Saturday, December 16, 2017

Great Southern land

The last new moon for 2017, December 18th -19. This new moon is very special. The synodic conjunction falls on the Milky Way - Galactic Centre, the Ocean of Light with a super swirling dark centre. For those who live in Australia this is a very potent release of Cosmic energy.

The new moon chart has the nebula M34 (NGC1039) fixed star -s Capulus rising at 24degrees Taurus, these 60plus stars belong to the constellation Perseus. They form the hand that holds the sword. Linked to Mercury the hand is at times swift and acts on impulse.

Culminating on the MC -Mid heaven is the fixed star Fomalhaut , known as Gabriel watcher of the South. The reddish star is the Eye of the Fish in the constellation Piscis Austrinus . This formidable watcher of the great south has the potential to shine the way to Spiritual achievement. 

The new moon falls on the fixed star-s, nebula M6 Scorpii - Aculeus, another cluster of stars known as the' little sting'. This central galactic star is making a 'point' and directs us to the source.

Setting on the western pivot is the fixed star Agena -Hadar Beta Centaurus. This star is the left front knee of the Centaur. The first Indigenous people here in the great southern land know this star as one of the two brothers who held the spear. The pointers to the great Southern Crux.

This powerful intoxicating lunation cycle will release energy upon the nation and set the agenda for the coming Sun/Saturn Ingress into Capricorn, coupled with Mars/Jupiter impending conjunction.
All this super southern declination cosmic release is suggesting we think very vigilantly about our place as a united community and acknowledge we are the present carers of this plentiful Island in the Great Southern Ocean. The future of how we move forward will be the legacy that our children witness.
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Gregory Clare

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