Saturday, May 26, 2018

A enigmatic Full Moon is on the rise!!! The day of Mars!!

A enigmatic Full Moon is on the rise!!! The day of Mars!!

The ripened 8 degrees Sagittarius full moon of the Archer on May 30, 2018 has many hidden features.

The Architect of this sphinx-like lunation is Jupiter. Jupiter is retrograding through the Mars/Pluto world of the Scorpion, and as such is silently shining the light of justice & upholding integrity on many cavernous past deceptive and untruthful facts.
This lunation runs deep, many arteries of the rivers will be highlighted.

The Moon has a Southern declination of -17degrees and falls on several fixed stars of the Scorpion & the giant foot of the Serpent holder Ophiuchus.

Two of these ancient deep distant 'Blue' super giants, Chi-Ophiuchus & Phi Ophiuchus will see the ripe Moon conjunct them & illuminating the 'Blue Light' . These stars have links to the Cosmic deep, deep past-the Greek master Asclepius who holds the secrets of Medicine & may unveil once known therapies.

Another peculiarity of this full moon has the contra-antiscia of transiting retrograde Saturn fall on US President Trumps Sun. This may indicate an uncomfortable twinge with regards to past indiscretions'.

Adding to this 'twinge' is the strength of the Sun/Mars contra parallel declination & Mars/Pluto parallel. Venus the symbol of unity remains 'Outer Bounds' with a parallel declination in partnership with her sister Ceres, insuring the needs of the planet remain in a state of ambiguity.  

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