Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jupiter under goes an Alchemical change

Why the Australian political landscape this year has been associated with 9th house affairs???
Australian Federation Swearing-in chart has Profected to its 116 Profected Year.  Whole-sign lord of Sagittarius 9th and Pisces 12th house is Jupiter, who is about to undergo the 'Furnace' alchemical melting -Sun/Jupiter in Scorpio, 'big secrets' revealed. 

The fate of seven federal politicians, including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, will be decided by the High Court on Friday afternoon in Canberra -27 -10-2017, @ 14:15 AEDT.

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey - Result to be announced 15 November 2017.

The Australian Workers Union is expected to mount an urgent Federal Court challenge to an investigation into its conduct, after the union's Sydney and Melbourne headquarters were dramatically raided by the Australian Federal Police on Tuesday evening OCT 24th.

As described in my last FB post; Gregory Clare October 22 at 9:35am ·
The Sun enters Scorpio as Mars enters Libra - Sun and Mars exchange shady concealed intelligence. Expect to see leaders(Sun) involved in clandestine, surreptitious activity. 

Well you might be wandering what astrological stuff is going 'down' here in OZ.

Profection is a great tool - the 1901, (Gwen Stoney) Australian Federation Swearing-in chart has Profected to its 116 Profected Year. This focus' of the chart is on whole-sign 9th house affairs. And in addition Jupiter as year lord also has 'Stewardship over the 12th house affairs.

The 1901 - 2017 Profected year lord is Jupiter and the October 2017, month lord is Mercury. Check out natal Mercury in the 9th, opposed to natal Neptune  and  Mercury is also Lord of the natal 6th - Mundane Labor house, which contains natal Mars.

The Official Opening of 45th Australian Parliament natal has Mars/Saturn rising in Sagittarius. In the 45th whole-sign chart the MC and Leo Moon  fall in the 9th house. The 10th House (Government) is Virgo - Mercury is lord with a stellium of planets, of notice is Jupiter (detriment) - Venus (Fall) and Mercury (Station RX -dignity) all three are in the Bounds (Confines) of Mars.

1901 natal Mars in Virgo, (Rudd's) natal Sun degree) is square to the 1901 Sag stellium, this is a very Mars affair this month and as transiting Mars ruptures the affairs of Government we can expect to see big events unfold. December 22, 2017  Capricorn Cardinal ingress will heat the ground water as Sun conjuncts Saturn and  around the same time Mars meets Jupiter.
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