Tuesday, March 27, 2018

New Moon & Cricket Australia

This what I posted a week ago -Below -
And here's the Australian Federation 1901 chart by - G.Stoney. and the New Moon.

Mars is the Sports person - Mercury AKA - well Hermes archetype covers lots - Ball Bat trickery hands...so on Mars/Mercury - can be seen as cheating -12th house affairs unseen. And Jupiter stands for Justice.

The Australian chart speaks for its-self. For those you are not familiar with astrology I will post on my website the full story later.

Watch out for unexpected surprises that jump from the depths of the unknown as Neptune is on the IC, Australia - Mars is rising while outer-bounds.

Saturn is laying on the Fixed star Facies, (the point of the Archer) you may not 'See' what's ahead.
March 18th 2018, as the tolling bells ring - ding-dong!! at the midnight hour.

This coming lunation has the new moon on Venus exaltation degree, Mars is the Confine (Bound) Lord.

Up periscope wet & watery navy. Something is hidden and reluctant to be seen.
All rights reserved Gregory Clare

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