jupiter is the Moon, (ruler of Cancer), placed in Gemini upon the setting pivot, and 12th house from the 8th. Signifying the type of death or loss. The Moon is also co ruler of possessions - Collector) These two statements are important to include.

The second house is, (possessions - moveable objects - plane) Lord of Capricorn is Saturn, placed in his house of Joy, the 12th, and retrograde, contra to Sect. (Nocturnal chart).   

Third and Ninth are the travel houses, dependent upon the type of journey, adding to this is the Moon, who is multi co-representative, symbolic figure. Mercury in the third applying square to Saturn, trine Mars, and lord of the event, MC.

Finally look at the transit chart for the announced time, 09:00am, and the rx chart of Mercury. In addition to compelling charts are the current and next lunar return charts for the Event, 8th March, 2014. And last look at the Mars helical rise chart for the 3rd and 4th August, 2015, Mars at 15 degrees separation from the Sun, set for KL.
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