Friday, November 23, 2018

Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon 'Brexit'

Oh-Astronomy is said to be a reflection of 'Space and Time' (Albert Einstein) and as astrologers we can lean a lot from this statement -

In 2015 the British Parliament voted on the European Union Referendum Act- Minutes of Proceedings of Thursday 17 December 2015... The House met at 11.00am ..…/151221/ldordpap.htm… of course on June 23rd 2016, a vote was put to the people, known as 'Brexit'

Two thing's -Hellenistic astrological topical expression -Mercury is said to express in archetypal language -'Contestation' which describes the debate on the Referendum. From a whole sign observation the 'Event Chart' EURA 2015, has a Scorpio 10th house, and Sagittarius MC - the traditional ruler is Mars - (Jupiter-MC) Mercury/Mars -Accusations and Lawsuits, to keep it short!

Mercury's astronomy along with Mars ( Mars will have to wait for another time) If you take a close look at these charts you may notice something special -First Mercury's recent Station retrograde was on the MC of the EURA 2015, chart and here's the thingy...check out the astronomy - Mercury in both charts was in a condition described as 'Out of Bounds' Mercury's Southern Declination was beyond the Obliquity of the Earths axis -which is currently 23°26′12.6″. North/South

So what's this astronomy suggesting??? - Look at another example; the 2018, Ascendant degree for Mercury's Station - Oh its conjunct the MC ruler of EURA 2015 chart, Jupiter, who is in Virgo in the EURA chart - His condition is said to be in 'Detriment', so what does that translate to?? well he is said to be 'Diametrically opposed to his house of Pisces -how do we describe this in astrological language -His away from Home -'Exiled'

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