Friday, March 30, 2018

March 2018 Full Blue Moon

Libran Full Moon- 

The Architect of this Ripe Lunation is Mercury. The Blue Moon chart has not changed too much from the New Moon - Here in Australia as Mars is rising once more ever so close now to Adherence proper with Saturn, who is moving very slow and still transiting on the Pointed Arrow, Fixed Star Facies.

Neptune is looming silently close to the upright perpendicular axis pivot, IC.  Mercury is heading to an alchemical meeting with the central controller of our Solar system-Sun. The one shinning light is the Lady of the evening light Venus-aka, Aphrodite has finally made it to the safety her home domicile Taurus.

The Light of night Selene is poised in the 10th house of reputations and Fame, but that crafty Jester is running the show, incognito, in stealth silent communication with Mars and Saturn who have a spotlight turn towards them from the deep waters of the Scorpion, as Jupiter retraces the action of Justice.

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